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Technology Lesson Plan

Class: 7th Grade Brass and Woodwinds

I. Goals

A. Students will compose an 8 bar piece that uses the following:

1. 4 or more quarter notes
2. 1 or more quarter rest
3. 1 or more pair(s) of eighth notes
4. 2 or more half notes
5. 1 or more half rest(s)
6. 1 or more whole note(s)
7. Uses at least 5 different known pitches

B. Students will use NoteFlight to notate their composition.

C. Students will play each other’s compositions as a class as their sight-reading

exercises in future classes.

II. Materials

A. Chromebooks
B. NoteFlight

III. Experiences

A. Demonstrate NoteFlight
B. Give students instructions
C. Outline specific criteria that they will be graded on
D. Students start composing
E. Students submit compositions through email submission
F. Use compositions as sight reading exercises in following classes

IV. Assessment

A. Students’ projects will be assessed on whether they followed and met the criteria
set forth above (See section I. Goals) using the Yes/No Rubric provided below.

Student Name: ______________________________________________

If a student meets a criterion, they earn 2 points. If a student does not meet
a criterion, they earn 1 point. This assignment is worth 14 points total.


The student used at least 4 quarter notes.

The student used at least 1 quarter rest.

The student used at least 1 pair of eighth notes.

The student used at least 2 half notes.

The student used at least 1 half rest.

The student used at least 1 whole note.

The student used at least 5 known pitches.

The student composed an 8 measure piece.

Total Points Earned