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Percussion Ensemble
April 11, 2018

I. Goals
A. Students will improve their tempo, rhythmic accuracy, use of dynamics, and
showmanship after evaluating themselves and their peers.
● HIAD.12 Students will demonstrate and describe proper instrumental techniques
● HIAD.13 The student will demonstrate, describe, and analyze ensemble skills at
an advanced level including
1. Balancing and blending instrumental timbres
3. Matching dynamic levels and playing style
6. Maintaining a steady beat at various tempos and performing tempo
changes in the music literature being studied.
III. Materials
A. Cupla Cups​ by John R. Hearnes
B. Google Forms
C. Video Recorder
D. Presenter
E. Laptops
F. Cups
IV. Experiences
A. Students will divide into groups and rehearse their piece for approx. ten minutes.
B. Each group of students will be recorded.
C. After all groups are recorded, all groups will return to the band room to watch the
D. Students are then instructed to fill out the evaluation tool via Google forms
following each performance.
E. After all performances have been viewed and evaluated, groups will then view
their feedback to better their performances.
V. Assessment
A. Groups will assess themselves and each other using an online evaluation tool via
Google Forms.