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Estrada 1

Omar Estrada

Ms. Kopaitich

ERWC Block:6

13 November 2018

Personal Statement Final Draft

Everyone will or has had an important impacting event. Mine shaped me, led me to

mental growth. During my first three years of high school, I was able to meet many people and

share our experiences. In our conversations, I learned that everyone had a unique story to tell,

even in my school where most students are Latinos. Also, that a person’s perspective and choices

made are influenced by the individual’s environment, including people, whether they are close

friends, family, and even strangers. Knowing this has helped me become considerate, to not be a

quick judge of character, and be sympathetic.

Being considerate is a critical quality to have learned because as teenagers we are

frequently in situations that make everyone uncomfortable. As we discover new things more

questions are being asked and I must stop and think of what to say or if I should say anything at

all. An example of this would be, talking about something sensitive that can bring traumatic

memories to a person that makes them feel uncomfortable or worse. This is when I try to do what

is best for others and also treat others the way I want to treated. Most of the time I do not know

how a person has been influenced. It is best for me to stay considerate and be respectful to others


Estrada 2
My realization has also made me be open-minded. I learned that a person is much more

than they show or that I would ever see. A person is constantly being shaped from the moment

they are born and only express the part of themselves that they currently feel. I’ve learned to not

judge others by what they wear, what they have, how they act on a particular day, nor from a

single mistake. This is my new understanding of others.

I now understand that people are very diverse. How they act and why has helped me

become more sympathetic. In situations, I try to be respectful and grasp what the person is going

through even if I do not understand. One thing I learned is that assuming is a poor choice as it is

very difficult to comprehend a person’s situation with limited knowledge. I attempt to empathize

with the person before making any judgments because I could be very wrong and make the

condition worse.

My moment of personal growth led me to understand more about myself and others. I

have learned to think before I speak, to analyze correctly before assuming, and to not judge

others on a superficial level. This is what has shaped me and made me, what society has set, a

better person.