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Nicolle Jahodova


Mrs. Stewart

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Human Rights/Human Beings Questions

1. What does it mean to be human?

To be human, it means to have a complex and conscious body that has communicative
abilities. It also means to have the capability of being loved, being respectful and having
respect for others, having hope, and staying faithful to one another.

2. ​How is being human different from just “being alive” or “surviving”?

It is different from being alive and surviving because it also means that you are able
to experience emotions and have an impeccable communicative skill. If you are just
surviving or living, it is not different from any other creature on Earth. Humans are more
than that because of their ability to work together as a society and have a strong mind.

3. ​Based on the list you developed in #1 and #2, what do people need to live in
For humans to have the ability of living in dignity, they need to be respectful to others,
live life for the purpose they believe is important, and live life as a kind and respectful
human beings. Dignity is one of the most important human rights as each and every
human should deserve respect.

4.​ Are all human beings essentially equal? Is there value in human differences?
All human beings are born to be equal. All human beings are not essentially treated
equal due to society’s opinions on everything, but every human being should have the
ability to claim the same rights as any other human. Although, humans are not always
equal in talent, skill, and ability. There is value in human differences because society
can work and use their differences together to benefit one another.

5. ​What happens when a person or a government attempts to deprive someone of

something that is necessary to human dignity?
A person is born with dignity, it is the value and worth of human beings. Respect can be
earned and deprived, but you cannot take away somebody’s dignity. Human dignity cannot
be taken away as it is a right that each and every individual will have for as long as they live.

6. ​What is a right?
A moral right connects the creator of something to his work, and a legal right is a claim
delimited by law for securing it. Natural rights are rights that people have under natural law.
All of these rights are a title that is secured to somebody to obtain an object.

7. ​Is the right to live a human right?

A right to live is a human right and it should not be able to be deprived from you. It is
something you are guaranteed, and you are guaranteed to live freely and safely.

8. ​Should human rights address only what a human being needs to survive? Is it your right
to live in luxury and convenience?
Human rights should address what a human needs to survive and what they deserve to be
respected and treated conveniently. It is our right to live in luxury and convenience, if us
humans respect all of the human rights.

9. ​Do all human beings deserve respect?

No, not all human beings deserve respect, but all human beings deserve to be able to earn
respect. Everyone deserves a certain amount of respect, depending on how respectful
the person is themselves. But, not everyone deserves respect as it should be something
that we earn.