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Should gay couples be able to married?

The fact of the world is that everyone has the right to be themselves whether if they
are gay, bisexual or transgender. We continue being humans, part of a society, having
voice, and the most important rights. Everyone is equal, and Just because someone
has a different sexuality doesn't mean its right to judge or treat them differently than
others. it is time for us to stop discrimination and injustice against the lifestyle of this
group of people.

How religion affects gays decisions?

Why it have to be a an normal situation for the society?
If love is the same for everyone, why it have to be court in a gays situation?


"The freedom to marry is a basic human right that belongs to each individual--not the
state. The government should not be in the position of arranging our marriages,"~Matt
Imagine if you have a brother love someone who have same sex-gender, and he want
you to accepted first, until someone else know. What would you do?, some would say
“yes, obviously its my family;however others would say, no. Why would they say no?
Because “Its no normal”?, Because “The religious establishment a unique lifestyle”?,
come on Same-sex couples are similarly situated to different-sex couples in terms of
their interdependence,economic status, their family decisions,and their valuing of

The most type of society have already inculcate a “moral regular values” than usually
prevents their lifestyle. Probably the most common is that they would think that being
with the same sex is not normal, or is frowned upon. Marriage is about love and
supporting one another. Some people feel comfortable being with the same sex. So
why should their freedoms be limited? Investigations also show that same-sex
marriage could be beneficial for the community,Benefits basically like making medical
decisions on behalf of a partner, Social Security benefits, health insurance for partners,
and also joint adoption and foster care.

The relation between homosexuality and religious has varied greatly across time and
place, within and between different religions and denominations. In other way the
religious is one of the most important power that affect the acceptance of the gay
marriage in the society. The most kind of people that have any religious belief,
consider that the marriage is a beautiful sacred established from God. Also, that the
religious have sacraments that said “One man created for one women”.