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Supermarket located in the
municipality of Las Condes.
It offers products such as dairy
products, meats, fruits and
vegetables, groceries and cold
We are known for facilitating the
purchase, providing quick attention,
a comfortable location and a nearby
work home, with hours of service,
and an assortment of more than
1,000 items, which meet the needs
View of its customers, with a wide variety
of products to offer in a
We seek to be the first choice of personalized and personalized
our customers when purchasing environment.
supplies for your business;
allowing us to create lasting Here you will find everything!
relationships based on trust,
respect and honesty that allows CONTACT US: 3008872360 MINIMARKET, the
us to grow together every day. ADDRESS: Cra 6 # 13-20 fijo 5809120 best quality at good
Mission CORREO:akxpress@hotmail.com prices
We are a company responsible WEB:https://www.akxpress.com.co
for providing and offering
products of excellent quality;
through a good service, the best
price and a kind treatment by Hours of service
those who make up this
Monday to Friday: 7:00 - 21:45
Saturday: 7:30 - 21:45 We will wait for you
Sunday: 8:00 - 2:30; 5:30 - 8:30

Delivery service!

Minimarket ak xpress puts at your

disposal your new delivery
Because we always think about .
your comfort, you just have to
choose your products and in the
matter of minutes, we will be
knocking on your door OUR OFFERS

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The supermarket center of
You will not regret 
all will have the principles and choosing our products
values to make you feel the
satisfaction of returning as the
respect, kindness, honesty etc ....


That they subscribe, on the one hand, Mr. GEORGE MATTEUS DIEZ, in his capacity as Executive Director of the Exhibition Fair
"international fair in Los Angeles, USA." And, on the other hand, the lady representing the Company "MINIMARKET AK XPRESS" with
legal address in the Cra 6 # 13-20 of the city of Palmira valle del cauca; document that, if necessary, prior recognition of signatures and
rubrics, will have legal effects as a public instrument, subject to the following stipulations:

First.- The company MINIMARKET AK XPRESS, under the direction of its legal representative, Mrs. Dayana Trespalacios Santos, is
empowered by the entity of the trade, through Resolution No. 00254845 dated 26/03/2018 issued by its Board of Directors, to carry to
effect the realization of the exhibition called the international fair of the USA at the facilities of ANGELES located in Trasv 6 • 4-01,
between (November 6, 2019) and (November 14, 2019), that is to say during 9 DAYS of corridos calendar.

Second.- With the consequent authorization of Mr. GEORGE MATTEUS DIEZ, under a temporary lease contract for the
aforementioned purpose, in the clause of this contract and with the full powers and attributions that correspond to the company of los
angeles, this through of its legal representative, CEDE and AWARDED IN CONCEPT OF TEMPORARY LOCATION during the
indicated period of 9 days of exhibition, STAND (1) in the room that is located in the first level of said facilities, with a total useful area of
5 meters squares, destined to the exhibition of the following materials (table, chairs, shelves) to be exhibited in the area destined for
commerce or for the construction machinery sector 2 square meters of free surface in the exterior (frontal) environment (lateral ) of the
built facilities, marked with the Number 20. Third.- The price of lease of the area indicated in the preceding clause and for the agreed
time, is for the sum of $ 700,000 per square meter, value that the lessee undertakes to cancel in the following manner:

a) To the signing of this contract, fifty percent (50%) of the total amount corresponding to the leased area or the sum of 350,000. THE
EXECUTING UNIT will issue a provisional receipt for the payment made.
b) The balance, that is, the sum of 350,000 corresponding to the remaining fifty percent (50%), the tenant agrees to cancel until date 14
// 11/2019 of this year, as the maximum period agreed by mutual agreement between both parties . extending the corresponding
invoice in this instance.

Fourth.- Failure to comply with the second payment on an agreed date between the contracting parties will result in the termination of
this contract, the automatic default being fully due to the mere lapse of time, without the need for communication notes. of any kind
between the contracting parties, making the lessee company liable to lose all right to the refund of the amount paid (50%) and leaving
the Executing Unit of the Exhibition Fair to dispose of the space rented in the way that best suits them. agree

Fifth.- It is expressly agreed that the location of the stand or rented space that is the subject of this contract is not transferable by the
tenant (or lessee company).

Sixth.- The leasing company "MINIMARKET AK XPRESS" declares to know the scope of all the clauses of this temporary lease
agreement, as well as declares to know the REGULATIONS to which the exhibition exhibition "DE LOS ANGELES USA" will be
subjected "The same as part of this contract, and undertakes to observe strict compliance with the standards prescribed in it.

Seventh.- For its part, the Executing Unit of the Exhibition Fair of the international fair of los angeles USA responsible for the
preparation, promotion, dissemination and execution of the event, is committed to give faithful and strict compliance to the conditions,
prescriptions and standards indicated in this contract and its respective regulations; provisions to which the exhibition fair will be

Eighth.- We: (GEORGE MATTEUS DIEZ), in legal representation of the Executing Unit of the Exhibition "INTERNATIONAL OF LOS
ANGELES" on the one hand, and the company MINIMARKET AK XPRESS, in its quality of tenant, represented by THE LADY Dayana
Trespalacios, on the other, we express our full agreement with the clauses signed in this contract, signing it in record, in the city of Los
Angeles USA on the 6th day of the month of November 2019.

Dayana Trespalacios santos George Matteus Diez

(Signature and stamp) Signature and stamp)