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Honourable Principal, Vice principal, Teachers and all my Fellow Classmates!

I stand here today to deliver a succinct speech on technology and how it has greatly affected our lives. In today’s world of rising
competition, technology plays a very crucial role in making our lives easy and comfortable. There is no doubt that it is the most
significant component of our survival in today’s era.

Presently, each and every day, a novel application or software is being introduced in the economy that serves to enhance and uplift
the lifestyle of the people in innumerable ways; hence making our lives better and full of smart components.

We use technology every day and everywhere in order to fulfil particular duties or our specific interests. The technology helps us in
numerous ways from morning till evening. People from all the age groups benefit from technology until and unless they know how to
access the same. But one must never forget that anything that comes to us has its own share of pros and cons.

There are multifarious benefits of technology. Technology has made communication much easier than ever before by the introduction
of advanced and modified innovations of phones and applications. Not only in the professional world, but also in the household
sphere, technology has contributed a lot. Most of the technology that we have around us is automatic as compared to the ones our
parents had in their days. In the entertainment sector, we have more techniques to provide the audience with a real time experience.
There are more games, better musical instruments, better visual systems like smart TV’s. Great success has been achieved in social
networking by connecting millions of people at one go with the help of codes. The advanced technology in clinics and hospitals has
reduced the errors made by surgeons; hence evolving the patient’s treatment.

Despite all these advantages there are some disadvantages as well, which have negatively affected the importance of technology. The
biggest problem that has been witnessed is unemployment. Due to the over practice and much involvement of technology, the
machinery has replaced human labour leading to unemployment in so many sectors. Certain physiological research teams have also
proved that due to the presence of social applications like Whatsapp, Facebook and Twitter, etc the actual social isolation has
increased leading to depression and increased loneliness cases amongst the youngsters. The increased dependency of humans on
technology has even deteriorated the intelligence and creativity of children.
Our nation is a developing nation in the context of technology and science. So, we must know how to make wise utilisation of
technology without creating hindrance in the growth of an individual, mentally as well as physically. At last, I would only say that it
depends on us how much we choose to be dependent on technology because there is nothing in the world which comes easy; it’s our
conscience which decides what we learn from the things that are provided to us.

Thank You!

Good morning to the Excellencies, distinguished guests, my respected teachers, and my dear friends. The topic of my speech is
education. Through my speech, I would let you know all about the value of education and its contribution in our lives. Education is
the tool which helps us in removing our all doubts and fears about all the challenges and happiness in our life. It is the tool keeps us
happy and peaceful as well as makes us better socialize human beings. Our teachers are like God for us who helps us all in getting
good quality education from the institutions. They try their best to make us learn everything and shape us for the future challenges.
Our teacher comes in our lives, removes all the darkness, removes all the fears, removes all the doubts, and helps us to find a
beautiful career in this big world.

Education is not about to gain only knowledge, however it means, learning the ways to be happy, learning the way to keep others
happy, learning the way to live in society, learning the way to tackle challenges, learning the way to help others, learning the way to
care older, and learning the way how to behave others. My dear friends, education is like a healthy food which nourishes us both
internally and externally. It makes us strong internally and gives lots of confidence by making our personality and giving us
knowledge. Good education is only way to remove bad habits, poverty, inequality, gender discrimination and so many social issues.

Thank you.

The name junk is self-explanatory, isn’t it? Good Morning all! I need to say in too many words what junk food is! It is that food that
we must avoid at any cost. I can quote a lot of idioms and phrases that are said on this topic. For instance, “You become what you
eat”. Another very interesting one I heard somewhere is, “Keep the friends close, your enemies’ closer and junk food as far as

Junk food includes things that are rich in cream, butter, oil, sugar, lot of spices, salt and preservatives. Food items that are packaged,
and are processed, semi-cooked or ready to eat recipes packaged and preserved to be eaten out of packet. And also things kids love to
eat the most- chocolates. Ice-creams, cakes, cookies, chips, fried namkeen etc are all junk food. Now third category is the food we get
in the restaurant, the oily variety I mean, like, Bhatura, Puri, fried rice, Manchurian etc. Finally, we Indians are great fans of
sweetmeats that come in all variety, colour and flavours, all dipped, smeared or loaded with sugar and oil. Come festival season and
we get triggered! Though, we really do not need a festival to instigate us to buy Mithai.

Drop a Hat, & we will go to the nearest Halwai (Sweet Shop). The temptation that is induced in our minds is the result of all the
inputs one is receiving through ones sensory organs! And then once you are there, who is stopping you from buying all those yummy
treats. Why just the mithai shops, all those pizza selling and burger, momos and fried chicken restaurants, what about them? We visit
these regularly. Once in the name of sitting and chilling out with your friends, once for the attractive toy you get with the food, and
still just once more to have a family weekend, I can go on with my never ending list of excuses to dig my teeth in those yummy
inviting gooey looking food!

But at the same time it is only ME, yes me who can stop myself from entering into these demon of cellors who cater to my tongue
and not my body. All I get from junk food is junk in my body in the form of F.A.T. (“fill all trash”). If we have noticed in the markets
around us, small or big, even the open spaces in the Malls, they all have the small shops selling various fast-food items. The fact that
these shops come up, and even the malls allow these to exist show the fact that they are all so popular and desired by all of us. Either
we fill our stomachs with the trash available everywhere or we be sensible and learn to say NO to it. The faster we learn to resist it
the better for us. The entire world right not is fighting with obesity. More and more people are falling prey to it and are mindlessly
getting to the point of no return. And a very fat person we all know becomes lethargic and less efficient, and thus less productive.

Young or old, we all must understand that it is our duty and prerogative to keep fit. And eating healthy is the first step towards it.
Take this first step and you will not regret it. I wish you all the success and all the will power you will all need to keep your mind and
body healthy. Eat healthy, stay fit!

Thank you
How can we lead a healthy lifestyle ?
A healthy lifestyle means maintaining a balanced and nutritious diet as well as engaging in sports or
other fitness related activities. A healthy diet alone however is inadequate to ensure a healthy body
as physical activity helps to keep one in shape and free of sickness and disease.

According to the World Health Organization, only one in ten people exercise regularly and a
majority do not follow a healthy diet. The main culprit is our penchant for junk food as can be seen
from the popularity of fast food chains and other western eateries. even local foods such as fried
noodles, friend rice and snacks and savories are laden with fat and calories. Thus, consuming this
type of food on a daily basis can contribute to weight gain. Overweight and obese people suffer
from many health complications such as diabetes, high blood pressure, high cholesterol and even

Hence, the emphasis on healthy lifestyle should start at a young age. Parents must urge their
children to eat more vegetables, fruits, juices, wholemeal and wholegrain foods. Many parents, due
to time constraint, usually find the easy way out by cooking two-minute noodles or heading towards
the nearest fast food joint for quick meal. They do not realize however that sets the stage for an
unhealthy lfestyle for their children who quickly become addicted to such foods. Thus, parents can
counter this problem by cooking or preparing meals that do not take up time such as cheese
sandwiches, soup, stir friend vegetables or buy pre-packed meals from supermarkets which can be
warmed up in the microwave oven.

Dining out usually involves eating heavily and unhealthily. Most of us are prone to ordering deep
fried food and oily dishes as opposed to steamed or baked food. Thus, though eating out is
unavoidable, parents of children and adults as a hole should order fresh food and foods that are
nutritious and not laden with oil, fat or sugar. Once a pattern of healthy eating is established, it
would be easier to carry through such a lifestyle and for the children to follow suit.

School canteens must be urged to sell only highly nutritious food and drinks. Vending machines
that sell soft drinks and drinks that are spiked with sugar should be banned. Hence, school going
children would be exposed to healthy eating form young.

Daily exercise is vital. In fact, schools should implement Physical education on a daily basis rather
than twice weekly. Only the minority are actively involved in sports. Most students are sedentary
and prefer to concentrate on their studies as they consider indulging in physical activities a waste of
time. By enforcing regular exercise daily, these students would be exposed to the importance and
benefits of exercise.

Many parents and adults do not allocate time for physical activity. A large number of them work
long hours and return home late thereby depriving themselves of the benefits of exercise. Parents
must lead an exemplary life which can benefit their children by increasing awareness on the health
benefits of exercising regularly. Bringing their children for walks in the morning or evening is a
good start to achieve this goal. They should become members of clubs which have swimming pools
and gym facilities. During the weekend, the family can strengthen their bond by adjourning to clubs
for exercise and a healthy meal after that.

In short, leading a healthy lifestyle is a conscious decision. One can ignore that and lead a life that
exposes one to many healthy hazards. it is important to recognize that a healthy living ensures a
longer life span as well as a life free of disease and complications.