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11. Pick out the correct statement.

In case of liquid-liquid At minimum reflux ratio for a given
extraction, no separation is separation
possible, if the selectivity of
the solvent used is unity. A. number of plates is zero.

With increase in temperature, B. number of plates is infinity.

the selectivity of the solvent
used in solvent extraction minimum number of the
decreases. C.
theoretical plates is required.

The selectivity of solvent

D. separation is most efficient.
C. used in solvent extraction is
unity at the plait point.

Inside the distillation column, the

D. all (a), (b) and (c).
driving force for the vapour flow
__________ columns are used for liquid A.
dispersion in a continuous gas phase. is the pressure drop.

A. Packed liquids are not always at their

bubble points.
B. Pulse
pressure increases gradually from
C. Bubble cap bottom to the top of the column.

D. Sieve plate D. none of these

Overall efficiency of the distillation An azeotropic mixture is a __________

column is mixture.

the ratio of number of ideal A. Binary

plates to actual plates.
B. Ternary
the ratio of number of actual
plates to ideal plates. C. constant boiling point

same as the Murphree D. none of these

Pick out the wrong statement.
D. always more than the point A. In the McCabe-Thiele diagram
for binary distillation, vertical
feed line represents saturated D.
liquid feed and horizontal feed
line represents saturated vapour
feed. In extractive distillation, solvent is

added to alter the relative

In small columns, local efficiency volatility of the mixture.
is larger than Murphree
B. efficiency; in large columns local B. of high volatility.
efficiency is smaller than
Murphree efficiency.
C. present in overhead stream.
For Laminar flow over a plate of
length L, the local mass transfer of high viscosity to give high tray
co-efficient at a distance L from efficiency.
C. the leading edge is 1.5 x 10-2m/s.
Then the average mass transfer A packed tower compared to a plate tower
co-efficient for the plate is 2 x 10- for a particular mass transfer operation
A. incurs smaller pressure drop.
The concentration and
hydrodynamic boundary layers allows installation of cooling
D. over a flat plate are of equal B.
thickness, if Schmidt number is
equal to unity.
is less costly when built in large
In continuous distillation, the internal reflux
ratio (Ri) and the external reflux ratio (Re) is more suitable, if suspended
are related as D.
solids are present in fluid streams.

Hydrogenation of oil is carried out in a/an
__________ in Vanaspati manufacturing
B. A. agitated vessel

B. sieve tray column

C. Ri = Re

C. bubble cap column

D. packed tower neither the product composition
nor the fraction vaporised.

In distillation column design, the McCabe- Which of the following same diameter
Thiele procedure is inadequate and a columns gives lowest pressure drop per unit
Ponchan-Savarit procedure is needed, when height ?

A. saturated feed is not used. A. Bubble-cap column

B. an azeotrope forms. B. Sieve-plate column

the latent heat of vaporisation of Packed column

C. the more and less volatile (stacked)
components are greatly different.
Randomly packed
D. a total condenser is used. column

As the reflux ratio decreases, the Stage efficiency in a

leaching process depends
separation becomes more on the
time of contact
B. number of plates decreases. between the
solid and the
C. column diameter increases.
rate of
D. none of these. diffusion of the
B. solute through
One mole feed of a binary mixture of a given
the solid and
composition is flash vaporised at a fixed P
into the liquid
and T. If Raoult's law is obeyed, then
changing the feed composition would effect
both (a) and
the product composition but not C.
A. (b)
the fraction vaporised.
the product composition as well D. pressure of the
as the fraction vaporised. solution

Operating velocity in a packed tower is

the fraction vaporised but not the
C. usually __________ the flooding velocity.
product composition.
A. half
the azeotropic composition is
B. twice
A. 1
C. equal to
B. >1
D. more than
C. 0
Minimum possible diameter of a packed
coloumn is decided mainly by the
D. ∞
A. flooding
Relative volatility varies with the
concentration of component for an ideal
B. gas viscosity solution. The relative volatity of a binary
mixture may be defined as the ratio of
C. liquid density vapor pressure of component 'A' to that of
component 'B', when
D. liquid hold up only vapor phase follows
Raoult's law.
Solvent used in extractive distillation

A. is of low volatility. only liquid phase obeys

Dalton's law.
B. forms a low boiling azeotrope.
liquid phase obeys Dalton's law
C. forms a high boiling azeotrope. C. and vapor phase obeys Raoult's
does not alter the relative
D. volatility of the original Vapor phase obeys Dalton's
components. D. law and liquid phase obeys
Raoult's law.
Perforated plate towers are unique for
solvent extraction because, they provide For water-ethanol system, the minimum
reflux ratio
A. higher contact area.
is computed from the slope of the
A. upper operating line that is
B. better contact of the phase.
tangent to the equilibrium curve.

repeated coalescence &

C. is computed from the intercept of
redispersion of the drop phase. B.
the operating line.

D. none of these.
C. cannot be computed.
The relative volatility of a binary mixture at
D. is the optimum reflux ratio. C. polymerisation industry

The main reason for dividing a tall packed

tower into series of small towers is to D. petroleum refinning

minimise the overall pressure

A. High pressure at the bottom of a distillation
tower handling heat sensitive materials
results in
B. avoid flooding.
thermal decomposition of
C. reduce liquid hold up. bottoms.

D. avoid channeling. B. increased relative volatility.

At what percentage (by volume) of alcohol C. erosion of the tower.

composition, it forms an azeotrope with
water ?
D. very efficient operation.
A. 90 B. 91.5
Alcohol is dehydrated using __________
C. 95 D. 99
A. extractive B. azeotropic
Measurement of the interfacial area of
mass transfer is achieved easily &
accurately in case of a __________ C. steam D. molecular

A. spray Separation of two volatile liquids by

distillation makes use of their

B. packed A. selectivity

C. bubble cap plate B. relative volatility

D. wetted wall C. solubility

Large scale usage of flash distillation is D. density difference

practised in __________ is used as an 'entrainer' for the
A. soap manufacturing separation of acetic acid-water mixture by

B. ammonia synthesis plant A. Furfural

Which of the following mixtures does not
B. Benzol form an azeotrope at atmosheric pressure?

C. Butyl acetate A. Water-alcohol

D. Hexane B. Methyl alcohol-acetone

Relative volatility does not change C. Butyl acetate-water

appreciably with the change in

A. temperature D. None of these

In an operating distillation column, the

vapour pressure of either
component vapors and liquids are at their
A. dew point and bubble point
C. total pressure respectively

D. none of these driving force for the liquid flow

is its specific weight.
For a binary mixture with low relative
volatility, continuous rectification to get driving force for the vapor flow
pure products will require is the pressure drop, as the
A. low reflux ratio C. pressure decreases gradually
from the bottom to the top of the
B. less number of trays
highest temperature is
C. small cross-section column D. encountered at the top of the
D. high reflux ratio

The efficiency of a plate column will be Entrainer used in azeotropic distillation

maximum, when the flow is ideal should
__________ the plate.
form a low boiling azeotrope
A. across A. with one of the constituents of
the mixture.
B. above
form a new azeotrope of low
B. relative volatility with one of the
C. both (a) & (b)
constituents of the mixture.

D. neither (a) nor (b)

C. have high latent heat of
vaporisation. Solvent used in extractive distillation

changes the relative volatility of

have high viscosity to provide the original components.
high tray efficiency.

In case of steam distillation, the steam B. should be of high volatility.

leaving the liquid is not completely saturated
with distillate vapour, because should form azeotropes with the
original components.
A. temperature is less.

D. all (a), (b) and (c)

B. total pressure is less.
In a packed tower, the value of HETP equals
mixing of steam with the material HTUOG, when the equilibrium and the
being vaporised is not so intimate operating lines are (where, HETP = height
C. equivalant to a theoretical plate HTUOG =
as to result in equilibrium
condition. overall gas phase height of a transfer unit)

A. straight
saturated steam is used for steam
distillation. B. parallel
A distillation column with N plates is being
operated under normal conditions. At some C. both (a) & (b)
point of time, the operation is shifted to total
reflux condition (i.e., no product and residue D. neither (a) nor (b)
are being withdrawn and feed to the column
is stopped). At the new steady state, In McCabe-Thiele method of theoretical
plate calculation for a distillation column,
composition of vapors and that of the operating lines of stripping and
A. liquid do not vary throughout the rectifying sections coincide with the
column. diagonal at __________ reflux.

reboiler load and condenser load A. total

are minimum.
B. minimum
the top and bottom compositions
C. are unchanged with and without C. operating
total reflux.
D. maximum permissible
the top and bottom compositions
D. correspond to the maximum
enrichment available.