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CSTP 4: Planning Instruction and Designing Learning Experiences for All Students

Element Emerging Exploring Applying Integrating Innovating

Plans daily lessons using Plans single lessons or Plans differentiated Plans differentiated Plans differentiated
available curriculum and sequence of lessons using instruction based on instruction, which is based instruction that provides
information from district additional assessment knowledge of students’ on broad knowledge of systematic opportunities for
and state required information on student academic readiness, students. Matches resources supporting and extending
assessments. academic readiness, academic language, diverse and specific strategies to student learning based on
language, cultural cultural backgrounds, and students’ diverse learning comprehensive information
background, and individual cognitive, social, needs and cultural on students.
4.1 Using knowledge of individual development. emotional, and physical backgrounds.
students’ academic 9/30/17 5/8/18 development to meet their
readiness, language individual needs.12/10/18
proficiency, cultural
background, and Is aware of impact of bias Examines potential sources Planning addresses bias, Engages students in the
individual development on learning. Becomes aware of of bias and stereotyping stereotyping, and analysis of bias,
to plan instruction. potential areas of bias and when planning lessons. assumptions about cultures stereotyping, and
seeks to learn about Uses culturally responsive an members of cultures. assumptions.
culturally responsive pedagogy in planning. 5/7/19

• I plan my lessons based • By looking at the results • When introducing the

on the textbook, from the STAR testing, I class, we talk about the
previous knowledge and can use the information to stereotypes that are given
connect it with their identify if the students to Spanish-speakers.
real-life experiences. I have trouble with their Students share what they
use different types of reading skills in English. have experienced as
teaching methods to If they lack in certain Spanish-speakers
meet the needs of most areas, I will know to focus themselves or have heard
students.9/30/17 5/8/18 on that when teaching the of or thought as non-
Spanish version of that Spanish-speakers.
grammar or reading. Afterwards, I have
12/10/18 students discuss the
unfairness of stereotypes
across other races.
Students can then share
their own experiences for
their own race and gender.
CSTP 4: Planning Instruction and Designing Learning Experiences for All Students

Element Emerging Exploring Applying Integrating Innovating

Communicates learning Establishes and shares Establishes and Establishes and articulates Establishes and articulates
objectives for a single learning goals for skill communicates to students learning goals to students comprehensive short-term
lesson to students based on development with clear learning goals for that integrate content and long-term learning goals
4.2 Establishing and content standards and students in single lessons content that are accessible, standards with students’ for students.
articulating goals for available curriculum. and sequence of lessons. challenging, and strengths, interests, and Assists students to articulate
student learning 9/30/17 differentiated to address learning needs. 5/8/18 and monitor learning goals.
students’ diverse learning 12/10/18 5/7/19

• Every day, the objective • I let the students know

is on the board, along why we are learning the
with the agenda and material and how they can
homework.9/30/17 use it in real life. 5/8/18
12/10/18 5/7/19
CSTP 4: Planning Instruction and Designing Learning Experiences for All Students

Element Emerging Exploring Applying Integrating Innovating

Uses available curriculum Begins to plan curriculum Establishes short- and long- Refines sequence of long- Utilizes extensive knowledge
for daily, short- and long- units that include a series term curriculum plans for term plans to reflect of curriculum, content
4.3 Developing and term plans. of connected lessons and subject matter concepts and integrations of curriculum standards, and assess
sequencing long-term are linked to long-term essential related academic guidelines, frameworks, and learning needs to design
and short-term planning to support language and formats that assessed instructional needs cohesive and comprehensive
instructional plans to student learning. support student learning. to ensure student learning. long- and short-term
support student 9/30/17 instructional plans that
learning ensure high levels of
learning. 5/8/18 12/10/18
• I incorporate additional • I try to create lessons that
materials like videos and can connect to previously
music and different learned content, either
methods like interactive within my class or in a
notebooks o help support previous class. 5/8/18
the different learning 12/10/18
needs in my classroom. • As the class goes on, if I
9/30/17 need to give more
examples or re-teach
something before moving
on, I will. 5/8/18 12/10/18
CSTP 4: Planning Instruction and Designing Learning Experiences for All Students

Element Emerging Exploring Applying Integrating Innovating

Plans instruction that Selects strategies for Incorporates differentiated Plans instruction using a Plans instruction
incorporates strategies single lessons or sequence instructional strategies into wide range of strategies to incorporating a repertoire of
suggested by curriculum of lessons that respond to ongoing planning that address learning styles and strategies specifically meet
guidelines. students’ diverse learning addresses culturally meet students’ assessed students’ diverse language
needs. responsive pedagogy, language and learning and learning needs and styles
students’ diverse language, needs. 9/30/17 to advance learning for all.
4.4 Planning
and learning needs and Provides appropriate 5/7/19
instruction that
styles. support and challenges for
Is aware of student content, Seeks to learn about students. 5/8/18 12/10/18 Facilitates opportunities for
appropriate strategies
learning, and language students’ diverse learning Uses assessments of students to reflect on their
to meet the learning
needs through data provided and language needs students’ learning and Integrates results from a learning and the impact of
needs of all students
by the site and district. beyond basic data. language needs to inform broad range of assessments instructional strategies to
planning differentiated into planning to meet meet their learning and
instruction. students’ diverse learning language needs.
and language needs.

• I incorporate additional • In order to help all students

materials like videos and learners, especially those
music and different with special needs, I have
methods like interactive incoporated the interactive
notebooks o help support notebooks to assist along
the different learning with the videos, music, and
needs in my classroom. various activities. 5/7/19
• With the support of the
interactive notebooks and
peer tutoring through
think-pair-share, I
scaffold the activities,
making each activity a
little bit more difficult as
we move along. 5/8/18
CSTP 4: Planning Instruction and Designing Learning Experiences for All Students

Element Emerging Exploring Applying Integrating Innovating

Implements lessons and Begins to adapt plans and Makes adjustments and Makes ongoing adjustments Anticipates and plans for a
uses materials from materials in single lessons adaptations to differentiate to instructional plans and wide range of adaptations to
curriculum provided. or sequences of lessons to instructional plans. uses a variety of materials lessons based on in depth
4.5 Adapting address students’ learning Uses culturally responsive as the instructional needs analysis of individual student
instructional plans and needs. pedagogy and additional arises to support student needs.
curricular materials to materials to support learning.9/30/17 5/8/18
meet the assessed students’ diverse learning Engages with students to
learning needs of all needs. identify types of adjustments
students. in instruction that best meet
their learning goals. 12/10/18
• As the class goes on, if I • When new content has
need to give more been taught, based on exit
examples or re-teach tickets or feedback from
something before moving the students, I will adjust
on, I will. 9/30/17 5/8/18 my lesson plans to meet
• Students that are the needs of the students to
struggling come to me, or accomplish the learning
sometime I go to them, goals. 12/10/18 5/7/19
and they express their
concerns, so we figure out
how we can make
adjustments to help them
succeed. 9/30/17