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Republic of the Philippines COMMISSION ON ELECTIONS Manila EN BANC IN THE MATTER OF APPROVING ae Mu em AL. Commissioner THE HOTSPOT CATEGORIZATION GUIA, LUIETITO F. ae SUBMITTED BY THE COMMITTEE ON THE BAN ON FIREARMS AND SECURITY PERSONNEL AND REFERRING SECURITY CONCERNS TO THE COMELEC COMMAND CENTER. GUANZON, MA. ROWENA AMELIA V. Commissioner INTING, SOCORRO B. Commissioner CASQUEJO, MARLON S. Commissioner KHO, ANTONIO JR.T. Commissioner Promulgated: May 6, 2019 RESOLUTION No. 10531 & WHEREAS, the Committee on the Ban on Firearms and Security Personnel (CBFSP), taking into account the Official Reports from all Regional Joint Security Control Centers (RJSCC) regarding election hotspots, shall recommend to’ the COMELEC En Banc areas to be identified as Hotspots; WHEREAS, pursuant to Minute Resolution No. 10510, promulgated on March 19, 2019, all areas in Mindanao Island were placed under election hotspot - Category Red; WHEREAS, on April 29, 2019, Director TEOPISTO E. ELNAS, JR., CBFSP Director for Operations, submitted to the Commission En Banc the recommended List of Hotspots for Luzon and Visayas. NOW, THEREFORE, pursuant to the power vested in it by the Constitution, the Omnibus Election Code (B.P. 881, as amended), Republic Act Nos. 6646 and 7166 and other election laws, the Commission RESOLVED, as it hereby RESOLVES, to Page|1 fe 10531 approve the hotspot categorization of the cities and municipalities for NCR, CAR and Regions I-VIII. Pursuant to COMELEC Resolution No. 10481, as amended, all concerns related to the hotspot categorization and declaration of COMELEC Control, including checkpoints and security concerns shall be forwarded to the COMELEC Command Center, which shall be under the direct supervision and control of the Commission En Bane, for recommendation and appropriate action. ‘The list of Hotspots attached herein forms an integral part of this Resolution. Let the PNP, AFP, COMELEC Command Center, Regional Election Directors, and RJSCC implement this Resolution. SO ORDERED. ‘ __ silts ‘Chairman wi LUI ‘OF. GUIA Col Commissioner missioner VOTED IN FAVOR MA. ROWENA AMELIA V. GUANZON SOCORRO B. INTIN( Commissioner Commissioner Commissioner Page|2 DS-IF1 05 Wr Wie f K APR 3.0 2019 I BY: NM 12%. REPUBLIC OF THE PHILIPPINES COMMISSION ON ELECTIONS INTRAMUROS, MANILA COMMITTEE ON THE BAN ON FIREARMS AND SECURITY PERSONNEL URGENT MEMORANDUM FOR ‘THE HONORABLE COMMISSION EN BANC THRU HON. AL A. PARRENO Commissioner FROM CBFSP DIRECTOR FOR OPERATIONS SUBJECT: Recommended List of Hotspots for Luzon and Visayas DATE z April 29, 2019, REGION NCR Pursuant to Resolution No. 10481) in relation to Resolution No. 10510? placing certain areas and the entire Mindanao under Hotspot Category Red, and after determination by the concerned Regional Joint Security Control Centers (RJSCCs}, the Committee on the Ban on Firearms and Security Personnel (CBFSP) hereby recommends the approval of the hotspot categorizations of the following Cities Municipalities for NCR, CAR, and Regions I-VIII, to wit: PROVINCE JMELEC CONTROL. NCR NCR NCR NCR " Promulgated on January 15, 2019. 2Promulgated on March 19, 2019. Page 1 of 25