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University Hall room 435

800 N. State College Boulevard

Fullerton, CA 92831

Dear Dr. Bruce,

Your English class was the first class I took at Cal State Fullerton. I signed up for this
class in hopes of gaining the skills to write a well-written research paper. I will be using these
new adapted skills well into my undergraduate classes, as well as a tool in my future career. The
first day of class you provided us with a goal, which was to meet the student learning outcomes
(SLO’s) by the end of the semester. The documents used in this portfolio prove that I have met
the goal; The materials are, the Extended Definition, Literature Grid, and this Cover Letter.

The first assignment presented in my portfolio is this cover letter. This letter satisfies the
Persuasive Argument. Persuasion is an excellent tool used by lawyers to convince others that
they are right. Just like a lawyer would introduce their physical evidence to sway the jurors
towards their side, I will be presenting my chosen documents in this portfolio to prove my case.
Therefore, I am writing to you today to prove that I have fulfilled these six outcomes with the
selected projects that I have provided in my portfolio.

The second assignment is my Literature Grid. This assignment satisfies collaboration. As

a team, we reviewed 17 sources that were used in our Antibiotic Resistance review. Each student
in our group, which consisted of 4 students used this grid to share the methods and findings of
each article. This grid also helped us organize our article summaries, so we do not cite the same
material twice. We were all on the same page for the majority of the time. Best of all, we were
able to finish this project efficiently with time to spare.

The last project presented is my Extended Definition. This project satisfies Rhetorical
focus, Ethical Research, Organization, and Academic Language. I chose to define Organ
Systems because I am fascinated by the human body. The style of writing in my Extended
Definition shared a similar writing style to a Dictionary. My project’s primary purpose is to
inform and to educate students, teachers, and anyone interested in the human body. I separated
the different systems in a way so the audience can differentiate between the 11 systems. This
satisfied Rhetorical Focus, Organization and Academic language. As for Ethical research, I met
this requirement with my references at the end of my Extended Definition because I used work
from other writers to define my definition.

The SLO’s helped me obtain all the traits to become a knowledgeable, scientific writer.
Now that I have a solid foundation with scientific writing, I will be able to compose scholarly
papers when I start pursuing my Bachelors of Science in Nursing. Unlike a regular English class,
this class allowed me to view my writing from a different perspective.


Cassandra Gonzalez