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Welcome to WPS Office

Dear User,
Thank you for choosing WPS Office!
With over 200 million users worldwide, WPS Office is
one of the most popular choices for mobile office
software. Everyday, millions use it to complete their
work, create brilliant presentations, and read and edit
office documents.
The PDF component of WPS Office allows you to view
PDFs and includes the following special features:
Mobile View
Just with one tap, PDF files will automatically adapt to
the size of your device’s screen, giving you a
comfortable and convenient reading experience.
Personalized Reading
In WPS Office, you can adjust your individual reading
preferences. Settings include night reading, enlarged
text, easy scrolling, bookmarks and more.
① Night Mode. Automatically adjust the screen
brightness so you can read comfortably, day or night.
② Font Size. Increase or decrease font size.
③ Reading Background. Choose your background
④ Line Spacing. Easily adjust line spacing.

Thank you for using WPS Office!

We offer versions for Android, iOS, Windows and

Linux platforms. For more information, visit us at

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Happy Editing!
WPS Office Team