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The #1 GPHR Certification

Prep Tool

Expanding HR Horizons

Professional certification is greatly valued among HR
professionals around the world. Factors that make
certification more valuable are experience-based
exams, regular recertification and a requirement
for continuing education. Many employers
outside the U.S. make professional certification a
standard requirement because it promises the
success of their employees and their organization.
The Value of HR Certification Around The World, independent research
commissioned by the HR Certification Institute
Table of Contents
Expand Your Career with Global Certification........................................4

The SHRM Global Learning System®

Benefits of the SHRM Global Learning System........................... 6

Affordable Quality......................................................................... 7

Learning Modules....................................................................................8

Study Tools...............................................................................................9

Learning Options

Self-Study Program........................................................................ 11

GPHR Certification Preparation Seminars (3 Days)..................... 12

Virtual GPHR Certification Preparation Seminars (7 Weeks)...... 13

Organizational Training & Development Programs.................... 14

International Training Partners...................................................... 15

College/University Programs........................................................ 16

SHRM Global Learning System Order Form...........................................19

What Is SHRM?
The Society for Human Resource Management (SHRM) is the world’s larg-
est association devoted to human resource management. Representing
more than 250,000 members in over 140 countries, the Society serves the
needs of HR professionals and advances the interests of the HR profession.
Founded in 1948, SHRM has more than 575 affiliated chapters within the
United States and subsidiary offices in China and India.
Visit SHRM Online at www.shrm.org.

Order Today! 800-444-5006, option #2 or +1-651-905-2663 3

Expand Your Career with Global Certification
HR is one of the world’s fastest-growing fields, which presents HR pro-
fessionals with an unprecedented opportunity for global advancement.
Becoming certified as a Global Professional in Human Resources
(GPHR®) tells the international business community that you are
prepared to assume HR responsibilities anywhere.

Earning a GPHR credential can help you

• Prove your commitment to the • Become recognized as a credible
HR profession while taking on and respected source of
new responsibilities—locally information on core international
and globally. HR practices.
• Build confidence in your • Keep current with HR topics,
ability to deliver business value legislation and regulatory
to your organization, wherever requirements.
it conducts operations. • Pursue new career opportunities
• Expand on-the-job advanced and attain professional
knowledge and skills to be com- advancement.
petitive in a globalized economy. • Open doors to companies that
require their employees to be

“The Global Learning System program was excellent and

provided a good overview of topics that are required of
any global HR practitioner. I would highly recommend
this program for anyone in international HR.”
Jackie Bissonette
Director of Client Relations
Houston, Texas
SHRM Member Since 2010

4 View Sample Questions When You Try the Free Demo at www.shrm.org/learning/global.
HR Certification Institute 2012 GPHR Exam Schedule

Exam Dates Regular Application Late Application

Deadline Deadline

May 1–31, 2012 MAR. 9, 2012 APR. 13, 2012

Dec. 1-31, 2012 OCT. 5, 2012 Nov. 9, 2012

GPHR Eligibility Requirements

The HR Certification Institute requires HR professionals sitting for the
GPHR exam to have a combination of demonstrated work experience and
education. To learn more about eligibility and how to apply for the exam
visit www.hrci.org.

Note: HR Certification Institute exams are currently administered in English.

The SHRM Global Learning System is intended to cover the body of knowledge tested by the HR
Certification Institute certification exam. However, the Global Learning System does not “teach the test.”
There will be some content in the Global Learning System not covered by the exams, and conversely
there will be content tested in the exam that is not covered in the Global Learning System. SHRM makes
no warranty that use of the Global Learning System guarantees passage of the HR Certification Institute

Not ready to become certified?

Even if you’re not yet eligible or ready to sit for the exam, the
SHRM Global Learning System is an all-in-one global professional
development tool. It includes materials reviewed by HR subject
matter experts, a comprehensive glossary, an Online Resource
Center that allows users to stay up-to-date
on legislative changes as they occur,
access to experts for additional resources
and answers, HR developments and more.
The printed module workbooks serve as a
valuable desktop reference.

Order Today! 800-444-5006, option #2 or +1-651-905-2663 5

The SHRM Global Learning System
The SHRM Global Learning System was designed by a world-class team of
global HR and course development experts. It includes global content that
corresponds with the HR Certification Institute’s GPHR body of knowledge,
including legislation from the United States, European Union, United
Kingdom, Canada, India and China. This interactive tool will enhance your
knowledge and help you approach the GPHR exam with confidence.

Benefits of the SHRM Global Learning System

The #1 GPHR Certification Prep Tool
Proven Success: HR professionals Recertification: PHR/SPHR-certified
who use the SHRM Global Learning professionals may earn credit hours
System to prepare for the GPHR exam when using the SHRM Global Learning
consistently beat the national pass System for professional development
rate, year after year. only. (See learning options for
recertification credit information.)
Global Content: The materials are
designed around and based on the Ongoing Reference: The printed
same HR Certification Institute body modules serve as a reliable and
of knowledge used to create the convenient desktop reference for
GPHR certification exam. your HR challenges.

Comprehensive Learning: Each

of the five modules includes com- “Preparing for the GPHR examination
prehensive content that details key and achieving my certification validated
terms, leading principles and practical my professional experience and gave
examples, and contains a number me a framework and common reference
of charts and checklists. point to interact with confidence with
other HR and non-HR executives
on global HR and business issues.”
Howard Wallack, GPHR
Director, Global Member Programs
Alexandria, Va.

6 View Sample Questions When You Try the Free Demo at www.shrm.org/learning/global.
Affordable Quality
Member-Only Discount: As a SHRM Exam Fees: Professionals who use
member or by joining SHRM you the SHRM Global Learning System to
will save $165 off the SHRM Global prepare for their GPHR exams consis-
Learning System. tently beat the national pass rate. By
choosing the best training program,
Quantity Discount: By ordering
odds are that you’ll only have to take
two or more SHRM Global Learning
the exam once, preventing multiple
System Self-Study Programs, you will
exam fees.
save a minimum of $70 per person.
For details, contact SHRM Corporate Time Savings: You could spend
Specialist Chris Olson at +1-651-905- countless hours trying to compile
2617 or Chris.Olson@shrm.org. textbooks and testing resources
without achieving the same level of
Tuition Reimbursement: By attend-
quality or the access to HR experts
ing a SHRM College/University course
offered by the SHRM Global
you may be eligible for tuition reim-
Learning System.
bursement from your company. Find
a College/University partner near you
at www.shrm.org/learning/global/ SHRM
colleges. scholarships
SHRM offers various
scholarships for professional
development and certification.
For more information, visit

Order Today! 800-444-5006, option #2 or +1-651-905-2663 7

Learning Modules
The SHRM Global Learning System’s primary focus is the global practice and
application of human resources. The SHRM Global Learning System helps
prepare professionals for the GPHR exam through a blended format of
learning modules and web-based study tools. Whether online or in print,
each component is used to provide the most effective learning techniques.

Achieve Success
Each learning module of the SHRM Global Learning System includes a case study that
demonstrates how the content is applied in global practical situations. The following
five modules correspond to the domains of the GPHR body of knowledge.

Strategic HR Management 4 MODUL E
Organizational Effectiveness and
Talent Development
• The Phenomenon of Globalization
• The Strategic Process • Culture and Global HRD Planning
• The Global Organization • Employee and Leadership Development
• The Influence of Culture and Law • Performance Management
• Ensuring HR’s Strategic Role • Measurement and Evaluation

Global Talent Acquisition and Mobility

• Key Legislation 5 MODUL E

Workforce Relations and Risk Management
• Strategic Approaches
• Laws Affecting Global Workforce
• Developing the Global Staffing Plan Relations
• Fundamental Staffing Processes • Global Industrial Relations
• Measuring Business Impact • Creating a Positive Work Environment
• Managing Workplace Risks

Global Compensation and Benefits

• Strategy
• Benefits and Perquisites
• Key Legislation
• Compensation and Benefits in
International Assignments
• Global New Ventures

8 View Sample Questions When You Try the Free Demo at www.shrm.org/learning/global.
Study Tools

Interactive Web-Based Testing

• A pretest to assess current knowledge.
• Two module-specific tests per module.
• Three bonus tests.
• A legal review test that contains questions
on legislation from the six countries/
regions tested on the GPHR exam.
• A final review test to practice
for the exam.
• A final post-test.

Online Resource Center

• Access HR updates.
• Check out related links to
information referenced in
the modules.
• View printable flashcards.
• Access feedback and evaluation “The SHRM Global Learning System
(self-study program) allowed me to
Case Studies learn at my own pace. More of my
colleagues now want to be certified
Five engaging case studies encourage
application of key concepts from each
—I was among the first set of HR
module and further prepare you for the professionals to be certified in our
GPHR certification exam by putting you Nigeria business unit.”
in the role of the global HR professional. Ihuoma Onyearugha, GPHR
Manager, HR Business Partner Services
Lagos, Nigeria
Electronic Flashcards and SHRM Member Since 2004
These online tools provide an easy way
to review key global terms online or while
reading the printed materials.

Order Today! 800-444-5006, option #2 or +1-651-905-2663 9

Companies that have prepared their staff using the
SHRM Global Learning System.*

Recreated LOGO

“The SHRM Global Learning System Free Case Study!

was instrumental in helping me pass Find out how Mountain States
the GPHR exam and earning my Employers Council integrated the
GPHR credentials. Furthermore, the SHRM Global Learning System into
guides in the SHRM Global Learning its corporate training program—
System continue to be valuable tools download the FREE case study at
and references in Global HR www.shrm.org/learning/global.

Janice Mills, GPHR
Manager, Global Mobility
Brossard, Quebec, Canada
SHRM Member Since 2006

* All trademarks, service marks and trade names, either federally registered or at common law, of the
above-listed corporations are the exclusive property of their respective owners. No sponsorship or
affiliation with the above-listed customers is intended.

10 View Sample Questions When You Try the Free Demo at www.shrm.org/learning/global.
Learning Options
SHRM understands that everyone learns and retains information
differently. Choose the learning option that suits your personal
preference, schedule, group size or location.

self-study program
Self-Study Program
PHR/SPHRs may earn up to 35 recertification hours when using the Self-Study option
for professional development.

One of the biggest challenges professionals cite is finding the time to pursue
their certification. The Self-Study option gives you the freedom to create your
own study plan to fit your schedule and allows you to devote extra time to any
particular module or topic while preparing for the GPHR exam.

• Develop a personalized study plan to direct your studying.
• Minimize time away from your office or home.
• Enjoy flexible learning based on your individual preference.
• Volume discounts are available.

Self-Study Program Investment

SHRM Members $695

Nonmembers $860

For more information or to order, visit


Volume Discounts Available

By ordering two or more Self-Study programs, you will save a
minimum of $70 per person. For details or to order, contact
SHRM Corporate Specialist Chris Olson at +1-651-905-2617
or Chris.Olson@shrm.org.

Order Today! 800-444-5006, option #2 or +1-651-905-2663 11

Learning Options
GPHR Certification preparation seminars

GPHR Certification Preparation Seminars (3 Days)

PHR/SPHRs may earn up to 21 recertification hours when attending this 3-day seminar
for professional development.

This preparation seminar is designed to maximize your learning as you

prepare for the GPHR certification exam.

This comprehensive program highlights content areas that may appear on the
GPHR certification exam. By interacting in this intense environment with your
peers and qualified instructors, and using the SHRM Global Learning System
as your guide, you are getting access to a highly successful educational tool
while preparing for the GPHR certification exam.

The GPHR certification preparation seminars should not be considered

your only means of preparation, but rather an important step in focusing
your study to maximize results.

2012 Dates and Locations*

March 28-30 | Seattle, Wash. SHRM Global
June 23-26 | Atlanta, Ga.** Learning System
is included in your
* Subject to change.
** This seminar is offered as a package deal in conjunction with the SHRM®
Annual Conference & Exposition. You can attend this course and select
components of the conference for one package price. Online registration
only at annual.shrm.org.

GPHR Certification Preparation Seminar (3 Days) Investment***

SHRM Members $1,395

Nonmembers $1,660

*** Program fee applies to U.S. courses only.

View the complete 2012 schedule or register at


12 View Sample Questions When You Try the Free Demo at www.shrm.org/learning/global.
Learning Options

Virtual GPHR Certification Preparation (7 weeks)

virtual GPHR certification preparation

Delivered by a “live” instructor in a synchronous online learning environment
this virtual seminar allows for maximum interaction, real-time Q&A chats,
and dialogue between participants, providing a dynamic “virtual”
classroom experience.

This course includes

• The SHRM Global Learning System • A state-of-the-art, dynamic,
which is delivered prior to the first web-based virtual platform where
session for participants to review classes are held.
in advance. • Access to online resources where
• A syllabus/study plan to guide participants can utilize pre- and
participants in their preparation post-tests, quizzes and flashcards.
activities. • Recorded archives of all sessions
for students’ review.

2012 DATES*
March 5-April 18
October 1-November 28
Virtual GPHR Certification Preparation SHRM Global
Learning System
(7 weeks) Investment
is included in your

SHRM Member $1,695 registration

Nonmember $2,000

*Subject to change.

View the complete 2012 schedule or register at


Virtual PHR/SPHR and California Certification Preparation

Virtual certification preparation is also available for PHR/SPHR and California
certification exams. Visit www.shrm.org/seminars/virtualprep for details.

Order Today! 800-444-5006, option #2 or +1-651-905-2663 13

Learning Options
organizational training & development programs

Organizational Training & Development Programs

Recertification hours vary. Visit www.shrm.org/learning/global/orgtraining for details.

In today’s competitive marketplace, organizations need to be creative and intel-

ligent in determining the best solution for maximizing resources and knowledge.
Each participant will receive the five printed modules, web-based study tools
and online learning access.

• Provides your organization with the best international
HR education and GPHR certification preparation
• Trains your entire staff while eliminating costly travel
expenses and fulfilling professional development discounts
• Includes reports to monitor and measure
group progress.
• Customize programs to meet the specific needs of
your organization.

Choose from two convenient options to accommodate

all learning styles, budgets and corporate cultures.

Training Led by a Provides training for multiple
SHRM-Approved, staff at your facility or via a
Certified Instructor “virtual” classroom.

For more information, call +1-703-535-6496 or e-mail OrgTraining@shrm.org.

Choose your own instructor

2 Training Led by Your

or purchase multiple self-
study programs and train
internal staff at your facility.

For more information, call +1-651-905-2617 or e-mail Chris.Olson@shrm.org.

14 View Sample Questions When You Try the Free Demo at www.shrm.org/learning/global.
Learning Options

International Training Partners


C&D Institute Morgan International Morgan International Morgan International EMIRATES
Teresita Serrano | Kuwait City, Safat | Muscat | Dammam, Jeddah, Anderson HR Consult-
+52 55 5533 7913 Nina Elia Nina Elia Riyadh ing and Training |
+961 999 211 ext. 121 +961 999 211 ext. 121 Nina Elia Dubai
+961 999 211 ext. 121 Mary Archibald
EGYPT +971 04 365 8363
American Chamber of
Commerce in Egypt Morgan International Morgan International Professionals Institute
| Cairo | Beirut | Islamabad, Karachi, for Training & Devel- Morgan International
Mohamed El Rahim Nina Elia Lahore opment | Abu Dhabi, Al Ain,


+202 3338 1050 +961 999 211 ext. 121 Nina Elia Imran Yousuf Dubai
ext. 0401 +961 999 211 ext. 121 +966 260 55550 Nina Elia
ext. 300 +961 999 211 ext. 121
Morgan International Anderson HR Consult- QATAR
| Alexandria, Cairo ing and Training | SYRIA Zayed University
Morgan International Fatma Al Madani
Nina Elia Kuala Lumpur | Doha Morgan International
+961 999 211 ext. 121 Mary Archibald | Damascus +971 4 3912700
Nina Elia ext. 2704
+971 04 365 8363 +961 999 211 ext. 121 Nina Elia
+961 999 211 ext. 121
+91 22 4247 2000 C&D Institute TURKEY
Ascendis Consult-
+91 22 4247 2010 Teresita Serrano ing SRL Gazikent Universitesi
SHRMIndia@shrm.org +52 55 5533 7913 Roxana Toader Aydogan Durmus
+40 21 206-6429 +90 212 275 1949

Morgan International Management Trans- Anderson HR Consult-
| Amman formation Limited ing and Training |
Nina Elia Kayode Akinyele Istanbul
+961 999 211 ext. 121 +234 8103023252 Mary Archibald
+971 04 365 8363

Certification will become more and more relevant in the

increasingly competitive workplace of today, particularly in
international companies that want to be able to compare staff
across borders and will demand a more globalized certification.
The Value of HR Certification Around The World, independent
research commissioned by the HR Certification Institute


Visit www.shrm.org/learning/global/colleges
for the most up-to-date listing of partners and to register. 15
Learning Options

College/University Programs
college/university programs

PHR/SPHRs may earn up to 21 recertification hours when attending a College/

University program for professional development.

SHRM has partnered with leading colleges and universities world-

wide to offer the SHRM Global Learning System in a traditional
classroom setting, online format or a hybrid of the two. The College/
University program is ideal for those who prefer a structured learning

• Offers training close to home.
• Uses experienced and certified instructors.
• Allows for peer discussions with other professionals
preparing for the GPHR certification exam.
• Qualifies for tuition reimbursement.
• Provides structured classes and a course syllabus
that keep you on schedule.
… and more!

College/University Program Investment

Program fees vary by institution. Contact the
College/University Partner in your area for details

16 View Sample Questions When You Try the Free Demo at www.shrm.org/learning/global.
Learning Options

U.S. College/University PROGRAMS

ARKANSAS Valencia Enterprises, KANSAS Pace University | TEXAS

University of Arkansas A division of Valencia Southwestern College Online Rice University |
| Fayetteville College | Online | Online Cathy Pagano Houston, Online
Judith Tavano Customer Service Mary Johnson +1 914-773-3714 Eide Stone Guerinot
+1 479-575-5711 Center 888-684-5335 +1 713 348-6101
The College of
+1 407-582-6688 ext. 117 Saint Rose Texas Christian
Colleen Thapalia University
GEORGIA +1 518-458-5486 | Fort Worth
Cal State San Marcos MICHIGAN
Cathy Scavone University of Georgia Eastern Michigan Paula Yoder
+1 817 257-6033

U.S. College/University PROGRAMS

+1 760-750-8706 Teresa Nunn University NORTH CAROLINA
+1 706-542-1761 Pat Breilein
Northern California Central Piedmont
+1 734-487-9158 Community College VIRGINIA
HR Association -
Greater Bay Area | ILLINOIS Robin Jenest George Mason
Santa Clara DePaul University | +1 704-330-4666 University | Arlington,
Kenneth Yip Online University of Nevada, Duke University | Online
+1 415-395-1943 Janie Rollinson Las Vegas Durham Lee Bennett
+1 312-362-5792 Ann Tate Dory Lutz +1 703 993-4805
Lewis University | +1 702-895-3598 +1 919-684-3379 Lord Fairfax
Barry University Romeoville, Online Community College
Youdaris Mira-Bohigas Beth Bormann OHIO Rebecca Arnette
NEW JERSEY +1 540 868-7285
+1 305-981-5230 +1 815-836-5622
Fairleigh Dickinson Cleveland State
Florida International University | Madison University
University Northern Illinois Christopher DeGisi Marie Herlevi WASHINGTON
Robert Grimal University +1 973-443-8624 +1 216-687-4750 Seattle Pacific
+1 305-348-4217 Donna Mann University | Blended,
+1 815-732-6249 Online
Hillsborough OREGON
NEW YORK Paul Rand
Community Willamette University
INDIANA Baruch College +1 425 789-0161
College | Brandon Carol Olsby
Jennifer Currence Ivy Tech Community (CUNY) | New York carol@olsby.com
+1 813-259-6024 College | Indianapolis City
Linda Butler Evangelina Ocasio
University of Central +1 646-312-5000 PENNSYLVANIA
+1 317-921-4539
Florida, Division of
New York Institute Villanova University |
Continuing Education
of Technology | Long Villanova Conference
| Orlando
Island, Online Center
Maria Cherjovsky
Patricia Brustman Linda Pugliese
+1 407-882-0237
+1 516-686-7722 +1 610-519-4303

“The Global Learning System program is well

worth the time, money and effort for the knowl-
edge that you come away with. I feel much
more confident and feel that I now know how
to study for my upcoming test.”
Carolyn Anderson
International HR Analyst
Cocoa, Fla.

Visit www.shrm.org/learning/global/colleges
for the most up-to-date listing of programs and to register. 17
More SHRM CertificatioN
Preparation Tools
If you are looking to earn your PHR® (Professional in Human Resources), SPHR® (Senior
Professional in Human Resources), PHR-CA® (Professional in Human Resources-California)
or SPHR-CA® (Senior Professional in Human Resources-California), SHRM offers preparation
tools for HR professionals seeking these distinguished credentials. The PHR, SPHR, PHR-CA
and SPHR-CA certifications show you have mastered the HR body of knowledge and prove
your dedication to the HR profession.

Enhanced and The SHRM California

Updated for 2012 Learning System™
SHRM Learning System®
#1 PHR/SPHR Cert Prep Tool
The new 2012 SHRM Learning System
includes thoroughly revised content and a
redesigned user experience to reflect the
new 2012 HR Certification Institute body of
knowledge tested on the PHR and SPHR
exams. The SHRM Learning System delivers
the most effective PHR/SPHR preparation.
Learning modules and online study tools The SHRM California Learning System is a
teach you everything you need to prepare comprehensive study guide used to pre-
for your certification exam. pare for the California certification exams
(PHR-CA and SPHR-CA). Designed for HR
Learning Options
professionals working in the state of Cali-
• Self-Study Program fornia or with staff located in California,
• PHR/SPHR Certification this program covers employment laws,
Preparation Seminars (3 days) rules and regulations.
• Virtual PHR/SPHR Certification
Preparation (7 weeks) Learning Options
• Organizational Training & • Self-Study Program
Development Programs
• California Certification
• College/University Programs Preparation Seminars (2 days)
• Virtual PHR-CA and SPHR-CA
Certification Preparation
• Organizational Training &
Development Programs
• College/University Programs

www.shrm.org/learning www.shrm.org/learning/california
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2012 SHRM Global Learning System Order FORM

ONLINE Phone Shipping and International
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E-MAIL +1-651-905-2663 ground shipment.) online at
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Join SHRM Now! One-year membership at a special rate of $165. (Offer valid for
Membership: $165 $
new SHRM members only.)

GPHR Certification Preparation Seminar (3 days)—Contact a SHRM Member Care Representative at 800-283-7476 (U.S. only) or +1-703-548-3440, option #3,
or visit www.shrm.org/seminars/GPHR.

Virtual GPHR Certification Preparation (7 weeks)—Contact a SHRM Member Care Representative at 800-283-7476 (U.S. only) or +1-703-548-3440, option #3,
or visit www.shrm.org/seminars/virtualprep.

Organizational Training & Development—Training Led by a SHRM-Approved, Certified Instructor, call +1-703-535-6496 or e-mail OrgTraining@shrm.org. Choose Your Own Instructor and
Train Internal Staff at Your Facility, call +1-651-905-2617 or e-mail Chris.Olson@shrm.org.

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Society for
2012 Human Resource
HR Horizons
As you pursue your advanced training in HR, become a part of the
organization that represents a quarter-million of your colleagues
worldwide. As a member of SHRM, you will receive discounts on the
SHRM Global Learning System, other SHRM educational programs
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“As a recognized Professional of Global Human Resources with

my GPHR, I have quickly been recognized as the go-to global
HR resource in the Americas. My peers recognize my skills and
I am valued as this recognition has allowed me to function in a
much more strategic position in the organization.”
Jason Buss, GPHR
Sr. Human Resource Manager
Columbus, Neb.
SHRM Member Since 2004