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Rallies North Carolina Loyalists

Gregorian: Apr 23, 1737

Josiah Martin (23 April 1737 – 13 April 1786) was a British Army officer
and colonial official who served as the ninth and last British Governor of North
Carolina from 1771 to 1776.

After his home was attacked by Whigs on 24 April 1775, he sent his family to his
in-laws' home in New York and took refuge on board the sloop-of-war Cruiser,
transferring his headquarters to Fort Johnston on theCape Fear River. When
the Mecklenburg Resolves were published in May 1775, Martin transmitted a copy to
England,[3] which he described as "setting up a system of rule and regulation
subversive of his majesty's government." Martin then requested a supply of arms and
ammunition from General Thomas Gage in Boston. In July 1775, a plot instigated by
Martin to arm the slaves was discovered. In retaliation, John Ashe led a group of
colonists against Fort Johnston on 20 July. Martin was forced to flee aboard
the Cruiser while the colonists destroyed the fort. Martin remained off the coast
of North Carolina, directing the rising of the Loyalists, whom he supplied with
weapons brought from England.