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Bellwether Sheep’s Milk Yogurt Danish v 9

w/ slow-roasted strawberries

”Deluxe” Burrata Toast w/ spring onions & lemon oil v 13

Guanciale-wrapped Mochi (3) w/ treviso & aged balsamico g 8

Coal-roasted Sweet Potato “Agrodolce” k g 13

w/ charred scallion creme fraiche & bonito flakes

Salted Trout Roe “Mantecato” w/ Japanese milk bread & olives 14

Flash-grilled Avocado w/ spicy olive kosho vk g c 13

PRAIRIE Caesar 13
w/ buttermilk, capers, breadcrumbs & bottarga v k

Grilled Romaine Lettuce v g k 14

w/ red walnuts, red onions, pecorino & “Italian dressing”
add Calabrian XO-fried egg +4
add grilled avocado +7
add hot guanciale free

Carolina Gold Rice Waffle w/ salted maple butter v 13
add Calabrian XO-fried egg +4

Pressed Omelet Sandwich v 15

w/ Pt. Reyes Toma, spicy sauerkraut & a pile of young kale

Double-baked Goat Cheese Sformato w/ English peas v 15

Brown Butter-Basted Eggs 16

w/ Delta asparagus, horseradish zabaglione & grilled bread

Grilled Pork Blade Chop & Calabrian XO-fried Egg c s 20

Charcoal-grilled Burger * 16
cheddar-filled, on a Japanese milk bun w/ spicy watercress butter

Thick-cut House-cured Bacon (3pc) 9

Broccoli di Cicco w/ ginger & parmigiano k g v 11

Spring Fruit Salad w/ basil seeds k g v 13

add a prosecco float +3

v – vegetarian
g – gluten-free Our food is made for sharing, items will arrive as they are ready.
k – keto
s – contains shellfish * Consuming raw/undercooked meats/poultry/seafood/eggs is fun
c – spicy and delicious. It also increases the risk of food-borne illness.