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Vibration, dynamics and noise

Improving the integrity, reliability and performance of

piping systems, structures and rotating equipment.
Wood’s comprehensive approach to fatigue management ensures Benefits
vibration integrity and reliability issues are managed throughout the
• Lower capital costs – through fit-for-purpose design
asset’s life cycle.
recommendations; less conservative engineering, less re-work,
This includes engineering design, field services, monitoring and and elimination of redundant activities
solutions for production machinery, piping, structures and FPSOs. Our
• Lower operating costs – cost-effective monitoring and reliability
experience encompasses upstream, including subsea, downstream
programmes, machinery optimisation, reduced maintenance
and LNG facilities.
costs, efficient vibration inspection program

Industry challenges • Improved integrity and safety – significant reduction in

machinery and piping failures (a major HS&E concern),
Most production facilities will face some type of vibration or noise compliance with noise guidelines, and other process safety
issue. If not addressed, machinery, piping, or structural vibration will requirements
lead to long-term concerns with asset integrity, reliability, and safety
with high-impact consequences. Besides the loss of production from • Improved reliability and uptime – reduction in breakage and
downtime, there are even greater risks from effects on worker safety, performance-related problems, targeted monitoring programs
the corporate liability. • Improved asset management – from FEED to operations to life
Vibration, dynamics and noise is a highly specialised and
complex field. This can cause challenges for facility operators
because projects often use different suppliers, which results in
We are
a fragmented approach that creates confusion, integrity gaps, • Global leaders in our disciplines, based on decades of experience
re-work, redundancy, and communication gaps. It also results in much • Superior in our capability offering: full complement of in-house
higher costs. advanced analysis

Our solution • Problem solvers: combination of desktop simulation and field

experts for optimum solution development
Our experts have the experience and capabilities to solve these
• First-class in our service: in-house software tools, resulting in
challenges. We can address all vibration and dynamic needs across
improved accuracy, faster service, and lower costs
the entire life cycle of an asset, providing the most comprehensive
service offering in the industry as part of our Asset Integrity Solutions • Thought leader based on our strong commitment to research,
service line. This includes: innovation and knowledge sharing in the industry
• Vibration and noise engineering during FEED, detailed design • Consistent in our delivery: standard processes and quality
• Design solutions for rotating equipment, piping and facilities control for site inspections, simulations, anomaly management,
vibration and noise mitigation
• Risk-based inspections and baseline acceptance testing
• Monitoring and troubleshooting services to support operations
and optimise maintenance
• Vibration solutions for piping, vessels and machines

21% of hydrocarbon releases are due to fatigue and high vibration

(Source: UK Health and Safety Executive)
Vibration, dynamics and noise services overview

Static equipment Machinery Rotating equipment Noise Field engineering,

troubleshooting and
and structures analysis reliability management implementation

Process and utility Compressors, pumps Condition monitoring, Health, safety and Site support for
pipework, and other machinery reliability, environment; piping, machinery,
small-bore connections, rotating machinery strategy management and structures and noise
subsea piping compliance

Piping vibration: XVibration XMaintenance (RCM) XNoise design studies XBaseline surveys
XRisk assessments (EI) XPulsation
and monitoring XWorkplace noise & XVibration, pulsation,
XFlow and acoustics program strategy human vibration noise, torsional,
(FIV, FIP, AIV) XCondition surveys transients, stress,
XTorsional/lateral monitoring modal testing
XAPI 521, flare system XEnvironmental noise
XAPI 579, fitness for XBearing/coupling XVibration, impact assessments XTroubleshooting
service (level 1-3) selection used-oil analysis, XElectrical systems
XWorkplace and
XCompressor surge performance, environmental noise interaction
Transient analyses:
dynamics thermography management XSmall-bore
XSurge, water hammer
monitoring inspections
XHydraulics XNumerical XNoise control and
simulations (FEA, CFD) XTechnology XRoot cause analysis
XMultiphase and slug mitigation
qualification, (RCA)
XFlashing XAPI 618, 674, 619, XNoise propagation
failure modes (FMEA)
688 vibration modelling XPerformance testing
Static analyses: XRemaining useful
XVertical pumps, XUnderwater noise XBalancing, shaft
XPipe stress life assessment
reed critical alignment
XNozzle load frequency (RCF) XSpare parts
XAcceptance tests
Foundation: management (FAT, SAT)
XSkid dynamics
XSkid and concrete XImplementation
XLifting and transport support

Anti-vibration products

DamperX™ clamps and braces Vibration absorbers

Vibration clamps Customized solutions

Support through the asset’s life cycle

XDesign documentation and recommendations XSpecifications

XQualitative risk reviews XValue engineering, equipment assessments, layout reviews
XTechnology qualification programs

Detailed design XQuantitative risk assessments (EI guidelines) XCode compliance checks and reviews
XDesign engineering studies (see above services) XDetailed FEA; stress and fatigue life predictions

Commissioning XAcceptance tests (FAT, SAT) XVibration, stress and noise inspections
XBaseline measurements

XTroubleshooting, problem solving XPeriodic and proactive inspections

Operations XMonitoring programs XPerformance testing
XReliability & maintenance support

Brownfield XDebottlenecking, fatigue risk management

XManagement of change (MOC) when adding new equipment or changing operations

Life extension XRemnant life assessments (RLA) XInspection audits

XVibration and stress analyses XFitness-for-service assessments

XTraining courses available for all service areas

Description of
vibration, dynamics and noise (VDN) services

Service platform Description

General Project support during concept planning or FEED (for all disciplines below).

Static equipment Piping systems, including supports, structures and small-bore attachments face vibration and fatigue risks
and structures due to various static and transient causes.
Many jurisdictions require screening and vibration analysis to avoid fatigue failures. Services include:
• Topsides/onshore and subsea piping vibration and fatigue assessments to the Energy Institute’s
guidelines for the avoidance of vibration-induced fatigue failures (AVIFF)
• Multiphase flow, transients (water hammer), structural dynamics and pipe stress analysis
• On-site investigation and troubleshooting of piping and static equipment vibration issues
• Advanced engineering (eg, fitness-for-service level 3, non-linear FEA, CFD)

Machinery analysis Compressors, pumps and other production systems can experience significant vibration risks. Vibration and
(for compressors, pumps dynamics analyses are needed during the design of these systems, or when modifying existing processes
and systems)
(management of change).
Studies are defined by API (eg, API 618, 619, 674, 688), ISO or other industry guidelines. Topics include
mechanical resonance, pulsations, surge, rotor dynamics, skid and structural dynamics, foundation design,
small-bore piping and pipe stress.

Rotating equipment A suite of reliability services to support rotating equipment. Standard reliability services include condition
reliability monitoring programs, performance monitoring, balancing, alignments and condition assessments.
Specialist reliability services include reliability-centred maintenance (RCM), failure mode and effects analysis
(FMEA), spares optimization, maintenance program builds, and reliability, availability and maintainability
(RAM) modelling.

Noise management Our noise group specializes in providing environmental and occupational noise services and solutions
focused on improving the health, safety and environmental performance of our operations.
Noise needs to be considered in many contexts including environmental approval, regulatory compliance,
management of health and safety, community relations and operational efficiency.
When noise becomes excessive it requires elimination, mitigation or management. Our services include
noise surveys, monitoring and prediction to detailed design of engineering noise controls.

Field engineering Our global team of field engineers provide specialist troubleshooting, failure analysis, and baseline and
and performance testing. This work involves vibration, stress, and noise analysis for rotating equipment, piping
troubleshooting systems and structures.
There are three levels of service, depending on the customer’s needs:
1. Measurements, analysis, troubleshooting and recommendations
2. Implementation support ranging from mitigation solutions, supervision and turnkey support
3. Value-added support for operations teams (long-term support role for operators)

Anti-vibration Our anti-vibration products are made specifically for vibrating pipework and machinery. This includes
products standard anti-vibration clamps and absorbers.
Damped clamps, braces and supports are available for more demanding applications. The robust damping
technology (DamperX™) absorbs vibration and is superior to standard anti-vibration clamps and supports.

Vibration, dynamics and noise (VDN) www.woodplc.com/VDN

List of
vibration, dynamics and noise (VDN) services Page 2

Service platform List of services

General - Project FEED or planning support
Static equipment - Risk-based, piping vibration and fatigue assessments (as per EI AVIFF guidelines)
and structures - Acoustic-induced vibration (AIV), acoustic fatigue (for API 521)
- Flow-induced vibration, turbulence and pulsation (FIV, FIT, FLIP), singing risers assessment and detailed
analysis, vortex-induced vibration (thermowells)
- Small-bore piping design review
- Multiphase and slugging flow
- Structures and piping systems
- Subsea piping vibration and dynamics
- Transients (water hammer, gas/fluid hammer)
- Pipe stress analysis
- API 579 fitness-for-service level 3 and advanced engineering, non-linear FEA, CFD
- Detailed pipework fatigue analysis
- Intrinsically safe and subsea monitoring systems
- Tubing assessment for dynamic loading
- FEA, CFD simulation and modeling services
Machinery analysis - Pulsation and mechanical analyses for compressors and pumps (per API 618, API 619, API 674, API 688,
(for compressors, pumps GMRC high-speed spec, ISO 13631)
and systems) - Rotor dynamics and torsional analysis
- Surge dynamics (centrifugal compressors) including system piping and unit interaction
- Skid, foundation and structural design (machinery systems)
- Small-bore piping design, pipe stress analysis and piping vibration on machinery systems
- Package design support
- FEA, CFD simulation and modeling services
Rotating - Monitoring (vibration, oil analysis, thermography, performance)
equipment - Condition monitoring program assessments and audits
reliability - Lubrication schedule design, review and optimisation
- Reliability-centred maintenance (RCM), failure mode effects analysis (FMEA)
- Maintenance and monitoring program strategy and build
- Remaining useful life assessments (Health Checks)
- Reliability, availability, maintainability modeling (RAM),
- Digital reliability (proactive program management diagnostics)
Noise management - Noise design studies
- Workplace and environmental noise surveys
- Whole-body vibration and hand-arm vibration (HAVS)
- Noise exposure management system development and implementation
- Environmental noise impact assessments
- Noise control and mitigation
- Underwater noise
Field engineering - Troubleshooting and measurement services for rotating equipment, piping and structures
and - Vibration, pulsation, torsional, transients, stress, modal, ODS and noise analysis
troubleshooting - Piping and small-bore vibration testing
- Root cause analysis (RCA)
- Machinery focused services:
o Factory and site acceptance testing (FAT, SAT), machinery run-up/ coast-down
o Performance testing, shaft power measurement
o Dynamic balancing, shaft alignment
Anti-vibration - DamperX™ clamps and braces (damping solutions)
products - Vibration absorbers
- Vibration clamps
- Turnkey vibration mitigation
Training - Certified training programs (vibration, lubrication, thermography)
- General seminars, courses and custom training for above disciplines (half day to three-day courses)

Vibration, dynamics and noise (VDN) www.woodplc.com/VDN

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