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3 Terminology Ducting, piping, cabling or any other work, which directly affect the progress of
building work, shall be given priority.
The definition of terms used in these specifications shall be in accordance with
IS: 3615- ―Glossary of terms used in refrigeration and air-conditioning‖. Some 1.11 QUALITY OF MATERIALS AND WORKMANSHIP
of the commonly used terms are defined in Appendix `A‘.
i) The components of the installation shall be of such design so as to
1.1.4 Site Information satisfactorily function under all conditions of operation.
ii) The entire work of manufacture/ fabrication, assembly and installation
The tenderer should, in his own interest, visit the site and familiarise himself
shall conform to sound engineering practice. The entire installation
with the site conditions before tendering. For any clarification, tenderer may
shall be such as to cause minimum transmission of noise and vibration
discuss with the Engineer-in-Charge.
to the building structure.
1.1.5 Heat Load Calculations and Equipment Selection iii) All equipments and materials to be used in work shall be manufactured
in factories of good repute having excellent track record of quality
i) The successful bidder/ contractor should give detailed heat load manufacturing, performance and proper after sales service.
calculations , immediately after award of work as per Appendix`D‘ iv) None of the equipment/ machines supplied shall be more than Six
separately for all the seasons in which, the specified conditions are to months old from date of supply at site, Copy of Excise Gate Pass/
be maintained. Invoice/ Shipment /Custom Clearance certificate/ details (in case of
ii) The successful Bidder/Contractor should also give the above heat load Imported equipments) shall be submitted to prove the date of
calculations wherever required separately for the areas served by each manufacture & genuineness of the equipments/ machines supplied.
AHU in a central air conditioning/ heating system.
iii) The equipment selection and duct design shall be made on the basis 1.12 CARE OF THE BUILDING
of the above heat load calculations wherever required.
Care shall be taken by the contractor during execution of the work to avoid
iv) The Contractor can refer and utilize the design done by the department/
damage to the building. He shall be responsible for repairing all such damages
consultants for the department, however, there shall be no commitment
and restoring the same to the original finish at his cost. He shall also remove
to provide the same to the contractor, nor the contractor shall be
all unwanted and waste materials arising out of the installation from the site of
absolved of the responsibility of correct design and performance of the
work from time to time.
air-conditioning system provided by him.
CODES i) Colour scheme for equipment like chilling unit, pumps, AHUs, cooling
tower etc. shall be as per manufacturer‘s standard colour scheme.
i) All components shall conform to relevant Indian Standard
Specifications, wherever existing, amended to date. A list of such ii) The scheme of colour code painting of pipe work services for air
standards is appended in Appendix `B‘. conditioning installation shall be as per National building code and is
indicated below:
ii) All works shall conform to National Building code as well as
Description Ground colour Lettering First colour band
relevant BIS codes.
iii) All electrical works shall be carried out in accordance with the Condenser water piping Sea Green Black French Blue
provisions of Indian Electricity Act, 2003 and Indian Electricity Rules, Chilled water piping Sea Green Black Black
1956 amended to date. They shall also conform to CPWD General Central heating piping Sea Green Black Canary Yellow
Specifications for Electrical works, Part-I: Internal, 2013 and Part-II: Below 60 deg C
External, 1994 and Part IV (Sub-station), 2013, as amended to date. Central heating piping Sea Green Black Dark Violet
iv) All components shall conform to Energy Conservation Building 60 deg C to 100 deg C
Code 2007 of India as amended or revised up to date. Drain pipe Black White
Vents White Black
Valves and pipe line White with black Black
Belt guard Black & Yellow
i) All the safety procedures outlined in the safety codes listed in diagonal strips
Appendix`C‘ shall be complied with. Machine Bases, Inertia Charcoal Grey
Bases and Plinth
ii) In respect of all labour employed directly or indirectly on the work for
the performance of the air conditioning contractor‘s part of work, the

2 7
iii) Colour bands shall be 150mm wide, superimposed on ground colour to CHAPTER -1
distinguish type and condition of fluids. The spacing of band shall not
exceed 4.0m. GENERAL

iv) In addition to the colour bands specified above all pipe work shall be 1.1 INTRODUCTION
legibly marked with black or white letters to indicate the type of service
and the direction of flow identified as follows:- 1.1.1 Scope

High temperature Hot water : HTHW These specifications cover the following types of air-conditioning, heating,
Medium temperature Hot water : MTHW ventilation and cold room works:
Low temperature Hot water : LTHW
Chilled water : CHW i) Window AC , Split AC
Condenser water : CDW ii) VRV/ VRF type Air-conditioning System
Steam : ST iii) Packaged type Air- conditioning plants
Condensate : C iv) Central air-conditioning system
v) Central heating system.
1.14 INSPECTION AND TESTING vi) Mechanical ventilation system :
a) General Ventilation
1.14.1 Initial Inspection & testing b) Basement Parking & Shaft Ventilation
vii) Evaporative type Air Cooling Plant.
i) Initial inspection of materials & equipments at manufacturer‘s as per viii) Cold rooms.
details given in chapter 17 will be done by the engineer-in-charge or his
representative. For item/ equipment requiring initial inspection at Central air-conditioning system included in these specifications is by means
manufacturer‘s works, the contractor will intimate the date of testing of of reciprocating / Scroll or centrifugal or screw type compressors. Therefore,
equipments at the manufacturer‘s works before dispatch. The contractor only vapour compression type refrigeration equipments are covered herein.
shall give sufficient advance notice regarding the dates proposed for Absorption type refrigeration equipments are excluded from the scope of
such tests to the department‘s representative(s) to facilitate his presence these specifications.
during testing. The Engineer-in-charge at his discretion may witness
such testing. Equipments will be inspected at the manufacturer/ Water coolers / desert coolers and water softening plants for treatment of
authorised dealer‘s premises, before dispatch to the site by the water are also excluded from the scope of these specifications.
contractor. For equipment sourced from abroad, the contractor shall
include in his bid the costs of journey & stay, other costs if any, for These General Specifications cover the equipments and materials for the
sending his technically competent representative to witness the system, their testing and/ or inspection as may be necessary before their
performance and pre-dispatch tests at the manufacturer‘s works. dispatch from their respective works, their delivery at site, all preparatory
Evidence to this effect by way of travel documents etc. shall be produced works, assembling, installation and adjustments, commissioning, final testing,
before the payment against delivery is released. The Engineer-in-charge, putting into operation, equipment capacity computation and handing over of
at his discretion, may also witness such testing subject to Government the complete system.
Orders at that time.
ii) The department also reserves the right to inspect the fabrication job at These General Specifications are subject to revision from time to time.
factory and the successful tenderer has to make arrangements for the
same. Each air-conditioning work has its own particular requirements. These
General Specifications shall be supplemented with tender specifications as
v) The materials duly inspected by Engineer-in-Charge or his authorised may be required for a particular work. The tender specifications, wherever
representative shall be dispatched to site by the contractor. they differ from these General Specifications, shall have over- riding value
vi) No additional payment shall be made to the contractor for initial and shall be followed for that particular work.
inspection /testing at the manufacturer‘s works by the representative of
the Engineer-in-Charge. However, the department will bear the expenses 1.1.2 Related Documents
of its representative deputed for carrying out initial inspection/testing.
These General Specifications shall be read in conjunction with the General
conditions of contract. These General Specifications shall also be read in
1.14.2 Final Inspection & Testing conjunction with the tender specifications, schedule of work, drawings and
other documents connected with the work.
Final Inspection & testing will be done by the Engineer-in-Charge or his
representative as per details indicated in Chapter 17.

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