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Manish Kumar
Sub-Modules in IS-Utilities are

• Billing & Invoicing
• Device Management
• Customer Services
– Contract account receivable and payable is a subledger develop for industries with
a large number of customer based and a correspondingly high volume of document
to post.
• Contract Billing
– The supply & services provided by utility company are billed.
• Invoicing
– You can use this component to invoice billing document of selected contracts, or
create bill for budgeted bill amounts. The billing documents are budgeted billing
items are grouped into invoicing.
• Device Management
– This component manages technical data, installation, meter readings and the
inspection of devices.
• Customer Services
– This component is used to efficiently manage services and business transaction in
ISU. like in customer information, ex- account inquiries, meter reading results and
budget billings.
FICA Sub-Module is broadly classified into six sections

• Organizational unit
• Basic settings
• Business transactions
• Integration
• Closing procedure
• Information System
Organizational unit
• Set up company code for contract account receivable
and payable.
• Define company code group.
• Assign company code to company code groups.
Basic Setting
You use this component to enter your basic settings for master data and to post
and process documents. It is also used to create and process master data, and to
post and process document manually.

• Application Area
• Contract Accounts
• Postings and Documents
• Accounts Balance Display
• Withholding Taxes
• Print Workbench
• Correspondence
• Check Management
• Customer Contract
Business Transaction
You use this component to post and process your business transaction. Within
contract accounts receivable and payable, these processes are largely
automatic. They are controlled by the settings you make in customizing,
which you assign at business partner/ contract account level.

• Security Deposit
• Payments
• Interest calculation
• Dunning Notices
• Returns
• Write Offs
• Transfers
• Reversals
Contract account receivable and payable is integrated with the
following SAP components:

• General Ledger Accounting

• Cash Management
• Controlling
• Sales & Distribution
• Fund Management
• Credit Management
• Dispute Management
Closing Procedure
• Reconciliation with GL
– This component enables the periodic update of the general ledger with
postings from contract account receivable and payable
• Foreign Currency Valuation
– You use this component to valuate foreign currencies in contract
accounts with the aim of adjusting the receivable and payable accounts
as part of Balance Sheet Preparation.
• Doubtful Receivables
– Business partner may not pay the receivables.
• Reclassifications
– This component is used to reclassify customers with a credit balance &
vendor with a debit balance.
Information System

• Evaluate Open Items

– For total list
– For individual list
Business Master

• Overview Of Business Master

• Business Scenario
• Creating Business Master Data
Overview of Business Master

• Business Partner
• Contract Account
• Contract
Business Scenario:

Definition of Business Partner

• A natural or legal person with whom you have a
business relationship.
• There are three different business partner
– Natural Person
– Organization
– Group
Business Partner Data:
Contract Account:
• The contract account combines all contracts of one
business partner that have the save payment and
dunning data.
• The contract account is managed using open items
accounting in contract account receivable and
• The contract account contains the control data for the
payment transactions:
– Bank details
– Dunning data
– Payment data
Business Partner & Contract Account

• A Business Partner can have a several contract accounts.

Contract Account Data:
Contract :
• Agreement between the
business partner and the utility
company. A contract applies to
one division.
• It contains control data for
billing, budget billing plans,
and contract accounts
receivable and payable
• One business partner can have
several contract accounts, to
which several contract can be
• The contract contains data for
electronic data interchange
Contract Data :
• Links a business
partner’s contract
account to an
• Applies to one
installation and is
allocated to one contract
• Assign to one company
• One contract created per
Contract Data:
Move in Process
• A move-in links the technical master data object
installation to the business partner and the contract
account when the contract is concluded.
• In move-in processing, you can create:
– Business Partner
– Contract Account
– Contracts

In move-in processing, you usually have

to create a new contract because a
contract is required in the case of a new
agreement on utility services.
Move Out Processes
The move out
• Terminate the utility contract on the move out
• Ends the link between contract and installation

From the technical standpoint, when the customer

move out of a premises, his or her contract is
terminated and separated from the installation. The
contract can no longer be used. The link between
technical and business master data is ended in a
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