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Ninja Fitness

Strength-You need absolute strength to accomplish your aim and goals. By utilising a combination of
body weighted exercises, you therefore eliminate the need for expensive equipment and gym
memberships. Your routine can be in any small space which ingenuity can be your guide. Push ups and
pull ups and leg squats are the key and there are numerous variations which will never leave you in a
drab routine. Your ultimate goal should always be to accomplish your routines in less and less time.
Document everything, and keep your journal handy. The next major accomplishment and task is to
graduate to more difficult routines till you reach the pinnacle where you do the routines with one arm
only, and to squats, to a single leg pistol and jumping box pistol.

Strength will help you to accomplish the task at hand, in hand to hand combat having superior muscular
strength, to also being able to climb walls and fences and pulling your own body weight over an obstacle
to safety. You will always meet others who are stronger or faster, but to train in the 3 S’ of training will
give the warrior a greater advantage and greater odds that your opponent is not sufficiently skilled in all
3 areas. Wherewith you meet such an opponent, then you must and will have to resort to cunning and
deception to accomplish your task of winning.

Push ups-

 regular push ups,

 military press
 wide fly
 diamonds
 fingertips
 knuckles
 supermans
 chair dips
 back of wrists
 tigers/hindu/divebombers


 1 arm assist using a chair or box or ball

 Legs elevated
 Jumping/claps


 Single arm push ups to 100 each

Always begin with a set number of each. Try to accomplish and attain that goal. Time it on how long it
took to finish routine. Then once you get the hang of it, try to shorten time it takes. Also increase reps
and work them over twice or three times. You can also do pyramids and use wild cards to help
randomize your routine from time to time.

Pull Ups

 Palms facing
 Palms out
 Wide
 In n out palms and switch
 Side to side
 Fingers close


 One arm assists on above routines. Use a towel or rope

 Rope climbing
 Weighted vests
 Hanging man/kakejin


Single arm pull ups from various positions will develop almost superhuman strength. It is a Spartan
quality of training that will set you apart from the rest. Jump pulls also.

Abs training

Using the heavy bag, Sit ups straight and bends, wipers, heels to heavens, pulse ups, side bends push up
Russian twist, roman chairs, scissors, slow heel drops.


Partner waist exercises


Upside down


 Squats
 Squat jumps,
 Switches
 180*
 360*
 Skis
 Elevated on chair
 Pistols
 Pistol box jumps and with weights
 Mary Catherine jumps and switches

Stance training and running will greatly benefit. So will pushing a vehicle across a parking lot that is
empty. Running up hills and through wooded areas for variation In the terrain. Lots of flexibility training
is a must.


Utilising the ninja and kenpo flexibility and stretching routine. You should do twice a week a long
routine whereas everyday you must spend aprox 15 min in standard stretch routine done twice a day
will allow you to attain maximum reach of the full range split.


Speed training will allow you to move quicker than your opponent and to maneuver out of harms way.
Therefore increasing your cat-like reflexes which will help you survive in case of a violent attack or
assault. Speed is also measured on recovery from training and ability to accomplish said tasks in shorter
time frames than before. Plyometrics will certainly help as well as the boxer’s speedball. Running with a
weighted vest, or with a straw hat on chest, long 30 foot cloth to neck and with a parachute.


Stamina, or heart and lungs training, is king. Without it, you will almost certainly fail. It has been said
that the man with less technical knowledge, but superior stamina will be able to outlast and outbeat his
opponent who solely depends on technique.

Running with weighted vest, for great distances, and longer time frames.

You can use the Spartan 300 workout as well. To the Ninja and Shinobi, you should be able to pull your
own body weight, or hold it, and to run great distances, and have the strength to take people down.

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