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Standard Club Plan 

Use the activities we recommend below to create your Girls Who Code Project with your Club!  
If you have more time during any one meeting… 
● Give girls more time in the “Learn” or “Build” sections of each agenda. 
If you have more than 15 meetings.. 
● Try out more of our ​Build​ activities to give girls more time to test and improve their 
project - just like real computer scientists! 

Goal: W​ elcome everyone to your Club  Goal: C

​ hoose a theme for your GWC 
Meeting 1  Meeting 2 
and explore the cool things you might  Project, and begin to get the skills you 
Welcome  build.   Find a  need to build it.  
Agenda:     Agenda:  
1. Celebrate - Welcome to GWC!  1. Spotlight: Grace Hopper 
2. Spotlight: Miral Kotb  2. Plan - Find Your Focus 
3. Learn - Intro to Tutorials  3. Learn - Work on Tutorials 
4. Standups  4. Standups 

Meeting 3  Goal: L
​ earn a little more about your  Meeting 4  Goal: M
​ ake a list of all of the ideas 
Research  Club theme and apply what you learn  you’d love to include in your GWC 
to your GWC Project. 
Set Your  Project. 
Agenda:   Agenda:  
1. Spotlight: Haiyan Zhang  1. Spotlight: Simone Giertz 
2. Plan - Research  2. Plan - Set Your Vision 
3. Learn - Work on Tutorials  3. Learn - Work on Tutorials 
  4. Standups    4. Standups 

Meeting 5  Goal: S
​ et goals for your GWC Project  Meeting 6 
Set Goals  Goal: T ​ ake your goals and turn it into a 
to agree on the most important  Make a  list of To-Do’s.  
To-Do List   
1. Spotlight: Danielle Forward 
1. Spotlight: Kelechi Anyadiegwu 
2. Plan - Make a To-Do List 
2. Plan - Set Goals 
3. Learn - Work on Tutorials 
3. Learn - Work on Tutorials  
  4. Standups 
  4. Standups 

Goal: C ​ reate a sketch of what your  Meeting 8 

Meeting 7  final GWC Project Website should look  Club  Goal: C
​ heck-in on your Club’s progress 
Sketch  like.  
Check-in  and everyone’s learning. 
Your Idea     
Agenda:    Agenda:  
1. Spotlight: Arlene  1. Spotlight: Ayah Bdeir 
Garcia-Gunderson  2. Celebrate - Club Check-in 
2. Plan - Sketch Your Idea   3. Build - Customize Your Website  
  3. Learn - Work on Tutorials  4. Standups 
4. Standups   
Meeting 9  Meeting 10 
Test Your  Goal: T
​ est out your Girls Who Code  Avoid  Goal: D
​ ecide on the most important 
Work  Project Website and make plans on  Feature  features that you should build first. 
  how to improve it.  Creep   
1. Spotlight: Kathy Pham  
1. Spotlight: Ayanna Howard 
2. Build - Avoid Feature Creep 
2. Build - Round-Robin Testing 
3. Standups 
3. Standups 

Meeting 11  Meeting 12 

Goal: I​ nvite community members to 
Code  Goal: G
​ et feedback from a Clubmate  Get 
your Club to get their thoughts on your 
Review  on your contributions so far.  Feedback  Girls Who Code Project. 
1. Spotlight: Miishe Addy 
1. Spotlight: Nonny de la Peña 
2. Build - Code Review 
2. Build - Get User Feedback 
3. Standups 
3. Standups 

Meeting 14 
Meeting 13  Goal: P Club  Goal: R
​ eflect on all that you’ve 
​ ractice talking about your 
accomplished and prepare for your 
Practice  project and projecting your bravery,  Check-in  GWC Project Launch Party! 
Your Pitch  resilience, creativity, and purpose.     
1. Spotlight: Rana el-Kaliouby 
1. Spotlight: Tarah Wheeler 
2. Celebrate - Club Check-in 
2. Celebrate - Practice Your Pitch 
3. Survey 
  3. Standups 
4. Standups 

Meeting 15 
Project  Goal: C
​ elebrate all that you’ve learned 
Launch  and built as a Club! 
1. Spotlight: You! 
2. Celebrate - Project Launch