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Your Name: Jennifer Lopez Romero Genre of the Book: Poetry book

Book Title: Poetry for young children (winter time) Author: Frances Sschoonmaker

Publisher: Sterling Publishing Company, Inc. Date: 2000

1. Pre-K/ CCSD K-2nd Grade Core Standards: (1st grade)

 Distinguish between information provided by pictures or other illustrations and

information provided by the words in a text

2. Objectives:
 Students will describe winter time, cloth, weather and objects.

3. Materials/Equipment:
 Book poetry for young people.
 Worksheet
 Colors
 Glue
 Glitter
 Construction paper
 Cotton
 Markers

4. Teaching:
A. Reading the book
 Start by asking the children if they know what a poem is. Explain them that Poetry is a
way to elevate language by using words and sounds to express powerful ideas and images.
Give them examples like roses are red and violets are blue and asked them if they have
heard that poem before. Tell them that we will read a poem called winter time. Asked to
predict what the poem is going to be above just by the topic of the poem.
 Start to read the poem after the first verse ask the students what that verse mean, keep
reading and stop after each verse to discuss what the verse is saying. After reading the
poem discuss what they see on the picture. Ask the students what are the things that they
like about the winter time. Make a list on the board with the things that students said.

B. Extension activity:
 Discuss what is the weather in winter, what cloth do we wear in the winter, what people
do with the snow, and make a list on the board. ask the students to tell some of things that
the poem describe about winter. Ask students by the show of hand if they have seen
snowflake before. Tell them that today we will make our own snowflake.
 Each student will get a worksheet that have a snowflake printed on it. Each of them will
decorated the snowflake however they like, students will sit in the tables in groups of four.
They will have construction paper, glitter, glue, cotton, colors and markers. Walk around
while students are working to see if anyone needs help or have a question. Ask students to
raise their hands when they have done doing their work.
5. Closure:
 Students will share their work and tell why their like winter and why they don’t.

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