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Khurram Irshad Chattha


Guideline: Recommendations for Beginners (Timeline)

1st Physiology: Do BRS Physiology Rapid Review (Excellent Source 5

Star Source) + 2014 Kaplan Class room lectures. Skip totally Kaplan
Physiology Book (if u already done kaplan physiology no need to switch
Upper Limit to Complete: 12 Days
2nd Anatomy: Just do Neuro anatomy with 2014 Kaplan Class room
lectures + Shelf Notes. Skip rest of anatomy from Kaplan. Anatomy will
be enough from Uworld and First Aid.
Upper Limit: 6 Days
*You can do neuroanatomy from High Yield Neuroanatomy if you are
aiming for 260+
3rd Biochemistry: Just listen 2014 Kaplan Class room videos. No need to
read Kaplan book for biochem .Dr Turco is awesome .Just keep your
book open in front of you and listen to Turco
Upper Limit 8 Days
4th Pharma : 2010 Kaplan lectures with Kaplan book. Dr Raymon is
awesome. Do General Pharma ANS CVS CNS and Skip rest of pharma
.Read Antibiotics directly from First aid
Upper Limit 10 Days
5th Pathology: Do Pathoma with videos (Excellent source 5 Star
Source. Master it)
Upper Limit 10 days
6th Micro: Totally Skip Micro from Kaplan read it from FA along with
Sketchy Micro Videos (Excellent Source 4.5 Star Source)
Upper Limit 6 Days
7th Immunology: Read Kaplan Along with 2014 Kaplan Classroom
Upper Limit 3 days
8th Behavior sciences: Read Few Chapters (Ethics, patient physician
relationship , Epidemiology and Biostats) from BRS Behavior science +
1OO cases of ethics + Ethics and patient physician relationship topic
from Kaplan too
Upper Limit 3 days
9th Biostat: Biotstats review Subscription questions (73Q) (Excellent
4.5 Star Source)
Upper Limit 2 Days
You must finish all that stuff within 2 month of your prep and that is
upper limit. Ideal time is 1.5 month
Once you go through your basics read remaining portion of First Aid
(Excellent Source 4.5 Stars) system wise along with Board and
Beyond Lectures correspondingly (Excellent Source 5 Star) e.g Read
Cardiology from F.A then listen to boards and beyond videos on
cardiology .Do not annotate BnB on your FA. Finish your First Aid and
BnB and u are ready for big stage “The Uworld” (Master Source 6
Upper limit for starting Uworld is within 3 month of your prep time
ideal time is within 2 month
Do Uworld System wise Time Mode during 1st Read. I would not
recommend doing Uworld offline Do Uworld and First Aid Side by side
Do one block of Uworld ,then read that topics from FA (with minimum
innotations , innotate that u fear u gonna forget , or just draw any cardio
graphs etc , dont try to write whole Uworld on your FA. Uworld is to
understand not to write not to Screen short not to make notes, just learn
it. Spend some time during 1st read. Don’t rush here. As 1st read will lay
down foundation. As you start Uworld with First Aid Start taking
Offline NBME. Take One NBME every 15th day. Your target must be to
finish all Offline NBME along with 1st read of Uworld .Take 1st Online
NBME immediately after your 1st read I would recommend NBME 13 to
start with as it will boost your morale .Don’t fool yourself that u didn’t
remember anything once u done with 1st read of Uworld and start
revising First Aid before taking online NBME it will cost you at least a
month. Taking NBME immediately after 1st read will let you know your
weak areas and let you know areas to focus during 2nd read. Upper limit
for 1st read of Uworld+First Aid is 3.5 month and ideal time is 3 month
Do Uworld Randomly during second read along with online NBME
after every 15th day
Your target must be to take all online NBME along with Second Read
except NBME 16,18 and USWA2
Upper limit for 2nd read is 2 month and Ideal time is 1.5 month
Take NMBE 16 immediately after second read of Uworld. Work on
Weak areas of NBME 16 and Start your First Aid for last and final read
You should take exam within 20-25 days of finishing your Second read.
Take NBME 18 at least 15 days before exam and USWA2 at least week
before exam. These assessments are predictive. Don’t delay them until
last days, they will depress you and will affect your exam badly if
something gone wrong


Do not do each and everything of Kaplan
Do not write a single word on kaplan, don’t highlight anything, it will
kill your time, just watch videos try to understand, at the end of video a
rapid read (optional). Most of the Kaplan's knowledge is outdate, just
learn concepts, don’t cram it, don’t annotate it Most of students waste
their initial 6 month on Kaplan Please Don’t Do this.
Don’t write anything on FA from Kaplan or Boards and Beyond
Annotate from Uworld and annotation must be minimum, don’t fill your
F.A completely with sticky notes and annotation it will seem like never
ending ocean of material at the end and will harder to cover during last


Start FA and Uworld as early as possible

Do Uworld online
Better to start FA and Uworld side by side
Use offline NBME as learning source they are excellent source. Core
concept repeat in actual exam
Work on your NBME weak Areas .Go to your basics if you are weak in
same area in two consecutive NBME
Don’t delay your exam unnecessarily it will cost you

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Khurram Irshad Chattha
9th Jan 2019