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Network Configuration,
Optimisation and
Planning Tool

Network Planning – Challenges ahead Network Planning with ESG- the planner of routine tasks so that
NetCOP he can focus on more sophisticated
In the light of the increasing market from the expansion-driven network
activities. This allows him to concen-
pressure that all operators are facing architecture of the past to the cost ESG-NetCOP is the first fully inte-
trate on optimising the fixed network
today, offering a high-quality network efficiency-driven architecture of the grated fixed network planning tool for
structure and cost, instead of wasting
under substantial cost restrictions is future. mobile networks. It covers all areas
time with routine calculations.
an essential step to stay ahead of the of a network, from the access net-
Besides covering all areas of a net-
competition. work through the core network to the
work, the advent of 3G networks also Highlights
signaling network. It offers individual
To achieve that goal, a highly inte- emphasises the need to provide an
modules that can be used independ-
grated network planning process, integrated planning process across Uniform planning environment
ently to cover each of these areas. All
covering all areas of a network from all the different technologies. This is for 2G, 2.5G and 3G networks
modules operate on a single inven-
the access through the core up to a particularly demanding task, as the
tory database. This avoids the kind of Used by several of the largest
the signaling network, is required. 3G technology introduces many new
errors frequently caused by multiple and most innovative operators
Starting with the essential traffic flow degrees of freedom, a huge number
data sources (e.g. outdated or con- in the world
between subscribers that must be of parameters available to tune the
flicting information) when working
handled by the network, a uniform network and an unprecedented Integrated planning of all are-
with a set of non-integrated tools.
planning environment is required that amount of configuration work that as of a mobile operator’s fixed
allows the planning and optimisa- needs to be performed to ensure the In addition, the tool suite covers all network, from access through
tion of the complete network. Among network operates reliably. Only if all the different technologies, from tradi- the core to the signaling net-
other things, it must be possible to the different parts of the network are tional GSM (2G) through GPRS (2.5G) work
study what-if scenarios efficiently, well harmonised can it be possible to to UMTS (3G), all in a single planning
One single database that
even under substantial changes to operate the overall network reliably environment.
holds all planning results
the network structure. Such changes and efficiently.
The objective of the tool is to stream-
might become necessary to migrate
line the planning process, relieving
ESG-NetCOP Software

State-of-the-art three-tier system


Java-based client, running on a

variety of operating systems (such
as Windows 2000, Windows XP,
SUN Solaris)

Server written in C++, running

on a SUN Solaris or Linux based

Relational database (Oracle) to

reliably store all network related
information (plain file system also
available upon request)


Strengthen your position on the


Increase customer satisfaction

Cut your operating costs

Accelerate the planning cycle

NetCOP for 3G and 2/2.5G networks Enhance the quality and reliability
of planning results
General Performance Features ESG-NetCOP is structured as a work- The workbench is implemented in a
bench. It contains a common core state-of-the-art, three-tier architec-
ESG-NetCOP provides a framework
basis on which all components used ture, applying the object-oriented
for fixed network planning with a
for planning the various parts of a paradigm.
state-of-the-art graphical user inter­
fixed network operate. Specifically,
face. Network planning is performed Individual modules are available to
this workbench consists of the follow-
on a geographic map, supplemented cover all the different areas and tech-
ing elements:
by an extensive set of features that nologies present in a mobile network
support the various planning tasks The object model of the network today. Further information is available
and a multitude of options to present for each of these modules.
Optimisation algorithms operating
the planning results either graphi-
on this object model
cally, as diagrams, tables or reports.
The ESG-NetCOP workflow concept A geographical information sys-
guides the user through the network tem component to geographically
planning process and ensures the display the network and to handle
overall integrity and consistency of other tasks of geographical sig-
the planned network at all times. nificance

A database connection to provide

persistent storage of the network

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