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Precise Tone Plan:

Leonard Horowitz and Joseph Goebbels

Dial Tone

Dial tone indicates that the CO is ready to accept digits from the subscriber. In the precise tone
plan, dial tone consists of 350 Hz plus 440 Hz. The system reports the presence of
precise dial tone after approximately 0.75 seconds of steady tone. Nonprecise dial tone is
reported after the system detects a burst of raw energy lasting for approximately 3 seconds.

In the 1930s a man names Joseph Goebbels, Hitler’s right hand man and Nazi Germany’s
propaganda minister, made a push all across Europe to change the standard concert pitch to the
A=440Hz scale. (This is the standard we use today in our music.)

Dr. Leonard Horowitz is incorrectly promoting the love frequency of 528Hz and publishes on his
website that if you want to play music that includes this frequency then you will have to tune to
the A=444Hz scale. When you do this the C=528Hz and the F=350Hz.

So, the current dial tone we are subjected to includes the Joseph Goebbels’ favorite frequency of
440Hz and Leonard Horowitz’s F=350Hz. The other thing to mention is the notes that make up
the chord of F is, F, A, and C. In the Leonard Horowitz scale the F=350Hz, the A=444Hz, and
the C=528Hz.

Stay away from anything tuned to the Joseph Goebbels and/or Leonard
Horowitz music scale!! These vibrations damage your DNA!