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Lizbeth Mora 

Dear College Committee,  
First in foremost I would like to thank you for taking the time to go over my application. For some 
time now I’ve wanted to become a dermatologist, it's really become my next goal in life. 
Even though i’m not an actual Dermatologist (for the obvious reasons). I find it so impressive 
how they take in patients from all different kinds of skin conditions and help them gain back their 
confidence and become a real life superhero to them. Not exactly the kind of hero with a cape and suit 
but the kind that people remember for when they fully recover and gain back that confidence once they 
look in the mirror and see the person in front of them. Never in a million years did I think a Dermatologist 
as something i’d ever be interested in mostly because before my high school career started I was very 
much into becoming an FBI Agent I went nuts for wanting to work with mysteries, clues and problem 
solving. It wasn’t until I took Nursing (yes I know “Nursing”, why in the world would she take that it has 
nothing to do with crime) that I found my love for Dermatology. 
It all started in high school. As an ice breaker in Nursing we were assigned to go find someone 
with a different career interest than us and converse to them about it and vise versa. We were to explain 
what kind of job we were looking forward to doing everyday and what type of education it required. So I 
bet you can already imagine how lost I felt. Thinking to myself I chose the wrong class I started to panic 
for what was to come next. Now with the very little time I had to chose my career and researched what I 
was going to say about it. I chose Dermatology. I memorized as much information as I could and 
presented it with all the confidence in the world like I knew my stuff but really I didn’t. 
Later on I was utterly shocked and filled with amazment with how comfortable I felt speaking 
about it that I decided to dig more into Dermatology and became inspired by the type of work they do. 
After that marked the beginning to the end for me wanting to become a Detective. My family was never 
too happy once I announced the fact that I wanted to go into that particular field for a living anyway. They 
have always pushed me toward becoming something more like a nurse or doctor of some sort something 
that’ll be “rewarding” and worth my while at the end of the day. Although a Dermatologist isn’t quite any of 
the above. If you narrow it all down yes you may not be the first to get called upon to save a patient's life 
but you get the best out of everything because you get to be a part of such a difficult journey for patients 
and see how fast they recover and go back to loving themselves again. It was you who helped them 
recover mentally and spiritually and to me that’s better than anything else in the world.  
Lizbeth Mora 

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