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Soal Bahasa Inggris – English Kelas 7 SMP dan MTs

Pilihlah Salah Satu Jawaban yang Paling Tepat!

What does the sign mean?
a. we may come in
b. we can come in
c. we are allowed to come in
d. we are forbidden to come in
2. what does the sign mean?
a. No smoking
b. No cutting
c. No entry
d. No littering

3. Look at the picture carefully. When you find this sign, you are not allowed
a. turn right
b. turn left
c. go forward
d. stop

Find the answers number 3-7 from the announcement below.


The Students Association announces that each student of grade VII should join an
extra curricular activity. Please register at the Students Association office by August

For more information, contact Ida at the Students Association Office.

Students Association

4. What does the Students Association announce?

a. Celebration of Idul Adha
b. English debate competition
c. Joing an extra curricular activity
d. Study tour to Bromo Mountain
5. Who is the announcement for?
a. Teacher of grade VII

b. Gardener
c. The headmaster
d. Students of grade VII
6. Where do students register?
a. The class of VII A
b. The Students Association office
c. Teacher room
d. Canteen
7. To whom should the students contact for more information?
a. Ida
b. Adi
c. Dia
d. Dodi
8. When do the students register?
a. Before August 20
b. After September 1
c. Before September 1
d. On August 31

Read a message below and answer the question no. 8 & 9!

Dear Nanda,

Sweep the floor and wash the dishes, please. Don’t leave the lamp on. Save the

9. Who is the message for?
a. Ninda
b. Nanda
c. Mom
d. Nanda’s mom
10. What does mother ask Nanda to do?
a. Clean the room and cook
b. Water flowers and wach the dishes
c. Take care of her sister and sleep
d. Sweep the floor and wash the dishes

Look at these pictures to answer question number 10 and 11!

11. Rusdi : Where is B?

Anton :....................

a. B is next to D
b. B is in front of C
c. B is between A and C

d. B is on A and C

12. Reyna : Where is C?
Bryan : ......................
a. C is next to B
b. C is beside Q
c. C is on B
d. C is between A and B
13. Mother : Santi, mop the floor please
Santi : sure, Mom.
Mother : ........dear
a. I’m sorry
b. Thanks
c. OK
d. Here you are
Questions number 13-15 are based on the following text.
Dear Tamara,

May I wish you health, happiness, and success in your life. Happy birthday.

December 9, 1995
December 9, 2014
14. Who is the sender of the card?
a. Santi
b. Sinta
c. Jojo
d. Tamara
15. Why does Jojo send the card?
a. It’s Jojo’s birthday
b. It’s Tamara’s birthday
c. It’s Tamara’s Mom’s birthday
d. It’s Tamara and Jojo’s birthday

16. The following are what Jojo wishes for Tamara, EXCEPT...........
a. happiness
b. success
c. health
d. love
Use this diagram to answer number 16-20

Ina-----Surya Rendi------Almira Berta---------Hendri

Cecilia--------Arman I Tia


17. My mother is the.......................of Mr. Handoko and Mrs. Handoko

a. daughter
b. sister
c. son
d. brother
18. Ina and Berta are my..........................
a. uncles
b. aunts
c. cousins
d. nephews
19. Cecilia is my.................
a. daughter
b. niece
c. cousin
d. sister
20. Aunt Ina is Mr. Surya’s........
a. husband
b. wife
c. sister
d. niece
21. Mr. Handoko is Boby’s....................
a. grand grand father
b. son-in-law
c. grang father
d. grand grand child

22. Which one is the correct order ?

I would Hi ! friends myself like to introduce

1 2 3 4 5

a. 1 4 5 2 3
b. 2 3 1 4 5
c. 1 4 5 3 2
d. 2 1 4 5 3

23. The boys reading...

a. is
b. are
c. am
d. sit

My name is Janis. I am twelve years old. I live in Genuk Krajan, Semarang. Here are the
Names of my friends, their ages and addresses.
Name Sex Age Address
Teto Boy 11 years 18, Genuk Perbalan, Semarang
Laras Girl 12 years 74, Jalan Menur, Semarang
Tamtam Boy 12 years 6, Jalan Kamboja, Semarang

Tammy Girl 10 years 11, Jalan Mataram, Semarang
Aini Girl 10 years 3, Pegulon Indah, Kendal
Ulil Boy 11 years Genuk Krajan, Semarang
Guntur Boy 12 years Genuk Perbalan, Semarang
24. How old is Janis? She is....................... years old.
a. 10
b. 11
c. 12
d. 13
25. Tamtam lives at .
a. 18, Genuk Perbalan, Semarang
b. 74, Jalan Menur, Semarang
c. 3, Pegulon Indah, Kendal
d. 6, Jalan Kamboja, Semarang

The Jackson Family

Mr. Jackson is an American teacher, but he lives and works in Denpasar. He teaches English
at SMP 8. He is a very good teacher. His students like him. His wife is an Indonesian. She
comes from Medan. They have one son and one daughter. The children go to a
primary school.
Mr. Jackson’s house is made of wood. It has five rooms: a kitchen, a bathroom, a living room
and two bedrooms. The Jacksons have a house maid to help Mrs. Jackson to do the house
work. The maid comes from Bantul.

26. What does Mr. Jackson do?He is ...

a. a father
b. a teacher
c. a student
d. a house maid
27. Where do the Jacksons stay?
a. In Denpasar
b. In Bantul
c. In Medan
d. In America
28. “She comes from Medan.” (line 3)
The underlined word refers to Mr.Jackson’s ...
a. teacher
b. daughter
c. student
d. wife
29. Mr. Jackson’s house is made of wood. The sentence means ...
a. Mr. Jackson is a carpenter
b. Mr. Jackson likes to collect wood
c. The materials of Mr. Jackson’s house are from wood
d. There is a lot of woods in Mr. Jackson’s house.
30. Mr. Jackson’s house has ...
a. a kitchen and a private room

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b. a living room and a garage room

c. a living room and a bathroom
d. a bedroom and a prayer room

31. The sign means “... ”

a. Don’t be noisy please.
b. Don’t take the photographs.
c. Don’t bring pets
d. Keep off the grass.


To all students of SMP 1 Sungai Selan, every Saturday you must wear sport clothes. The
students who ignore this announcement will be given a sanction.

32. What is the topic of the announcement above?

a. Sport clothes of SMP 1 Sungai Selan.
b. A new regulation for students.
c. Students’ ignorance.
d. Students’ sanction.
33. Students will get punishment if they ….
a. come late
b. are absent
c. obey the new rule
d. don’t wear sport clothes
34. The students of SMP 1 Sungai Selan must wear their sport uniform … a week.
a. once
b. twice
c. three times
d. four times

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The label tells us about...

a. the information of a clothing
b. the size of a clothing
c. the material of a clothing
d. the price of a clothing

36. Which of the following sentences is TRUE ?

a. You should iron.
b. You should bleach.
c. You have to dry clean.
d. You should not use hand wash
37. Arrange these words into a good sentence

before – they – to school – breakfast – go – have – my sisters

1 2 3 4 5 6 7

a. 2-5-3-1-4-6-7
b. 2-6-4-1-7-5-3
c. 7-6-4-1-2-5-3
d. 7-5-4-3-2-6-1

38. May God bless you.
The underlined word means ....
A. glorify
B. blame
C. admire
D. ignore
39. What do they use the card for ?
A. To appreciate someone.
B. To congratulate someone.
C. To applause someone.
D. To say something.
40. ‘May God Always Bless You’
What does the underlined word refers to ....
A. The writer
B. The reader
C. The sender

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D. The receiver

Arrange the following jumble words to make a good sentence.

Not to use – with – for water – be careful – the pump – except – other liquid

1 2 3 4 5 6 7
a. 5–4–1–7–2–3–6
b. 4–1–5–2–7–6–3
c. 7 – 4 – 6 – 5 – 2 –1 – 3
d. 4–1–7–2–5–3–6

Dear Prita,

Hello, my name is Ida. I am from Banjarnegara, a small town in Central Java. Now I am 12
year old and study in Rakit Junior high school grade 7.

I have a sister. Dinda. She is ten and still in elementary school. My sister has straight hair but
I don’t. mine is a little bit wavy. Anyway we have the same hobby singing.

Prita, I want to be your pen-friend. I know your name from a magazine. Would you be my
pen-friend ?Please replay my letter and tell me more about you.

42. To whom the letter address ?

a. Banjarnegara
b. Dinda
c. Prita
d. Ida
43. Where does Ida go to school ?
a. SMPN Rakit
b. Elementary school
c. Rakit senior high school
d. Banjarnegara Junior high school
44. How old is the writer ? She is…..years old.
a. twelve
b. eleven
c. ten
d. nine
45. What is the purpose of the text ?
a. telling experience
b. asking for information
c. introducing someone
d. getting pen-friend
46. Jodi : Hi, my name is Jodi
Amel : Hi, Jodi. I’m Amel. ……?
Jodi : Semarang. We’ve just move here
a. where do you come from
b. where are you going
c. how are you

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d. and you

47. Hadi : Excuse me. Are you Fitra ?

Tia : No, I am not. I am Tia.
Hadi : Oh,……
Tia : Never mind.
a. who are you
b. I am sorry
c. I see
d. rally
48. Tika : Jane, what is your hobby?
Jane : Swimming. And how about you?
Tika : ….. I do it on Sunday morning.
a. to make fried rice
b. I play running
c. Singing
d. I like jogging
49. Look at the picture ! The woman is…….
a. cooking meals
b. washing the cloth
c. sweeping the yard
d. swimming now

50. Look at this pictures.

The picture no. 2 is …

a. mat
b. pillow
c. bedcover
d. rolling pillow

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