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Learning activity 1

Evidence: The time is now

This evidence is divided into two parts: A composition and an audio file. Read the
instructions below and make sure you complete both tasks.

Fuente: SENA

A. Answer the questions below. Use the examples as models of the grammar and
vocabulary you have to use.

1. One of the reasons why I do not study English before is because I did
not understand my teacher in the school and it was difficult for me.

2. Another reason was that I never had an interest, due to the little
teaching I had in the branch.

3. The reason I think I did not learn English before is that I never had a
good education because of my lack of interest.

4. I had no interest in learning English or the importance of teaching.

5 the discipline applied previously was not the adjusted one, there was
little interest in studying, learning ... now it is important to know why you
did not learn English before”
2. How different would things be if you had learned English before? (Name and
explain at least 5 things.)

1. If I had learned English before I knew a lot, maybe I would have been
a teacher or I would reinforce my child in the language
2. I would have had a better score in the Saber Tests and maybe I
would have studied in a University.
3. If I had learned English years ago, I would have accepted a job in a
multinational company.
4. If I had learned English before I would have traveled to North
American countries like the USA, for the ease of learning and
5. If I had learned English before, I would have a better learning facility
in the language.

B. Record an audio file of yourself answering the following questions. Use the
examples as models of the grammar and vocabulary you have to use.

 Why are you studying English? (List and explain at least 4 reasons.)

1. I am studying English because I want to improve my profile and have at least an

idea of the language that is so important.
2. I am studying English, since I have to do until the eighth virtual course for the
course I present at the SENA.
3. I am studying English and with a lot of discipline to know how to answer the
questions that my son tells me and not answer.
4 English study for a personal improvement and improve the language.

 In what ways are you going to benefit from this learning?

I am going to benefit from this learning for many reasons in particular:

1. The personal: many more ideas
2. Student: greater learning
3. Increase opportunities to obtain a better professional profile since it is an open
market that everything is essential to learn.