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Definition of Curriculum
• The curriculum is defined as the guideline of the
chapters and academic content covered by an
educational system while undergoing a particular
course or program.
• In a theoretical sense, curriculum refers to what is
offered by the school or college. However, practically it
has a wider scope which covers the knowledge,
attitude, behaviour, manner, performance and skills
that are imparted or inculcated in a student.
• The curriculum is well planned, guided and designed by
the government or the educational institution. It is the
overall learning experience that a student goes through
during the particular course of study
A syllabus

• … is an academic document that

communicates course information and defines
expectations and responsibilities

• There are seven essential components to an

academic syllabus: Instructor information,
General course information, Course
objectives, Course policies, Grading and
Definition of Syllabus
• The syllabus is defined as the documents that
consist of topics or portion covered in a
particular subject. (It is determined by the
examination board)
Generally, a syllabus should include the following

• Goal/Rationale. Apply the grade 8/9 Accounting syllabus

• Basic Information. Apply the grade 8/9 Accounting syllabus

• Course Content. Topics to cover during the year

• Learning Objectives. What students will gain or take away from your
content. (What the learner should know or be able to do after completing
this content)

• Student Responsibilities. Continuous Assessment requirements

• Grading Method. Clear, explicit statement of assessment process and

• Grading
• The syllabus ensures a fair and impartial
understanding between the instructor and
• Ensure uniform presentation of the subject
throughout Namibia (National examinations)
• Ensure teachers teach all relevant content
• Ensure all teachers assess learners similarly
and appropriately
Difference Between Syllabus and Curriculum

• When it comes to education, the two concepts

which pop up in our mind which are commonly
misconstrued are syllabus and curriculum.
Syllabus connotes the subjects as well as the topics
covered in the course of study.
On the other hand,
curriculum implies the chapters and academic
content taught in school. It alludes to the
knowledge, skills and competencies students
should learn during study.
• Define a curriculum
• Define a syllabus
• What is the purpose of a syllabus?
• What should be included in a syllabus?
• Differentiate between a curriculum and a