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PROBLEM 2: CE Board May 1998 20.7 MPa and Fy = __ MPa.

Calculate the
A rectangular reinforced concrete beam with ultimate moment capacity of the beam in kN-m.
width of 300 mm and effective depth of 600 a. 847
mm is subjected to a service (unfactored) b. 747
bending moment of 200 kN-m. The beam is c. 474
reinforced with 4-32 mm Ø bars. The modular d. 689
ratio n = 8.
I. Using the alternate (working stress) PROBLEM 8:
Design method, which of the following The required stirrup spacing for a 10 m
most nearly gives the distance of the diameter ties in a reinforced concrete beam
neutral· axis from the top of the beam with beam depth of
(kd)? 100 mm to carry the net shear of 3.8 kN, if fy =
a. 145 mm 200 MPa, is nearest to:
b. 335 mm a. 100 mm
c. 246 mm b. 300mm
d. 302 mm c. 120 mm
II. Which of the following most nearly gives d. 170 mm
the total compressive force in concrete?
a. 386 kN PROBLEM 10: CE Board Nov. 1997
b. 350 kN Section 5. 10.3.2 and 5. 10 .3.3 of the 1992
c. 425 kN National Code of the Phil. States as follows:
d. 293 kN Balanced strain conditions exists at a cross
III. which of the following most nearly gives section when tension reinforcement reaches
the maximum stress in concrete? the strain corresponding to its specied yield
a. 11.5 MPa strength Fy just as concrete in compression
b. 6.4 MPa reaches its ultimate strain or 0.003. For flexural
c. 10.5 MPa members’ subject to combined flexure and
d. 9.2 MPa compressive axial load, when the design axial
load strength ØPn is less than the smaller of
PROBLEM 4: 0.10 fc' Ag or ØPb, the 'ratio of reinforcement ρ
A reinforced concrete beam has a width of 300 provided shall not exceed 0 .75 of the ratio ρb
and an effective depth of 618 mm. Compression that would produced balanced strain conditions
reinforcement required will be placed at a for the section under the flexure without axial
depth of __mm. If fc’ = 30 MPa, and fy = __ load. For members with compression
MPa, design the longitudinal reinforcement if reinforcement, the portion of ρb equalized by
the beam is to support a bending moment of compression reinforcement need not be
650 kN-m with 28mm diameter bar. reduced by the 0. 75 factor. A singly reinforced
a. 9 bars concrete beam has a width of 300 mm and an
b. 8 bars effective 400 mm. Concrete strength is 340
c. 7 bars MPa. Which of the following most nearly gives
d. 6 bars the maximum allowable steel area (As) in
accordance with the 1992 NSCP strength design
PROBLEM 6: method.
A rectangular concrete 280 m x 600 mm is a. 1730 mm²
reinforced with 36 mm Ø on compression side b. 2530 mm²
and 36 mm Ø on tension side. The coverings are c. 2930 mm²
respectively 70 mm and tension bars. Using fc’ = d. 1490 mm²