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Nama : Annisa Fadilla

Kelas : 11 Multimedia
No. Absen : 8 (delapan)

1. I have read the novel. (Present Perfect Tense)

I'm reading the novel. (Present Continuos tense )
I will read the novel. (Present Future Tense )

2. He has called you two times. (Present Perfect Tense)

He is calling you two times. (Present Continuos tense )
He will call you two times. (Present Future Tense )

3. The students have finished their examination. (Present Perfect Tense)

The Students are finishing their examination. (Present Continuos tense )
The Students will finish their examination. (Present Future Tense )
4. mother has bought ice. (Present Perfect Tense)
mother is buying ice. (Present Continuos tense )
Mother will buy ice. (Present Future Tense )

5. I have visited my parents to see their condition. (Present Perfect Tense)

I am visiting my parents to see their condition. (Present Continuos tense )
I will visit my parents to see their condition. (Present Future Tense )

6. She has worked at the company. (Present Perfect Tense)

She is working at the company. (Present Continuos tense )
She will work at the company. (Present Future Tense )
7. Fina has studied in Singapore. (Present Perfect Tense)
fina is studying in singapore. (Present Continuos tense )
Fina will study in Singapore. (Present Future Tense )

8. My family and I have lived in Lampung (Present Perfect Tense)

My family and I are living in Lampung (Present Continuos tense )
My family and I will live in Lampung (Present Future Tense )

9. He has moved to Bandung with his family. (Present Perfect Tense)

He is moving to Bandung with his family. (Present Continuos tense )
He will move to Bandung with his family. (Present Future Tense )

10. I have repaired my motorcycle. (Present Perfect Tense)

I am repairing my motorcycle. (Present Continuos tense )
I will repair my motorcycle. (Present Future Tense )
11. She has talked about you (Present Perfect Tense)
SHe is talking about you (Present Continuos tense )
she will talk about you (Present Future Tense )

12. I have cleaned my room. (Present Perfect Tense)

I was cleaning my room. (Present Continuos tense )
I will clean my room. (Present Future Tense )

13. I have waited for one hour. (Present Perfect Tense)

I am waiting for one hour. (Present Continuos tense )
I will wait for one hour. (Present Future Tense )
14. I have bought a new car. (Present Perfect Tense)
I am buying a new car. (Present Continuos tense )
I will buy a new car. (Present Future Tense )

15. My sister has started a new job this week (Present Perfect Tense)
My sister is starting a new job this week. (Present Continuos tense )
My sister will start a new job this week. (Present Future Tense )

16. We have been to america. (Present Perfect Tense)

We are going to America. (Present Continuos tense )
We will go to America. (Present Future Tense )
17. Peter has gone to the bookstore. (Present Perfect Tense)
Peter is going to the bookstore. (Present Continuos tense )
Peter will go to the bookstore. (Present Future Tense )

18. My students have improved their English. (Present Perfect Tense)

My students are improving their English. (Present Continuos tense )
My students will improve their English. (Present Future Tense )

19. My friends and I have worked hard this month. (Present Perfect Tense)
My friends and I are working hard this month. (Present Continuos tense )
My friends and I will work hard this month. (Present Future Tense )
20. You have told me about this story. (Present Perfect Tense)
You are telling me about this story. (Present Continuos tense )
You will tell me about this story. (Present Future Tense )

21. I have been rained now. (Present Perfect Tense)

I'm in the rain now. (Present Continuos tense )
I will be rained now. (Present Future Tense )

22. I have watched “Titanic” movie. (Present Perfect Tense)

I was watching "Titanic” movie. (Present Continuos tense )
I will watch the "Titanic” movie. (Present Future Tense )
23. sister had breakfast. (Present Perfect Tense)
sister is having breakfast. (Present Continuos tense )
sister will have breakfast. (Present Future Tense )

24. naufal has returned the book to the library. (Present Perfect Tense)
naufal is returning the book to the library. (Present Continuos tense )
naufal will return the book to the library. (Present Future Tense )

25. I have prepared dinner for you. (Present Perfect Tense)

I am preparing dinner for you. (Present Continuos tense )
I will prepare dinner for you. (Present Future Tense )

26. Tia has given birth to a son. (Present Perfect Tense)

Tia is giving birth to a son. (Present Continuos tense )
Tia will give birth to a son. (Present Future Tense )
27. I have bitten a bread. (Present Perfect Tense)
I'm biting a bread. (Present Continuos tense )
I will bite a bread. (Present Future Tense )

28. brother has been cycling in the park (Present Perfect Tense)
brother is cycling in the park (Present Continuos tense )
brother will be cycling in the park (Present Future Tense )

29. Grandma has been sitting in a chair (Present Perfect Tense)

grandma is sitting in a chair (Present Continuos tense )
grandma will sit in the chair (Present Future Tense )
30. Lia and Yeji have danced on the stage (Present Perfect Tense)
lia and yeji are dancing on the stage (Present Continuos tense )
lia and yeji will dance on the stage (Present Future Tense )

Cucumber fairy tale: Agreement with the Giant
Mbok Sarni lives alone in a lonely forest. He really wants the presence of a child. Every
day he constantly prayed, "Lord, give me a child. Indeed, my life is very quiet. If you gift me a
child, of course I will be more grateful and obedient to you."
One day, the giant who happened to pass by heard the prayer of Mbok Sarni. With his voice
booming, the giant asked, "Hey old lady! Do you really want a child?"
Mbok Sarni is surprised. Trembling, he replied, "That's right. I crave for a child who can
accompany me. But it seems that it is impossible, my age is old, and my husband has died."
"Ha ... ha ... ha ... I can grant your wishes easily, but of course there are conditions. Are you
willing?" tanga the giant.
"Alright, I'm willing," said Mbok Sarni answering even though his heart was afraid to see a giant
figure that was big and spooky.
"Take care of the child that I gave you later. Give him a meal that is so fat. I will pick him up
when he is 6 years old." Said the Giant booming.
"Pick him up? What for?" asked Mbok Sarni, surprised.
"Of course I eat it. A fat kid is the dish I like the most. Ha ... ha ... ha ...", the giant chuckled. His
voice boomed, vibrating the forest that had been deserted.
There is no other choice, Mbok Sarni accepts these conditions. The giant gave him a handful of
cucumber seeds to be planted.
Mbok Sarni also followed the advice of the Giant to plant the cucumber seeds he got. The seeds
grow and bear fruit in a short time, within a few days the mentium tree grows with very large
fruit ready to be harvested. How surprised Mbok Sarni was when she was picking one of the
cucumbers, in front of her was a beautiful baby girl. The baby was named Timun Mas, because
he was born from a golden cucumber.
Today Timun Mas is 6 years old. Mbok Sarni wants to cook yellow rice as a thanksgiving.
When he was busy in the kitchen, the Earth trembled. Buumm ... it's normal ... buumm ... like a
giant footstep. "It's bad, the giant has come. Fortunately Timun Mas is leaving. I have to find a
way to get rid of the giant," Mbok Sarni said to himself
"Hi, Old Mother ... come out! Where is your child?" shouted the giant.
Mbok Sarni quickly came out to the Giant, "Patience, I will leave it to you, but
Do you want it? His body is still small and thin, I don't think he is tasty enough for you to eat, "
"Huh? Which means you didn't take care of it properly! Where is the kid?" the giant shouted
"He is leaving. Believe me, come back in two years, I guarantee he is fat," said Mbok Sarni. The
giant believed in Mbok Sarni's words. "Two years is not a long time," he thought.
After the death of the giant, Mbok Sarni sought reason to save Timun Mas. He also prayed that
God would give him a way out. One night, God answered his prayer.
Mbok Sarni dreams of meeting a hermit on the mountain. The hermit told Timun Mas to meet
him. He will help Timun Mas. When Mbok Sarni woke up, he felt there was nothing wrong with
finding the hermit. He then told everything to Timun Mas, including his agreement with the
giant. Timun Mas is indeed a brave child, he is not afraid when he knows that the giant will eat
it. Timun Mas is determined to meet the hermits on the mountain. Before leaving, he begged
his mother's blessing.
After days of climbing, Timun Mas finally reaches the top of the mountain. He saw a
white-haired and white-robed old man. "Excuse me, Kek. My name is Timun Mas. My mother
said, Grandpa will help me fight the evil giant who wants to eat me," said Timun Mas.
"Oh, you named Timun Mas? Yes, I did come to your mother through a dream. My
granddaughter, if the giant returns, run fast," the hermit ordered.
"His feet are wide, I must be easily caught," said Timun Mas, surprised.
"Take these four small packages. Throw one by one when you run away," replied the hermit
Timun Mas understand. sHe then said goodbye home.
Two years passed. It's time for the giant to return to take Timun Mas. Sure enough, suddenly
there were footsteps and thunderous shouts, "Mbok Sarni! Where is your child? I'm hungry!"
he shouted.
"Please, don't eat him," pleaded Mbok Sarni.
"It's good. You promised, you can't deny it!" replied the giant. By force, Mbok Sarni brought
Timun Mas to meet the giant.
Timun Mas whispered to him, "Don't worry, Mom."
"Hahaha ... well ... your mother really took care of you well. Your body is quite full, surely your
meat is delicious."
Timun Mas replied, "Basic greedy giant, eat me if you can!"
After saying so, Timun Mas ran away as fast as he could. Angry, the giant immediately
chased him. Timun Mas continues to run and run. However, he heard the steps of the giant's
feet approaching.
Timun Mas immediately unwrapped the gift of the hermit grandfather. The first package, it
turns out, contains cucumber seeds. He threw it towards the giant. Miracles happen. The
cucumber seeds turn into cucumber fields whose fruits are very large. The giant step was held
back by the cucumber field. With difficulty he had to pass through obstacles and tree trunks
that wrapped around his body. However, he managed to escape. He gets angry.
Timun Mas looked back, "It's bad, he got away. I have to open the second package right away,"
he thought. The second package contains a needle. Timun Mas threw the needles. What
The needles turned into tall bamboo trees and thick leaves. The giant must work hard through
the bamboo trees. His body was injured from scratching bamboo sticks. Even though his body
was bleeding, he never gave up. It was running faster after successfully passing the bamboo
forest that was made by Timun Mas. He was annoyed at being tricked by Timun Mas.
Timun Mas opened the third package. As he continued to run, he threw the contents of
the package, namely salt. Another miracle happened. The ram turned into a vast ocean.
However, the ocean does not become a barrier for giants. He swam across the sea, and
managed to reach the edge. The giant began to get tired, but given Timun Mas's delicious flesh,
he was excited again to run.
Timun Mas was afraid to see the giant power. The final package is the only hope. While praying,
Timun Mas opened the fourth package. The contents are shrimp paste. As hard as possible,
Timun Mas threw the shrimp paste toward the giant. What happened? The shrimp paste turned
into a sea of boiling hot mud. Giant who runs fast can't stop his steps. He fell into the mud. He
shouted and struggled. But the more he struggled, the deeper the mud sucked his body. He
finally sank into the hot mud.
Timun Mas stopped his steps. He was relieved to be able to save himself. Exhausted, he walked
Mbok Sarni, who continued to cry after Timun Mas's death, was very happy to see his
daughter's return. They hugged and thanked God for His help.

the story continues.....

then the next day TIMUN MAS and mbok sarni lead a quiet life, now the giant who is
disturbing them is dead forever and will not disturb them anymore. TIMUN MAS, which began
as a teenager, is now learning many things from mbok sarni, starting from farming, working,
cooking, and so on. TIMUN MAS grows to be a good, beautiful, smart and diligent girl.
Now mbok sarni is getting older, TIMUN MAS is the one who replaced the task of mbok
sarni. he worked and cared for mbok sarni, 10 years later, mbok sarni began to get sick, his
illness worsened, making TIMUN MAS confused. "mbok, it seems like I have to take the doctor
to cure this increasingly severe illness," TIMUN MAS said. "Already TIMUN MAS mbok is indeed
old, it's natural that this mbok is sick" mbok said. the next day ... suddenly mbok sarni fell on
the yard. TIMUN MAS was shocked "mbokkkkkk ..."
He also asked the local people for help to help him bring mbok sarni to the physician.
when there, finally mbok realized and was given medicine by the physician. the physician was
young, his age was not far from TIMUN MAS. it turns out they fell in love with each other. a few
months they got to know each other. finally the physician went to TIMUN MAS's house to
marry TIMUN MAS.
"excuse me."
"oh you kid, let's sit down, TIMUN MAS is cooking in the kitchen"
"I actually want to marry TIMUN MAS mbok here, are we blessing us?"
"Are you serious about it? Thank God now, calm down, TIMUN MAS has a life partner, mbok
will bless you both"
"thanks, mbok sarni"
Not long after TIMUN MAS and physicians were married. but unfortunately mbok died
just the day before they were married. Even though TIMUN MAS is sad, but he is also happy
because he can marry the man he loves. their marriage is very lively. a few months later ..
TIMUN MAS contained, they were very happy, TIMUN MAS and her husband can't wait for the
birth of the child. then 12 months later.. TIMUN MAS gave birth, he gave his son's name with
the name "TOMAT MAS". Finally TIMUN MAS, the physician and the TOMAT MAS lived to be a
happy little family forever ..
1. The athletes were friends since they were in Junior High School.
2. My mother was outside when my father called.
3. We were still here after you went home.
4. My parents were very busy yesterday.
5. She was angry because you were late.

1. We had met the teacher before you came to school.
2. He had bought the flower before his wife went home
3. My mother have sent the money for my brother this morning
4. John had found the book before they announced it.
5. I had met them before you introduced us