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Learning activity 3

Evidence: Making a change

A. Think about your life and select the most relevant moments you want to share.
You can find an example in the training material. Then, describe your life plan,
your goals and the way you are going to reach them. Once you have finished
your reflection, apply the following checklist. If most of your answers are
affirmative, you are ready to move to the next part.

Event I finished I finished I started I achieved I started

my high my working at economic studying at
school technologist Caracol stability university
in the Television
Year or date 2014 2015 2017 2018 2018


I will be a proactive person in my profession and in the work field in which I work,
with a lot of knowledge in all aspects of my life. I have to be kind, responsible and
courteous. To provide quality to my service as a future public accountant, to be
admired for the practice of my values, principles and my profession. I always
work efficiently and effectively to contribute to the development of my country by
complying with rules and laws. In the not too distant future I will be traveling
through several places to meet different cultures.

In my short-term plans, there is the ability to perfect the English language, which
is very important for the work I do, and also to finish my higher studies, such as
public accounting. In order to offer a better future for my family, I must train and
carry out my goals. I have to work with persistence, discipline and manage my
time well, have priority and conscience in the decisions I make.

Checklist Yes No
Can you name relevant events in your life in a chronological X
Did you include information about your family in your X
Did you include information about your academic background X
in your biography?
Did you include information about any other aspect in your X
Is your biography clear and concrete? X
Did you use simple tenses in contrast? X
Is your life plan break into specific goals? X
Are you going to keep track of your progress in order to X
achieve your life plan?
Do you have a period of time to reach your life plan? X
Are you aware of all the repercussions your life plan implies? X
Can you identify the most urgent activities to achieve your life X
Are you good at managing time? X
Do you learn new things in an autonomous manner? X
Are you able to identify opportunities? X
Will you be responsible for the resulting consequences of your X
life plan?

B. Record a video in which you are going to talk about your life in three minutes.
Good afternoon

My life has had ups and downs, but the most important thing has been to have
the faculty and strength in Dios to get up and do it with more strength to achieve
each one my dreams and intentions of the hand of my family, which has also
been a fundamental and exceptional element in which every day to give me the
amino to follow. My dream is to become a successful person to have recognition
as an entrepreneur, so every day I try to do everything in my activities and to
build a step by step in search of a better life flow and materialize all the efforts so
that my family has everything to what it needs and deserves. I want to build a
company with my partner which is a dream together and we are working for it.
Another of our dreams is to travel to Mexico.

I like to go out with my family in the country, to ride a horse, to enjoy the
moments in the family, it is the most pleasant, to have time to share with who is
more indescribable, the time is very short and we do not know all the time that
We will be next to our loved ones, that's why I enjoy them to the fullest.

When I can go to a cinema, go out to see new places that teach me new cultures
and that I think our country is full of a lot of diversity.

Thanks for your attention.

When you finish your work, send the files to your instructor through the platform
as follows:

1. Click the title of this evidence.

2. Click Examinar mi equipo and look for the files in your computer. Make sure
the files are attached.
3. Leave a comment for the instructor (optional).
4. Click Enviar.

Important: The platform will only allow you to submit your files once. Please,
make sure you upload the two (2) files when submitting your evidence.
Note: This evidence is an individual activity. Remember to check the learning
guide in order to know if you have done all the assigned activities and know how
to do them and deliver them correctly.

Criterios de evaluación
 Planea situaciones estableciendo parámetros con criterios de
responsabilidad y productividad en los contextos requeridos.
 Expresa ideas sobre productividad y responsabilidad usando el vocabulario