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1. PC and RJ45 cable
2. FreeFTPd
3. IE V10 or higher
4. moshell16.0 or higher

1. Change IP address for your PC:

2. Cennect RJ45 cable from your PC to LMT port on BB5216.

3. configurate FTP server:

Open FreeFTPd and please follow the procedure as below,set the path of DT scripts , FTP server
account and password.

1. Open FreeFTDp then choose ‘User’ on the left.
2. Click ‘Add’.
3. Fill the login name, DT path and FTP password.
4. Choose Password stored as SHA1 hash at Authorization.
5. Choose the path of DT scripts and upgrade package on Homedirectory,(DT scripts and upgrade
package should be under the same path).
6. Click Apply after setting successfully.
7. Choose SFTP on the left:fill the IP address into Listen address.
8. Click start after all things setting successfully.

DT scripts:
Check the DT and change the name of files:such as the summary file:

Open the IE and entre or then press ENTER

Host:fill in the IP address of your PC which should be
Username:same as FTP server
Password: same as FTP server
Site Installation file:fill in the path of summary file:/ 0_RBSSummary_TBJ000025.xml
Then choose Download files button, we can see the progress under the AutoIntegration Log
Choose the Integrate button after we saw the Download complete, the Baseband5216 will restart
to install the new upgrade package.

The integration will be finished within 15 minutes.

There will be no errors after integration completed.

The Baseband will be restore if there are some errors during the integration.

Login to baseband 5216 by moshell:

Exe the command ‘moshell’ , then press ENTER

The system will create a new CV :Auto integration backup – SITE_CONFIG_COMPLETE after
integration completed.
Inform the OSS engineers to install the license key files:
OSS engineer logon the baseband5216 by OSS Amos terminal, then execute the

‘startOnlineEnrollment’ to install the certificate.

The command is ‘acc NodeCredential=1 startOnlineEnrollment’

To check the 6 certificates are installed successfully or not:

lt all

pr TrustedCertificate

If the TrustedCertificate install successfully, use SSH protocol to run TLS

Enrollment,TN&RN files, there are 2 ways to run the .xml file, onsite or remote.

On site:maintenanceUser has already been defined during the ENodeB autointegration,


Open another moshell terminal to run TN&RN file, don’t need to login the baseband

command:ssh -o PubKeyAuthentication=no -o UserKnownHostsFile=/dev/null -o ForwardX11=no

-p 830 rbs@ -s netconf < 3_TLS_Enrollment_TBJ000025.xml

Remote:LDAP_USERis defined on at OSS, Node_IP_Add is the OAM IP address, the

command is ‘ssh -o PubKeyAuthentication=no -o UserKnownHostsFile=/dev/null -o
ForwardX11=no -p 2022 LDAP_USER@Node_IP_Add -s netconf < Script File
Load the DT scripts as below procedure:TLS_Enrollment→TransportNetwork→
RadioNetwork, inform the backdesk to change the parameters as below commands.

run 5_featureActivation.mos

run 6_PostIntegration.mos

run 7_eutranfreq.mos

Deblock the MO,check the state of baseband5216

deb TermPointtoMME

deb EUtranCellFDD

deb FieldReplaceableUnit
deb SectorEquipmentFunction

Save the CV
cvmk <cv_name>
acc BrM=1,BrmBackupManager=1 createBackup

Restart the baseband5216

Command:acc FieldReplaceableUnit=1 restartunit

Board restore
点击 Board restore 按钮进行恢复出厂设置。