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Aubreanne Aponte


Public Health p. 2

29 April 2019

Transcript Reflection Essay

For me, high school was full of ups and downs as well as failures and successes. I have

worked very hard through everything and I believe that my transcripts show that. I started off

high school at El Capitan high school which was seemingly essay. Of course every freshman

struggles in certain classes because of the transition from middle school to high school, but I did

exceptionally well especially with all the personally things going on outside of school. As school

went on, I began taking harder, more challenging classes and pushing myself to be my best.

After my junior year started, my dad, stepmom, and I felt it was best for me if I transferred to

Merced High and so I did. I am graduating in June 2019 from Merced High.

My freshman year I maintained amazing grades while competing in varsity golf and

varsity softball. My 2nd semester of my freshman year, on top of softball, I joined El Capitan’s

winterguard team. Freshman year was extremely busy, through all of the family problems and

sports I managed to maintain my good grades and still adapted to high school life in a positive

way. High school was brand new to me and I think my transcript from freshman year reflects all

of the hard work I put in.

Sophomore year was when I really started challenging myself academically. I enrolled in

AP European History to try something harder and something new. The class definitely wasn’t

easy, it was a lot of work and honestly I wanted to drop it every day. But I pushed through and I
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did my best. In my other classes I maintain A’s with only 1 B in Chemistry the 1st semester of

my sophomore year. AP Euro was definitely the hardest but I adapted and I came out with a B+

which I was more than happy with.

Most of my struggles came when I transferred to Merced High School. Classes here

compared to El Cap was like night and day. It took almost the entire semester for me to adapt to

the new teaching ways, and new school policies. Ultimately, first semester of my junior year was

very difficult, but I studied a lot, did as much as I could and 2nd semester I came out with grades

I was proud of. Junior year, life threw a lot at me, socially, mentally, and academically. Life was

hard and sometimes it showed in my grades, but school was what helped me out. Doing extra

things in class and staying after helped me get my mind off of what was happening outside of

school and ultimately helped my grades.

Senior year, people usually take the easy classes just to finish off the year, but me? I

enrolled in 2 AP classes and 2 honors classes. I took a full schedule of classes because I wanted

to push myself like I always have. I have been very successful my senior year, probably the most

of all my years. Classes were challenging this year, but that didn’t stop me from obtaining my

goals. I worked and studied super hard and I can say I have fulfilled what I wanted to do.

I really proud and satisfied with my grades and my entire high school career. I went

through a lot of things that many people didn’t think I could bounce back from, but I did. I set

goals and I accomplished them. I think my transcript shows that I am the type of person that

doesn’t give up. I didn’t do very well in my first AP classes but that didn’t stop me from taking

them. High school was a learning experience for me, and I excelled. Way more than I expected

myself to, especially given my circumstances and home life.

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