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8/24/2018 What are the best security tools?

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Security Tools

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What are the best security tools?
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What are the best Ruby on Rails security tools?
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How do you develop technical solutions and new
security tools to help mitigate security
11 Answers vulnerabilities and automate repeatable tasks?

Lee Holland What is the best website security?

Answered Nov 11, 2016
What are the best secure communication tools for
For a comprehensive network security plan: large groups of people?

1. Patch operating systems consistently and regularly  Ask New Question

2. Endpoint Virus protection. (AI - like Cylance or Carbon Black, not Question Stats
Norton, McAfee, Kaspersky, etc.)
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3. Policy of Least Priviledge 2,004 Views
Last Asked Nov 11, 2016
4. Centralized Authentication (AD or something similar)
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5. Monitoring and logging Edits

6. End user training / awareness

7. Enterprise IoT policy. (basically a separate segmented VLAN for those


8. Personal Devices. (again, separate VLAN / good MDM policy

9. Physical security of infrastructure

10. Password policy including force end-user to regularly change

11. Audit 3rd party risk. (outsourced IT for example and their processes to
gain access to the network)

12. Enable SSO to simplify authentication across platforms

13. 2-factor authentication everywhere. Require for all VPN connections

and the use of all cloud 3rd party cloud systems. This is a must.

14. Govern privileged sessions. In other words, who has access to a lot of
stuff. Log it and track it!

15. Protect the inside of the network. This comes down to segmentation.
Isolate highly sensitive data and encryption of data at rest.

16. Endpoint encryption. Use a product to encrypt end-user hard drives,

particularly on laptops and block or auto encrypt flash drives.

https://www.quora.com/What-are-the-best-security-tools 1/6
8/24/2018 What are the best security tools? - Quora

17. Virtual proxy (e.g. OpenDNS). Block access to turn off the service.
Restrict access to unapproved cloud storage sites and proxy

18. And lastly, a good firewall that does IDS/IPS. Ship logs to SIEM / BI tool
or outsource reviewing the logs if you don’t understand the data it’s

This is probably a good start. Anyone who has a good plan for every one of the
above items is probably better off than 99% of the world. If you have to comply
with other regulations, this list gets much longer.
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Simcha Lazarus, Community Manager at Lightricks (2018-present)

Answered Aug 8, 2017

You might find it helpful to visit IT Central Station and take a look at the security
tools listed there as well as the peer reviews for each solution. The tools are
ranked based on their reviews so you can see which ones are the most popular
with users.

For example, in the application security category users have ranked HPE Fortify
on Demand as the top tool, followed by Checkmarx and SonarQube.

You can take a look at some of the different security categories here:

Application security

Endpoint protection

Network Security Software Solutions

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Kaunda, Chief Executive Officer at Datatype Technology (2018-present)

Answered Oct 31, 2017
Originally Answered: What are some good security tools?

The question is very broad to my liken.

If the question of What do you want to secure? is known, I’m sure the Quora
community will be able to give specific tools to that effect.

https://www.quora.com/What-are-the-best-security-tools 2/6
8/24/2018 What are the best security tools? - Quora

Not with standing, This link gives about 125 tools. It further explains what
each tool is used for. And the link to download it.







Cain and Abel




John the Ripper



Burp Suite









THC Hydra


Paros proxy




Core Impact






https://www.quora.com/What-are-the-best-security-tools 3/6
8/24/2018 What are the best security tools? - Quora

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Tucker Hale, security consultant, Ironman athlete, learner

Answered Nov 11, 2016

This question is pretty broad, and really depends on what you are trying to
accomplish. You’re going to find that there are different tools for all types of jobs,
whether you are trying to protect your own computer, hack into someone else’s,
protect a network, or protect your house. Do you have a specific goal in mind?
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Michael Boelen, works at CISOfy

Answered Jul 30, 2017

There is typically no ‘best’ when it comes to tools, as it really depends on the

tasks you want to accomplish with them. That said, while doing a search on
Google a while ago learned me that there are different outdated blog posts and
overview pages. So I’ve created a project named Linux Security Expert,
including a list of the best security tools . It might be a good start for your
journey and learn about more tools.
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Tove Larsson, Marketing Manager at Zensed (2017-present)

Answered Feb 21

When it comes to Fraud Prevention and keeping your transactions secured, the
Zensed Engine is the most recommended as it is based on Artificial
Intelligence and self-learning technology.
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Harshit Gupta, More than 5 years of experience with Law Professionals

Answered Dec 29, 2016

https://www.quora.com/What-are-the-best-security-tools 4/6
8/24/2018 What are the best security tools? - Quora

I do believe that Protegent Total security is the best security tool which
provides extremely advanced protection against malwares, spywares and other
internet threats. It is world’s only antivirus which comes with data recovery

Reference: http://www.protegent360.com/prot...

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Uday Datrak
Answered Dec 29, 2016

Security Testing Tools : Acunetix, IBM Appscan, HP Web Inspect, Burp Suite.

Security Code review tools : Fortify, Checkmarks, Self-developed scripts.

Open Source Security Testing : More than 100 free open source security testing

Network Security Tools : Nessus, Nmap, OpenVas, CIS Benchmark


Uday Datrak

Youtube: Uday Datrak (Uday Datrak )

Linkedin: https://www.linkedin.com/in/uday...
(https://www.linkedin.com/in/uday... )

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Kevin Jones, Cyber Security

Answered Nov 1, 2017
Originally Answered: What are some good security tools?

You want to secure your website? I have suggest some list of website security
tools , can use to secure their websites stay safe and secure from hacking and
don’t end up facing business loss and loss of reputation.

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Charleston Glory, traveler

Answered Jun 1

https://www.quora.com/What-are-the-best-security-tools 5/6
8/24/2018 What are the best security tools? - Quora

Here are some tips and a discussion on security tools that could help journalists
of today protect themselves and ensure better security: Best Security tools

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Tạ Trọng Cầu, Security Student

Answered Nov 11, 2016

You should think about best security skills instead of best security tools.

Because security is a perfect combine of many different security tools to find

vulnerabilities and fix them :).

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