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Cox’s Bazar

Cox’s Bazar is one of the most

popular tourist destinations
in Bangladesh. It is known
for having the world’s longest
uninterrupted natural sandy
beach. BRAC runs some of
its core programmes such
as microfinance, education
(BEP), health, nutrition and

Photo credit: BRAC

population (HNPP), and water,
sanitation and hygiene (WASH)
in this district. Among them,
microfinance is the largest
Folk song (pala gaan) performed by community empowerment programme’s popular
programme, offering two types theatre team for social and behaviour change in the community.
of loans – dabi (microloan) and
progoti (enterprise loans).
opportunities to enable young
BEP stands as the second women and men to realise their At a glance
largest programme in this potential.
(as of December, 2016)
district, running more than
Additionally, in this area, BRAC runs
300 schools, the adolescent Microfinance
human rights and legal aid services
development programme (ADP),
(HRLS), community empowerment Branches 31
and gonokendros (community
(CEP), targeting the ultra poor Village organisations 2,111
libraries). HNPP is another core
(TUP), gender justice and diversity Members 143,484
programme running successfully in Borrowers 51,720
(GJD), agriculture and food security
this district. It is a combination of
(AFSP), migration programmes and Progoti
preventive, curative, rehabilitative
a social enterprise. Small enterprise clients 1,711
and promotional health services
focusing on improving maternal,
neonatal and child health
(IMNCS), as well as combating General Information Pre-primary schools 240
communicable diseases and Primary schools 47
Shishu niketon 50
common health problems, Population 2,381,816
Adolescent development
forming the key component of Sub-districts 8 programme (ADP) centres 167
essential healthcare. Another Unions 71 Community libraries
core programme is WASH, which Villages 992 (gonokendros) 34
mainly deals with water and
Children (0-15) 1,071,817
sanitation services. In this district, Health, nutrition
Primary schools 626
WASH has achieved 85 per cent and population
Literacy rate 39%
sanitation coverage by installing Health volunteers
sanitary latrines in schools and Hospitals 17
(shasthya shebika) 1,120
villages. BRAC’s new initiative, the Banks 22
Health workers
skills development programme, Bazaars 120 (shasthya kormi) 56
provides holistic skills development NGOs 91
training and decent employment

w w w. b r a c . n e t
Water, sanitation Migration
and hygiene Safe migration facilitation
Sanitation coverage 85% centre (SMFC) 3
Sanitary latrines Community-based organisations
installed in schools 83 (CBO) facilitators 3
Loans for sanitary latrines 965,000 Number of unions 19
Deep tubewells installed 36
Gender justice and
Community empowerment diversity
Community-based organisation MEJNIN (meyeder jonno nirapad
(polli shomaj) 218 nagorikotta - safe citizenship
Union-based organisation for women)
(union shomaj) 17
Number of community
Popular theatre teams 7
watch groups (CWG) 18

Number of student
Human rights and watch groups (SWG) 20
legal aid services Number of SWG members 500
Human rights and legal
education (HRLE) shebikas 350 Targeting the ultra poor
HRLE graduates 44,911
Specially targeted ultra
Legal aid clinics 6
poor (STUP) members 506
Assets and training received 506
Skills development Health care availed 437
Number of master craft Other targeted ultra
persons (MCPs) 115 poor (OTUP) members 5,250
Number of trades 9 Soft loans received 11,880,000
Number of graduate learners 165
Social enterprises
Salt 1

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