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AII in a day'swork for the Hiiet.

Thesedays,you neverquiteknowwhatyou'regoingto wantfroma
vehicleOneminuteyou want a ca1the nextminuteitSa peoplecarrier;
thenit5a goodscarrier

W i t h t h e n e w D a i h a t s uH i j e t ,y o u g e t a l l t h e s ev e h i c l e si n o n e . F o r
s h e e rv e r s a t i l i tay f f o r d a b i l i tayn d m a n o e u v r a b i l it hy e r e ' sn o t h i n go n f o u r
w h e e l st o m a t c hr t .


lengthof justunder3.3metres,
an overall
Despite the Hijetcanaccom-
modatesixadultswith ease,in safetyand comfort.Makingit idealfor
or anyoccasion
S e a t su p t o 6 a d u l t si n c o m f o r t
Witha turningcircleof just7.4metres,
the Hijetrunsringsroundother
when it comesto nippingin and out of tight spaces
to the supermarket.

R e a sr e a t sf o l d d o w nf o r m a x r m u m
l o a dc a r r y i n cga p a c i t y
But rearrange
the rear seats,
a n dy o us u d d e n g
l ya i na c a v e r n o u s
loadspacewith a payloadof up to
6 1 5 k 9S oi t 5j u s tt h et h i n gf o r l i g h t
tripsto the gardencentre
or the DIYSuoerstore.

With so much spaceat your

canto makegettingin and out of
the Hijetaseasyaspossible.

Therearetwo slidingsidedoors
giveyou one)and a reardoorthat
o p e n st o m a x i m u mr o o f h e i g h t ,
with an exceptionally
low loading
deck.At just54cmfromtheground,
it5the lowestof anyvehicle
in this
categoryOn top of all this,you
havenot one,but two tiltingglass
sunroofs.Soeventhe aircanget in
andout effortlesslv

E:7 y,q;
After the schoolrun, the Hijetreallyshows itscoloursat the garden centre Big loadssuddenlyseemsmaller.

C a v e r n o u sl o a d a r e a
w A s f o r c r e a t u r ec o m f o r t sw
, e ' v e n o t s k i m p e do n t h e m e i t h e rT: h e s e a t s
a r e f i n i s h e dw i t h t h e t y p e o f c l o t hy o u d e x p e c t o f i n d o n a s a l o o nA l l s i x
s e a t sh a v e h e a d r e s t r a i n tas n d t h r e e o o i n t h a r n e s s e a t b e l t s .W h i l e t h e
f r o n t a n d m i d d l es e a t sa r ef u l l yr e c l i n i n g .

S t a n d a rfde a t u r e isn c l u d es o f t p a d d e dd o o r p a n e l sc, a r p e t i n tgh r o u g h -

o u t , c r g a r e t t el i g h t e rh; e a t e [d o o r p o c k e t ss, u n v i s o r sc, a r g ol i g h t ,h e a t e d
r e a r\ v n d o r " 'ovu, t e rr e a rv i e w m i r r o r sa n d l o c k a b l ep e t r o lc a p .


:-,-" lal-'

B v a f t e r n o o n v o u ' l lc l t s c a . e . : ' a : : - : - : : ,a, : -" .: 't 2 l t t f t 1 t t T f i r t r rLl p, L vo l' i t t < f 7 / m e t r e <

Frtefr tho tt i, tyr /h,+( ^c.)+t JVoLc)
^^.' +^
o t C C d > y ( V /n, aL nynvtui aqt raL

A s w e l la st r a v e l l i ni n
g s t y l ea n dc o m f o ritn t h e D a i h a t sHui j e ty, o u ' r e
a l s ot r a v e l l i ni n
g a v e h i c lw
e i t ha d e g r e o
e f m e c h a n i craelf i n e m etnhta ti s
r a r ei n t h i sc l a s s .

T h er e l i a b i l i o
t yf t h e H i j e tC B 4 2f u e l i n j e c t e 9
d 9 3 c ce n g i n ei s l e g e n d a r y
W a t e rc o o l e da n d w i t h a c a t a l y t icco n v e r t ear ss t a n d a r dt ,h e t h r e ec y l i n d e r s
d e l i v e3r 5 k W o r 4 7 b h pa t 5 , 3 0 0 r p m .

F u e lc o n s u m p t i o nt o, o , i s e q u a l l yi m p r e s s i v e .
T w n s l i d i n gd o o r s f o r e a s ya c c e s s
ensuresafetyfor all on board.Even
Frontdiscand reardrumbrakes
witha fullpayload,
the Hiletguarantees thanksto the Load
Sensing whichadjusts
Valvesystem, brakingcharacteristics
on the weightbeingcarried.

Hijetsno-nonsense alsoextends
approach peaceof mind.
to all-round
3-yearor 60,000milemechanical
Youhavea standard warrantytogether
with 6 yearsanti-perforation


TheHijet just lovesan eveningout And, with two sliding sidedoors, iti ready for anything No wonder the fan club is growing so rapidly

At the end of the day you simplywon'tfind anothersixseaterthat

the valuethat comesas standard you
with everyHijet.However
judgeit, it3the perfect companion.

Z 4 m e t r et u r n r n gc i r c l e
The Hijetspecifications.
Engineand Transmission Dimensionscontinued
CB-42petrolfuelinjected watercooledin-line
engine, Loadingheightfrom 540
with catalytic
convefter ground(mm)
Borex stroke(mm) 7 6x 7 3 Wheelbase(mm) 1,810
Totaldisplacement 993 Track(mm) Front 1,210
Rear 1,220
Max.output 3s.okw
5,300rpm Min.turningradius(tyre)m 3.7

Max.torque 76.0N.m/ Kerb weight (kg) 935

4,000rpm Payload (kg)6t S
Steeringtype R a c ka n d o i n i o n Grossvehicleweight (kg) 1,550
Clutch Drysingleplatewith Seatingcapacity
diaphragm springand (litres)
Fueltankcapacity 35
Tyres 155R12.8PR
Transmission Foruyard
5-speed synchromesh:
Reverse1-step Suspension
selective Front MacPherson-strut
Transmission anddoubleacting
1st4.059 2nd2.045 3rd1.457 telescopic
4th 1.000 5th 0.838 R e v . 41 2 8 Rear Rigidaxlewith
leaf spring
Finalgear ratio 4.875
and double acting
Brakes telescopicshockabsorber
7" booster,
dual Standard Equipment on the Hijet
circuitwith LSPV Outer rearview mirrors.Fuelcap with key.Mud guards.
Body stripe. Recliningfront & 2nd row seats(3rd row
Front Ventilateddisc brake folding).Cloth seats.Carpetfloor covering.Frontdoor
Rear Drum-brake pocket. Front and rear ashtrays.Sunvisors.Urethane
brake Mechanicalinternalexpansion steeringwheel. Urethanegear lever.Paddeddoor panel.
type on rearwheels Cigarettelighter.Halogenheadlights.Frontand rear
internallights.Pocketon rearof front passenger seat.
Rearfog light. 2-speedwipersand intermittent.
Overall 3,295
(mm) Heated rear window with wash/wiper.Removablehead
Overallwidth 1,395
Wheeltrims.Twin sunroofs.3 point seatbelts.
Overall 1,870 Metallicpaint option.
Figures expressedin other than metilc unitJ are ac4,roy.tmate
Daihatsu reseruesthe right to make changesat any tfite wt1'a)7 rrtr.e n !rK€s. colo-JA.,materials,quipment specificationsand models, and modelsoftered
Trade Descriptions Act Product offered for sah may dtftet f@n ttoje dfit<td or illustratd n this brochure due to later production changes in specifications,
componentsot placeol manufacture Ih€ conten6 of thts VxhJrc are tfrerefore not to be treated as representationsas to the currcnt availability of prodtrcts as
described, ot as to products aaually offud for sE

Each vehicle of this model is a passenger <onversion of a Hilet registered as a Gommercial vehicle.

approachto trouble-free
A no-nonsense
D ri v ea w a ya D ai hatsu,and you knowthat you' regetti nga vehi cl eof the hi gh estbuild
q u a l i tyE n g i neered B ut you' r eget t ing
to the most exacti ngtechni calspeci fi cati on.
s o me th i n m g ore,asw el l .
EveryDaihatsucomeswith peaceof mind fitted as standard.A reassuringpackageof
motoringfor yearsto come.
back-upfeaturesdesignedto giveyou trouble-free

3 year or 60,000mile mechanicalwarranty
TheHijetis coveredby our 3 yearor 60,000milemechanical
5 year anti-perforation warranty

\lv a 6 yearanti-perforation
the Hijetcarries
Similarly warranty.
lEruERc,ENcn Emergencyservice
ISERVICEI comewith 12months,emergency
All new vehicles recovery
You'llfind yourlocalDaihatsu dealeris dedrcated
to all aspects
of customer care,andthis
will be reflected he provides.
in the service Menupricingoperates in all Daihatsudealers
- this clearlyidentifiesthe costsof all recommended servicesneededto protectthe
warranty. Thesecostscan be easilyspreadby joiningour BudgetService Scheme. Simply
askyourdealerfor moredetails.
DaihatsuSecureis a personalcontractpurchaseschemeand is availablethrough
participating A packagecan be tailormadeto suityour individual
dealers. requirements.
Pleaseaskyourdealerfor details.

Daihatsu(UK)Limited,Poulton (01304)2'13030
Close,Dover; 96479Fax:(01304)
Telex: 213525
N O :0 0 1 2 1 8 0 1 1 7