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CTS115 Project Form

CTS Project Form

Project Number Project Number 1

Project Name Business Idea

Project Filename Group# _ Business Idea(example: Group1_Business Idea)

Evaluation Form
Filename Group#_FirstName Lastname (example: Group1_John Smith)

50 points for the project (see grading rubric in Blackboard)

Points 10 points for completing a peer evaluation form (see form in

Project should be completed by the group. This assignment is not an

individual assignment. Individual assignments will not be graded.
Groups should not request assistance from others outside of the group
(this includes instructors, lab or teaching assistants).

Project Description Students will create a business idea that can be used to demonstrate the
concepts learned in this course. You will use this idea in later

Deliverable I Business Idea - submitted by Group Leader only

Write a description of a business idea. Explain the business idea in one

paragraph. Your business idea should cover the following three points:

1. Identify and explain a problem or need that your business idea

would solve.
2. Explain how your new business idea fills a need or satisfies a

3. Describe the ideal customer (or target market). Ideally you want
to invent or dream up an image of a specific person who would
buy your product or service (i.e., identify age, gender, economic
stratum, job, preferences or describe a company with industry
type, size, and location).

CTS Project Form

Deliverable II SWOT Analysis - submitted by Group Leader only

One way to ensure your business is on the right path to success is to

conduct a SWOT analysis on your business. SWOT which is short
for Strengths, Weaknesses, Opportunities, and Threats is an effective
way of identifying your business’s strengths, weaknesses,
opportunities and threats.

Research how to create a SWOT analysis diagram. Based on your

research create a SWOT analysis diagram. Your diagram should
include three strengths, weaknesses, opportunities and threats.

When listing the threats, Review Porter's Competitive Forces

Model in Chapter 1 and include one force, other than rivalry
among competitors that could be a potential threat to your
business idea.

Deliverable III Peer Evaluation Form - submitted by every group member

Each group member will evaluate themselves and the other members
in the group. Please note: chat logs may be reviewed to determine
fair evaluations.

Students giving high scores to students that did not participate may
receive a 0 grade for the evaluation form.

Upload Instructions The group leader should upload the project in Blackboard. Upload a
zipped (not rar or any other file compression format) folder
containing the Business Idea document, the SWOT diagram and the
chat logs. Make sure both your zipped project file and your Peer
Evaluation form have the required filenames.