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5/9/2019 Introduction to Transformer Turns Ratio Testing

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Turns Ratio Testing

By testguy June 26, 2016 0 Comments

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Popular topics right now
The transformer turns
ratio test is used to ATS Controller Display
Screen Corrupted
determine the number of
When To Conduct
turns in one winding of a Resistance Testing on
Utility Feeders?
transformer in relation to
the number of turns in Ground Study effects
The turns ratio test is used as both an
acceptance test and a maintenance
the other windings of the Community Posting
test, while the polarity test is primarily Competition Spring 2019
same phase of the an acceptance test. Photo: Megger - Enter to win cool prizes!
I found another Study

The transformer polarity test determines the vectoral Level III Questions, seen
recently (from memory
relationships of the various transformer windings. The
bear with me), help?
transformer ratio test is used as both an acceptance
test and a maintenance test, while the polarity test is
primarily an acceptance test. Plastic

The test equipment used is ordinarily a turns ratio Ad Qualite

tester designed for the purpose. If not available, input Order P

and output voltages can be measured, with at least 0.25

Ad semish
percent full-scale accuracy voltmeters, for
6 elect
approximation. Curren

Fast PC
5/9/2019 Introduction to Transformer Turns Ratio Testing
Fast PC
When a turns ratio test of transformer is performed, the
ratio should be determined for all no-load taps. If the
transformer is equipped with a load-tap changer (LTC),
the ratio should be determined for each LTC position. If Resista
the transformer has both an LTC and a no-load-tap testguy.net

changer, then the ratio should be determined for each Insulat

position of the LTC to one position of the no-load-tap
changer and vice versa. testguy.net

Test Pr
This test is useful in determining whether a transformer
has any shorted turns or improper connections and, testguy.net

in acceptance testing, verifying nameplate information. Transfo

Ratio (


Safety Considerations Checks

When testing transformers, caution must be used
and De
at all times. Observe all safety precautions and
follow OSHA lockout/tag out procedures before
3 Rout
testing. Be certain that the transformer to be tested and Ch
Filled T
is completely de-energized. Check every winding.
The procedures in the article should only be Curren
performed by workers who are qualified to service Basics
high voltage equipment. testguy.net


Transformer Turns Ratio Test


When testing a transformer for turns ratio, the Test Your
connections is determined by: Matching parallel Knowledge
Sharpen your skills with
our collection of quizzes
https://testguy.net/content/253-Introduction-to-Transformer-Turns-Ratio-Testing 2/13
5/9/2019 Introduction to Transformer Turns Ratio Testing

on electrical safety,
Transformer turns ratio test sets come in a variety of maintenance & testing of
electrical equipment and
styles and test connections, however all turns ratio
industry standards.
testers have at least two high leads and two low leads.
Basic setup procedures are explained below, consult the Tech Quiz
test set users manual for your specific setup instructions.
Study Guide

Make certain that all terminals of the transformer are

disconnected from line or load at the transformer.
Connections to ground may be left in place if desired.
Electrical Testing
Verify test set performance via preliminary checks before
testing, consult the user manual for your specific tester.
Protective Relay Protection
Element Tests

Capacitive Reactance - How to

Solve Series and Parallel

Circuit Breaker Accessories

Switchboard Ratings

Transformer Insulation Classes

Three-Phase Transformer Winding


Peak vs. Average vs. RMS Voltage

Transformer ratio test diagram, using a Single phase TTR test set. Photo:
Megger. Circuit Breaker Contact
Arrangements: Straight-through
vs. Blow-apart
Single-Phase Models: Connect the exciting leads (X1
SF6 Circuit Breakers
and X2) to the lower-voltage winding of the two windings
Ohm's Law & Watt's Law Cheat
to be compared. Match transformer polarity by Sheet
connecting the H1 secondary lead to the higher-voltage Protective Relaying Terms and
terminal which corresponds to the X1 connection. See De nitions

Figure. Connect the H2 lead to the other high voltage More...

terminal. Where both windings are grounded on one

side, connect X1 and H1 to the grounded sides. Always
excite the entire low-voltage winding. For polyphase

https://testguy.net/content/253-Introduction-to-Transformer-Turns-Ratio-Testing 3/13
5/9/2019 Introduction to Transformer Turns Ratio Testing

transformers, repeat procedure on each set of windings

to be measured.

Three-phase TTR testing connection diagram. Photo: EEP.

Three-Phase Models: Connect the H0, H1, H2, and H3

test cables to the corresponding high-voltage winding
terminals of the transformer under test. With delta
connected windings, H0 is not used. Connect the X0, X1,
X2, and X3 test cables to the corresponding low-voltage
winding of the transformer under test. With delta
connected windings, X0 is not used. It is possible to test
single phase two-winding transformers with a three-
phase TTR test set by only utilizing the H1, H2 and X1,
X2 leads.

Transformer Turns Ratio Test

Turns ratio test results should not deviate by more than
one-half percent from either the adjacent coils or the
calculated ratio. Test values outside of this tolerance
may indicate a shorted or open transformer winding.
Check all test set connections and perform a self test on
the TTR and retest if necessary.

https://testguy.net/content/253-Introduction-to-Transformer-Turns-Ratio-Testing 4/13
5/9/2019 Introduction to Transformer Turns Ratio Testing


Transformers: Basic, Maintenance and Diagnostics

– U.S. Department of the Interior

NFPA 70B: Recommended Practice for Electrical

Equipment Maintenance, 2016 Edition

Megger 550005 Series TTR Instruction Manual

Megger TTR320 series TTR Instruction Manual

Megger TTR300 series TTR Product Sheet

ANSI/NETA Standard for Acceptance Testing

Specifications for Electrical Power Equipment and
Systems 2013

ANSI/NETA 2015 Standard for Maintenance

Testing Specifications - Bound

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https://testguy.net/content/253-Introduction-to-Transformer-Turns-Ratio-Testing 5/13
5/9/2019 Introduction to Transformer Turns Ratio Testing

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