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ACDB (3 Phase) (16A)

Why To Use AC Distribution Box :
 Protection of load on AC side is provided by AC Distribution Box (ACDB).
 It comprises of circuit breakers , Surge Protecting Devices (SPD) etc to protect the load or system from any kind of abnormal
or fault conditions.

Single Line Diagram :

BOM for Three Phase ACDB :

Sr.no Description Dimensions Specifications Make Quantity

1 Polycarbonate box 255x180x100 IP65 Fibox 1

2 AC SPD - Type 2 Phoenix 1

3 AC MCB - 16A, 4 Pole ABB 1

5 Input & output Gland PG16 IP65 Control 2

6 Earth Gland PG9 IP65 Control 1

7 Supply Terminal 6sq. mm 1000V/30A Connectwell 2

8 Earth Terminal 6 sq. mm 40k Connectwell 1

9 Backlight Standard - - 1

10 Din rail - - - 1
11 Screw - - - 4
4 Sq.mm. Single
12 AC Cable - Polycab As required

Testing Report :
It is to be declared that all the components/sub-components and materials including AC SPD, Fibox, AC Cable, Connectors etc are
tested as per MNRE standards.
Protection Degree IP65
Mounting Method Wall /Vertical mounting
Visual Testing All wiring is as per SLD provided by Solar Bazar
Mechanical Testing All nut, bolts, components & glands are tight and checked by
Testing Engineer.
Electrical Testing
1) SPD (IEC II T2/T2)
Maximum Continuous Operating Voltage (Ucpv) (L-N/N-PE) 335V AC/260V AC
Maximum Discharge Surge Current (Imax) (L-N/N-PE) 40kA/40kA
Nominal Discharge Surge Current (In) (L-N/N-PE) 20kA/20kA
2) Miniature Circuit Breaker (MCB) 16A, 4Pole,400V AC
IEC/EN 60898-1
IEC/EN 60947-2
UL 1077
3) AC Cable 4 Sq.mm. Polycab , Single Core

Warranty Terms :
 ACDB has 5 years of warranty.
 Protection components like SPD and MCB are not coming in warranty terms

Tested By QC By Signnature & Stamp

Sameer Divekar Nivrutti Sandur