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with an ideology, structure and the use <jf

government agencies committed to making
this movement a permanent national force,
Dess-as-usual that run the dsk of their going
with agents in all govemrnent departments.
Go systematically opposed this, representing
the existing local leaders.
tojail This has to stop permanently. Of course, no one paid attention to thjs fight
That, ultimately, is what's at stake both in
because, except for occasional public show-
20l9 and in2022. What's always made it easier
downs like rice, it was fought thro' presiden-
is what I mentioned early on-the one thing 'gh
tial issuancesi the signing and revoking of exec-
that will not change in 2019 is who controls
the gouse of Representatives or local govern-
ments from govemors to barangay chairs. In
IltE t01t0
lltttt utive orders, etc., repr€senling the seesaw of in-
fluence at any given tim€. Evasco losl Totally.
L. QUEZON III Which means $at Go's victory and gradua-
that sense, regardless of whether there,s a \- tion to the Senate is notjust.as the last "patak-
Senate inclined to play ball or investigate the ened or, worse, that had recovered its formerly buhin" of the standing President, but also the
cu[ent President, the House and local gov- sha-ken blood-lust significantly enough that candidate ofthe tocal baroDs who want nothing
ernnents are thoroughly and permanently in the President's blasting the opposition dbectly .and
more nothing less than to be left to their .
the hands of people just like the president. had an effect despite various,non-opposition
own devices, which is the extraction of fees.
And who can keep firture presidents tied: slates being too in it for themselves to do il
The top two vote-getters for the Senate, if
down in having to make deals with them. Still, as the President becomes a lame duch the surveys are to be believed (and why not?)
h(cept for the same thing that showed the the fear factor he relied 9n to keep local ofEcials tells us why the President's indifference, even
cufient President his limits, just as it did a in line will start to evaporate. But there is one hostility, to a national perspective is signifi-
bis predecessors: public opinion. The 20- semiperrnan€nt legacy the president's indiffer- cant in its aftereffects: Grace poe is personal-
point drop from Kian's ki.lling to the opening ence to most of the usual requirernents of his
ity without a party, while the much-despised
0t the campaign required a lot of movement job will have. It can be seen in what replaced his
Liberal Party or PDP (which remains the ghost-
b recover, which tired out ttle president and formal ruling party, partido Demokratiko ly surviwors of when parties were primarily
' also, along the way, encouraged his allies to Pilipino-lakas ng Bayan (pDp-Laban): Hugpong political vehicles), the communists and all the
rt more independently than in anypresiden- ng Pagbabago, which is not a party but a coali- other major paities are actually subsidiades of
cSrtefore. Example? Gloria Macapagal Arroyo ' tion of provincial and urban barons united to the large corporations or their owners (Ramon
Fing the first Speaker in our history who be. achieve what I pointed out earlier, Theyre used Ang's. Natienalist People's Coalirin4 Manni .
came such without the blessing or permission to caFing things up between drern, and not Villar's Nacionalista Party, Enrique Razon i
of the sitting President. And the way the pufing together something national ln scope. National Unity Party, etc.)
House treated the President's economicieam. In fact, there was a down-and-dirty fight Arroyo found the PDP so worthless she pre-
Killings and inflation were a double wham- for what sort of political landscape would be ferrbd to work through and witt! and be part of,
my that took out steam from the administra- the legacy of this President, and it was fought Hugpong which is setting iself up as the fu-
tion when it was geared up to steamroll its way betr ieen Bong co, representing the tradition- ture: o,ne that puts the loeal ahead of the ria-
to a new ConstitutiorL among other things. But al provincial warlord point of view, and Leon- don4 viewing the national whole as a pie to
the President and his people reclaimed popu- cio Evasco Jr., who represented an equally simply subdivide among its ledders. The future!
hrity and thus clout in time for the midterms, sinister but national one.
which meant critics faced a public too fright- Evasco profrosed a national movement, mlquezon3@gmail.com
\ pAqe -Ap-Y

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