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Anastasia Foutch

245 West 22nd Street

Merced, CA 95340


Dear Mr./Ms. ________________________________:

In my family, I am the second youngest of six, but have only met 5 of my siblings. Three older
brothers (1 i have never met), 1 older sister, and 1 younger brother. At home I live with my mom,
younger brother, grandpa, and older sister. My dad and third oldest brother are both long haul
truck drivers, so I hardly see them. We own two houses side by side so in the house I live in it is
my brother, mom, and dad. In the other house my grandpa, third oldest brother, and my sister. I
was born in Fort Collins, Colorado on October 25, 2001. I have attended Saint Paul’s for
preschool and kindergarten. Woodland in Mariposa for 1st and half of 2nd. Ada givens for the
rest of 2nd through 5th. I did all three years of junior high at Hoover, and have spent all 4 years
of highschool at Merced High. My interests and activities have always revolved around FFA and
culinary. I raise Lamb for fair and will hopefully be continuing my mother involvement in raising
and showing poultry at fair starting this year. These activities have taught me responsibility, time
management and how to communicate with other. The biggest thing I have developed is the
ability to work well with others even under stressful circumstances. My goals for the future is to
graduate high school, attend a junior college for 2 years then transfer to either Cal Poly Pomona
or Oklahoma State CASNR. I would like to start and run some sort or market animal production/
IA business that is family run. I would also like to be an Ag teacher teaching vet science if I
could have it work out my way. Also, I inherit ⅓ of my dads trucking company so I will be
managing part of the company along with my siblings, which means I have to get a business


Anastasia Foutch