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Good afternoon,

The following was sent to the campus community this afternoon.

Dear Campus Community:

As you may recall, last fall, we announced preparations for a reduction in state funding based
on declining enrollment for two consecutive years. This included establishing the Strategic
Alignment of Resources (SAR) ad hoc committee made up of faculty and staff. The SAR
committee was charged with making recommendations that would strategically align Savannah
State with its reduced resources while focusing on four university priorities: enrollment
management; student success and retention; safety and security; and increased institutional

In addition, we implemented the Comprehensive Administrative Review (CAR), which is one of

Chancellor Steve Wrigley’s priority initiatives for the University System of Georgia’s 26
institutions. The CAR committee was charged to identify efficiencies throughout the
organization in both structure and processes.

Both the CAR and SAR committees provided critical insights and recommendations to move the
institution forward.

To address the budget shortfall, which amounts at this time to approximately $3.5
million, we evaluated the entire university, implemented a strategic (critical) hiring process,
deactivated vacancies and applied a 4 percent budget reduction across all units of the
university. In preparation for the coming fiscal year, faculty non-renewal letters were issued, in
the fall, according to Board of Regents policy. These changes and impending staff reductions
were communicated at the campus forums this academic year.

Earlier today, 30 staff members were notified their employment will end on July 15, 2019. We
deeply value and appreciate their dedicated service to Savannah State, and their talents will
surely be missed. We will be working closely with these employees to provide an array of
assistance in the coming months.

This process has been challenging and this information is not easy to share. I am grateful for
the contributions of each employee, especially in their efforts toward improving student

The actions taken today are necessary as we take steps to ensure the future strength and
sustainability of Savannah State University. Together, we will continue the important work of
educating our students, advancing our mission and making meaningful contributions to
our community, region and state.

Dr. Cheryl D. Dozier