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What's Inside? ook to Our ADVERTISERS for all your Shopping ‘Needs! SHOP LOCAL STAY LOCAL! PHOTOS Taken aaa a} ENCE Od PA Dracetaacd ee Main Street Market Weekly Specials BTA aCeLd Ribs eee) RSA Page 15 Pen Argyl Softball Senior Night Page 3 NWR Strings and Chorus Concert Serving the Slate Belt in Pennsylvania and Warren, ‘Sussex and Hunterdon Counties in New Jersey Deco 15 Lene Lopate aye is “OR: Were 2019 Chevy Trax LT WG 9 Banos, Doe” On May 8th, a Local Blairstown Lion Den from Troop 140 visited Troopers out of the Hope New Jersey State Police Barracks. The Troopers helped explain the importance of making good choices with the Lion Cubs while assisting them in earning thelr “Pick My Path’ elective belt loop. The patience of Troopers and willingness {to teach the youngsters about the Police Department was top notch! They were able to take a brief tour of the facility, see some of the inner workings of the department and see firsthand some ofthe lat- est technologies. A special thank you to Troopers Sweeny, Gonzalo ‘and Durso for assisting the cubs and putting forth such wonderful opes of aN State Trooper. Also, ad- lepartment for making this visit possible and making a positive everlasting impression on our Lions. Courtesy Chris Partika. Platinum Cutz, “Cutting” Out the Compe- tition One “Buzz” at a ‘By Maria Cascario Platinum’ Cutz. at 329 Blue Valley “Deve (RLS12) in Bangor, is 3 unique business that is constantly growing. The Spacious welappoint 4 shop exudes an air of fomfor fom the mo- rent you walk i, "This isthe tenth year of satisfying customers! Ii also the fith year of ‘vr formal wear compa ny” said Adrian Ricard, fer, “as well as the Second year of our Gen css Hair Product Com Paty” One of the custome Justin Davenport said never hd 9 ad hasout Here I wouldnt wo any- where else” Thats just ne of many estimoni- ss Two years ago Adrian added rei lento iis tam by hiring Mike includes. giving. school supplies food ive musi Xedors and more. Adri fan donates two tuxedos ‘year 0 stents going through rough times. Fi Sponsors. the » Summer Basketball League at Bangor Park, He's go ing fo put together a ros: ter with half the players fiom Pen Arey and half fiom Bangor in an at- tempo bring both teams together Tle likes to give people the opportunity 10. suc feed an rewards ambi Apprenticed ‘by. Adrian ine soneof many success stories and it shows with his talons ‘Community minded Adrian sponsors a Back to School event which Js very successful and Cascario's located at 920 E Main St. in Pen Argyl, held their 73rd Anniversary Ci bration on May ‘1th. Cascario's is now 4th generation owned by Michael Cascario and nephew Casey Kopko. Stop in to see their Current beer specials, and discount pallets! Pictured above are Patrick Karlich and Julie MeLaughin of Origlio. Photo by Maria Cas- cario/The PRESS North Warren held their annual JuniorlSe- ‘or prom on May 10th at the Stroudsmoor in” Stroudsburg. PA. The students looked boyond stunning in thelr tuxes-and gowns 35 they made their way to a remarkable ove- ning. Photo by Nelson Alber/The PRESS New State Record for Pennsylvania Flathead Catfish Recorded The Pennsylvania Fish and. Boat" Commission (DFBC) is excited to a Cord athead cats On Apa 6, 2019, an ler fof Bonawite 34 Stas Lampeer Town Ship. Lancaster” County inurched hs boat fom the May Creek public aces are ated south Or Lower Bear Islnd on the Susquchanna Riverin You County. Fating in Breet of mater, Aer faking some initial ‘measurements, Bona= itz suspected. it_ could bbe a contender for the sate record, which had ‘been previously “sein 2006 when. #8-pound, ounce fathead cat fich was eaught in Blue Marsh Spilvay in Berks County. Unable tine ‘mediately locate an op rational ceriied sale fn which to weigh the fish, Bonawiez kept the fish alive in an aerated container at is home ntl the following day (On April 7 the fish was offically weighed at Co- Tumbia Bait and Tack- Te'located. in Lancaster County, where it upped the scales at 30 pounds, 7 ounces, unofieally setting anew state record. forthe species, ‘aught several 30 pound- ts otha point, soit had teen a good day.” said Bonawitz, who was fsh- ing with his fiend, Bry- an Bruce of ark. "We ‘were. running “low on bait, s0 I decided to use the biggest bluegill we had left had a bite and Tete fish toy with for ‘few minutes, When Tf rally pulled, it just bent the tod straight down T could ell it as big. I kept hanging down deep snd when it Sinaly came Up tthe top, we thought ‘tight bo a mttai” joked Bongwitz"T've fished the Susguchanna for years and Tve news er caught anything quite Tike” Following a 25-minute fight, Bonawitz brought the Tish aboard his boat. fo. his medium ty foot spinning fod and reel fied with 25-pound monofilament line The contosbesrecord cach lceurred at 20pm, Tell Bonawite and nephew, Dylan with the State record flathead éatfsh"We had already ‘ment officials and ar ranged. for. an in-per Son identifeation and Catfish contd on pes AS is required for ite record "consideration Bonawitz contactod PEBC law enforee- The PRESS Family and Friends of| the. late ‘Dennis. ‘Strou- seare holding their th ‘Annual Hake Sale at Ace Hardware in Capitol Plaza, Blue Valley Drive, sand Main Steet Market North Main Street, Ba gor on Saturday. 10 ke wo parpate in "Slate “Belt Resta Week?” We ae looking to dbo this event tis July th through July th Call 610 588 1000 oe ens Slatebeltchamber ore, ‘More informa so web site at wusltcbet ‘Stone Chureh i Accept- ing’ Memorial Donation for the maintenance of the Cemetery, Donations ‘an bemaled to Reformed Cemetary CO Renal Santini 10200, Richmond Road, Bangor, PA. 18013 intrested GD and Pemepam | AS part of the celebra- fo the 1004 foot: ball pume being. played between Pen Argyl and Bangor High Schools this coming fall, Walter Cole, Shaner {et begining at 9 am, over Softball Player who inte Det Heritage Allesedstfome Bake would ke to play a Center isin the proces Sal bait te 912" Men's "Sentr™ Softball Scholanap und nme ory of Des. The Scho chp awardee ear toa Bangor Arca High Sete aati sce ‘Se John's Cemetery of coleting information fm all he texte and ‘ment mils that existed the Slate Belt, If anyone has a picture of he outside of thar “Families. Mil League this summer, please call Phil at 610- 638522 or Jake at 610- 248-3750 for information, All games wll be layed a 1000 AM at te Forks ‘would ike to pu togeth: (rat history of the games ‘Anyone who. has seap- tok of artles ce now. paper elppings of games fhrough te years and 1 sea it an ples sed Tomahip Rectal oul being okt mae pease sd aoe ero ten, pea c- Sheaifontcon Ok ance af the comes ‘tact him at 610-863-6472, send a photo to” SBHC Donations can be mailed to All tems il be timed SP 'Ndh Io Sto Bar Soins Conca, CO Mew Jersey {© the owners a8 soon &% gor, PA Att: Karen Brewer. Carol Hummel, 136 Mes- Possible. ‘Thank you in advance for senger Stroct, Bangor, PA North Warren Knit Wits contin otis import O13 cok ony eae sep Reformed Cemetery of rochet or Kn Hes 2 May 16, 2019, scarves and hats for Un al States Vets oho are in Focal Nursing Homes. The tas will be ditbured t the Vets by the Amisicin Lion Givens Bele 258 a Blaisiown. Any Hardwick residents over the age oF 38 be most welcome otra Sa join hey wish, Call thee President. Laur Rat thzzo at 908 362 8900 for ‘Friends Neighbors is aclab ofakmes 100tadies in Warren Co, who mest for anch the ist Wet of each-month (Oce-May) at the Allamuchy. Fi House on Alphano Ra ‘oom, Visitors ‘Welcome Call 908-2595730 for de tals ‘The Lone Ranger Fan Ghab now "aecepi few members in "New jersey This intratona oup aber 1 th pin Epes of the old TV show ofthe 1980's. Anyone in- terested in his itd tie fering should conta the Sate Director at octal RECa@gmal cont bbe donated to. various charities, nursing homes hospice ‘andthe needy throvghout Warren County. They met cy Tutsday from, 9:30am {© noon at the Catherine Dickson Hoffman Libary, For more infomation, cll Ae a 8-45940453 vwekeomes all ‘Warren ‘County. Seniors £58 or older to join ther clubs They. mot the Ist ‘Thursday of each month at 1:30atthe Litrary in Blais sown. For more if, Cal Gladys 908-459.010-o¢ N220-2003, StarLight Small An imal Rescue i loking for volunteers to" help with ‘ansport and on- Tine tasks and for fos: tersiadopters Vit str lighrescuewebscom or mal SarLight Rescue Shot maiLcom foe more i= Foner “The Hardwick Seniors Hardwick, Ni, have busy this year ero Ging and Kiting Pennsylvania Memorial Day Ser- vices: May 270m, Ham, Memorial Site, ‘Second pm. 1422 Church Road, Pen Argyl. FML call 610-863-0859, Fairgrounds Rd, Gil- bert FMI, contact Dana "Doc" Peiterin, depen Bangor High School msn.com Steet, West Bangor. The Class of 1999, 20'year Fricksylle UCC Principal speaker will reunion; May 18th, Church Tricky Tray! FREECommunityDin- be USMC “Major Jenna 69pm. To reserve Visit Nay 19th, 6pm, 1387 ner For Those ta Need: E. Reed LLM. 0 for Baypalimelpools ciS9X- Lower S” Matt Steet, May 19th, S-dpm, Our mer resident of Bangor, BORK Bangor Lady of Vieiry Church, PA. In ease of inclement located. at 327 Chey weather. services willbe Mam Dinner: May 18th; pike Blessings May Lane Road, Tanners: fs a the St Josephs ‘ UCC. 2nd oup blessing at ville. Please_call the Episcopal Church Socal Sirget Wind Gap. AIS opm nuihduel Hes: Church oticea 50-635. Hl "Merona Avenue, S10, Ages (12 = SS. ingy at 12:80." Service 4572 "for reservations West Bangor. The public Children § and under eat is invited to atend petformed by American and more information FREE! Eesion ‘Riders Chaplain Wands | Murphy-Smith jon Rid- es All bikes. weleome! Meet = May 27th, 10am, cal Lutheran Church Ainerican Legion Post ing: May 19th, Wam, St ohns Cemetery, 6th Plant, Yard, & Bake 93), ‘Located at the American Legion Post St and Founders Patk, S Sale:'May 18th, 9am- corner of Rt 209 and 927, Route 209 and Main St Program spon Fairgrounds Road, sored by the Bangor Gilbert. FMI, contact Ameriean Legion, Ban Serving the Sate Bel ESurrounding Areas nA, | President Eveies Shav- gor Veterans of Foreign Wars and’ Bangor Elks. In Case. of rain, cere mony will be held atthe ‘and Warren, Sussex & Hunterdon Co.inJ | | Fat Lookout Fire Company The) Carnival: May. 23rd- Bangor VEW. 202 Wash 26th. Thur, 6-10; Pri ington Blvd, Bangor & Sat, $-10; Sun, 3-10. The Bangor VFW. Boy Ride" Special Thursday Night, Close Scout Troop 38 with the assistance of Cub Pack {2 wal be conducting West Bangor Memori-_ lag retirement. ceremo- We Weleaine Torr tend Please send your news articles, ny Flags for rerement photographs, announcements and other co eA eT eA Email: thepressmail@gmail.com Mail:106 Kline St, Bangor, PA 18013 Fax: 610-509-1185 Deadline for submissions is noon on ‘Thursdays prior to publication date. Advertising inquiries can be sent to thepressads@gmail.com 406 Kline St, Bangor, PA 610.599.1952 Mon: Sam-2pm; Tues-Fri: 9am-4pm www thepressnewsonline.com Like us on Facebook! ‘The PRESS News Online ‘Pleas tae Ue time to support the businesses who advertise inthis newspaper. Shop Local Visit our website for alist of dop-of locations! Mike’s Landscaping deferrals Avallablo & Lawn Care ReforalsAvallabe (Offering: Landscaping & Landscaping Design - Now Lawns + Excavating = Brush, Treo & Stump Removal = Now Driveways: Weeldy Lawn Care & Much More! ‘A Miko'sLandscoping & Lawn Care, you will oxperience profesional work Email: mkgramns4@ymailcom Tom Ahearn Electric & Home improvement Residential/Commercial Electric Electric Generator Installation Light Corpentry - Painting - Home Repairs 610-586-6750 Onli meer c10's8e'276)| Soy Garces Little Corner Cafe 610-462-9170 16S. Ist St., Bangor, PA, Hours: Tues at, dam-2pm Sunday, Bam-Ipm - Breakfast Only wid A. Hay ever m4 Sey Bel fan be drop off in the 201-956-5900. VEW vestibule, New Jersey Third Annual Earth Day: May 18th, 10am Spm, fin, games, crf slucatonseeyele’ and Bluirsiown Seniors Yendors Carrs Wall Park, (anyone over $8) Bus: Belvidere Fume 12th. Antraite Hotel in ‘Carbondale 0 sce"Manilow Wrote the Songs” fisting Vincent Talarco. Sign Up Friday S719" At Town Tal, IP. Fini, Call Mickey A1008-362°9919 ‘Comedy Night Fundrais- er: May 1th, 6:85pm, Blairstonn Firehouse on $ Sillwater Rd. Bairstow. Tight" snacks provided BYOB Boor ‘vailable with Mug purchase, Do- nation: $30 per person S35 at door “To purchase tickets at firecomody bp. The NWR Interact Club 10th Annual Commu nity Talent Show! May me 17th, Tpm, North Warren Regional HS Atwtorum. 2d. Opi Dis. 100% Procseds to beneit_ curlocal Camping is Hap piness Tickets soldat the for, opening at 6:40pm SP Adults 85 -Stadens Senior Citizens Free. ‘eussiont May 21st, Tpm. Belvidere Community Center 301 Second St Balvidere, Memorial Day Roast Beet Dinner: May 27th, Tricky Tray To Benefit I-Spm. Frcs Union Con ScPeter&PaulChurch: munity Center 3 Male May 8th, 6pm. Inde Hill Rd, Great Meadows Cost Adults $15, Seniors S12, Children 6-12 $8, 5 and under Fos, Takeout availabe pendence Twp Fichouss 24 Cemetery” Rd Great ‘Meadows. Drasings start 1 7:30 pm. Adults age Ti only. Admission foe OF S10 panos Salyer Of small ches, foe cof fee and dessert Purchase conumuniy exnis to the sisson ike ahead Presa egmaitea with for faster entry—ealltext aut f Per 191 ‘Try Our Wraps & Wings Bono : 105 Broadway Bangor, PA 18013, tr 610-588-6989) OVI B rele N as Sxop Locat! San) eng Toe e Brose) Wary Sea mets et ale Tuesday: item ie eee eet ‘Saturday & Monday: 10am-2pm Rn TRIS Sew + alwenw.com * + fabundantlifenw+ Sundays 10:00am, Tuesdays 7:00pm ER ER Leena) May 16, 2019 The PRESS Page 3 PEN ARGYL AREA HIGH SCHOOL SOFTBALL SENIOR NIGHT - MAY 6TH % 3 Gianna lanni with her parents, Jacqueline Kerer with her parents, ‘Sydney Lakey with her parents, Patrica and David ‘atherine and Neal “Todd and Heather Gabrielle Weaver with her parents, Jessica Miler with her parents, ‘ann and Todd heryiand Pict Pen Argyl took on Wilson on May 6th during their Senior wore Softball Game, Pen Argyltost after a Glose back and forth game, 1-0. Photos by Dale Young/The PRES: Aboverilehea acta A Letter to BASD Parents from Ed Nelson Sing and hie the bai fno" right rte , ° for 30. years, “Town Above Right: Gianna tea Schoo!” Diretor ship Sopesise for fanni hits" the. ball ® _— oe We sin on 2 hard for a base hit need t have a voice a —$—=— rere eo ae th tats qo, Nees 2 Me the “bal” back” into the inetd ins spots boosters, coached 1, Photos. by Dale feat and eeeu- ial and ‘otal ing/The PRESS. ‘We need a voice to "I sate that al student, fre teatedTairly and fetivtes are provided quay AS in-any job : _ ‘Authorized Weatherhead Spplicaion "qualifca. mites member for the | Hydraulic Hose & Fitting Distributor tons should ‘be how past 53" yeas, served dates are sce ‘ny church. om Admine istrative. Couned and Since the Schoo! Di- oon Sunday" School : rectors main 1 . for aancofast@hotmail.com the management to off of the diet Pfr by Neon ‘DIMA COMEDY AND FUNDRAISING PRESENTS: VSN aT ya MeO aaa NICTO Prog arc & Franc Sonics —| Bo OMEN uae) [68 Maple Lane, Blairstown, NJ 07825] 106 S. Broadway Wind Gap, PA 18091 DOORS OPEN AT G4SPM SEOW STARTS AT 8 Cea cera Caer bt TTL ate (CONSTRUCTION an Sry ee a fats cis erie} rd ae soul eee ati |) PSCC ecco s