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16, 2019

C0MELEC Proclai ms Romualdez; "Frcm A!
of dre Laka'-chris-
won orer his riral
iingog pu?ty-list has edge over rival
g 62l votes'
ili -o* who received
I" ino Dumas
ttono,.a by the overwhelm-
ertended to me (Jnce agaln'
ine supoort
eetting two congressional irrinr,-'.,,'* t"tl mr,ch." said Romualdez'
By MaricelV. Cruz ir the MaY 13 midterm elections i."t'.i uno iormer House lrrdependent
based on the partial and unoitlclat
"Rloc ieader ofthe 16th Congress'
THE Commission on Elections Romualdez, a three-rerm Le)le con-
on WednesdaY Proclaimed PhiI- results on MaY 15.
On its first attempt to win a seat
*.it."", it lhc husband of Lelle First
innine Constitution Assoclatlon "o-iiii n"p. Yedoa M.rrie Krltilsr'"edr-
iresident Martin Romualdez as in the 2016 national elections, [o..o'a"r, tf't. lirsl nominee of rhe Tin-
winning candidate in the frrst Tineos was tbe 55th Party-list gog pu.ty-ii.t group that is expected to

conpressional district of Lelte

rts other Party-lists with secure one $eat.
^-Jn[ votes or 65 Percent Per-
210-552 navao Citr Mavor Sara Dulerte chair-
Juan Bautista Beato, chalrman mdn oIthc Htrepong'\g Pagbabago has
of tbe Comelec Provincial boatd cent ofthe PoPular vote'
not"uita"i to be the Speaker of
of canvasser, declared Romual- Unfazed bY its fust failure'
rhe LEtb Conrre5).
dez the winner after obtaining Tinsos was ProPelled to con- Yedda Romualdez Romualdez- eartted his Bachelor ol Arls
157.382 votes. tinui iamPaigning for regional deuree lrom Cornell Unirersity irl lthaca'
since the 2016 Polls t,e"u Yorl. and studied law al rhe Uni!ersily
Meanwhile, the Tingog Party- development
first seat showed that Eastem \iisaYas was ofthe Phrlippines in DilrmzLn, Quezon City'
list is expected to get its He holdi a Certilicate lor Special Stud-
in the 18th Congess whlte ItS n- ciamoring
for more rcPresenta-
Congress. Nextryge ies in Adrrinistration and ManrtscmenL
val, An WaraY, is Poised to fail in tion
from Farvard University in Cambridge,
Massachttsel t..
\\ +pad'r PAeEt/ Durins. his slint ds congressman ofhis
distrjcl ;; Levre, he supported the massive
investments in infiasLiucture that spurred
orogress and developm.'nL
' tie chamoioned ipall businesses and
industries rn his disiricL and the pliBht of
the disadvantaf.ed and vulnerable seclors
ol societv, p"Jpt" *irt', disabiliry senior
citizeDs. tbe sickly a d the Poor'
One of his benihmark legislations dur-
ingthe lolh Congress waq rhe passage of
H6use Bill 1019,a law exempring people
t,rirh disabiliry trom pating value-ddded
1ax on cerLain
goods and services'