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205 W. Olive ave.

Merced, CA 95344
May 15, 2019

Hezy shake Owner of Tilly's

2222 M St.
Merced, CA 95348

Dear Mr. Shake:

As an experienced salesman, I am applying for an entry level position with your clothing
company. My experience with clothing and business background would make me an
extraordinary asset to your company.

Providing exquisite clothing opinions and style suggestions, but also good business decisions for
the Tillys franchise. My desire is to move up the ranks in this franchise with my diverse ideas
mixed with my competitiveness, will provide good customer service.

I set a humongous goal for myself to graduate in 2 years from the community college with my
associate degree. Then I plan on transferring to Sacramento State University where I will
continue my education and obtain my bachelors degree. During the duration of my education I
will be working part-time to acquire skill in the marketing and fashion business industry, and
focus on opening doors and climbing up the ranks within your company. I am dedicated to strive
for customer excellence and to aspire to inspire.

Thank you for your time I am excited to hear back from you to discuss my qualifications and any
questions you may have. Please contact the email given ​alex​ or the
cell phone number listed (209) 232-3233


Alex Sepulveda