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2.6 Windows & 2.7 Internal Walls 3.

3 Ceiling
1.1 Substructure 2.1 Frame 2.2 Upper floors 2.3 Roof 2.4 Stairs 2.5 External Walls 2.8 Internal Doors 3.1 Wall Finishes 3.2 Floor Finishes
External Doors & Partitions Finishes

Includes Foundations & Loadbearing Suspended floors Roof Structure Stairs & Ramps External walls External Windows Internal walls and Internal Doors Internal wall Internal floor Internal ceiling
Foundation works framework and decks above & below & Doors partitions finishes finishes finishes
ground level
Lowest Floor Isolated beams Balconies & Gable ends, internal Landings between Lintels, sills, Ironmongery and Columns and Ironmongery and Finishes to columns Floor finishes to False Ceilings
Construction Drainage to walls above plate floor levels formed window boards, glazing beams in unframed glazing balconies
balconies level formed as part as part of the cavity damp-proof structures
of the roof staircase/ramp courses and work
construction to reveals of
Basement Site applied fire Suspended floors Parapet walls Escape staircases External stair Painting and Lintels, thresholds Painting and Finishes to Skirtings Construction and
Retaining Walls retarding paint over or in formed as part of access towers and decorations and work to reveals decorations stairwells finishes of
basements the roof lift shafts of openings suspended ceilings
Panel systems such Walkways, internal Basement roofs Finishes to treads, External finishes & Canopies and the Internal Insulation applied Finishes to Insulation applied
as off-site bridges and risers, landings decoration like providing balustrades, as part of finish swimming pools as part of finish
manufactured external link between floor protection to handrails and other including tanking
panels; timber bridges that are levels, ramp windows & doors fixed non-storey
frame, light steel included in the surfaces, strings, height divisions
frame and Gross Internal the soffits of the
structural insulated Floor Area staircases, Nosing,
panels (SIPS) and trims, etc.
the like

Cellular Landings to stairs Permanent Stair/Ramp Solar/Rain Proprietary cubicle Construction and
constructions such formed as part of formwork Balustrades and Screening partitions and doors finishes of raised
as tunnel form the floor slab Handrails (Cladding) access floors

Attached beams Roof Coverings Ladders/Chutes/Sli External ceiling &

des finishes
Floor beams in Green roofs Walls, balustrades,
unframed buildings railings, etc. to
external walkways
and balconies
formed of the upper
floor construction.

Structural screeds Roof Drainage Façade

Permanent Roof Lights,
formwork Skylights and
Expansion and
contraction joints
2.6 Windows & 2.7 Internal Walls 3.3 Ceiling
1.1 Substructure 2.1 Frame 2.2 Upper floors 2.3 Roof 2.4 Stairs 2.5 External Walls 2.8 Internal Doors 3.1 Wall Finishes 3.2 Floor Finishes
External Doors & Partitions Finishes

Roofs to internal
buildings that are
analysed as part of
the enclosing
building and that
provide a platform
that is included in
the GIA

Unit of m2 m2 m2 m2 Nr m2 m2 m2 Nr m2 m2 m2
Element Unit Area of lowest Area of floors Total area of upper Area on plan the number of Area of external Total area of Total area of Number of doors Total area of Total area of Total area of
Quantity floor measured to related to the frame floor measured to measured to the staircases walls measured on windows and internal walls and finished walls finished floor finished ceilings
the internal face of measured to the internal face of internal face of the multiplied by the the inner face external doors partitions measured
the external wall internal face of the external wall external wall number of floors (excluding measured over on the centreline
external walls. served (excluding openings measured frames over door openings
Include the lowest the lowest floor as for 2.6 Windows and the like
floor and all upper served in each case) and External
floors within the Doors)