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1. Make a list of Starbucks’ goals. Descibe what type of goal each is.

Then, describe how that

stated goal might affect how the following employees do their job : (a) a part-time store
employee – a barista --- in Omaha ; (b) a quality assurance technician at the company’s
roasting plant in Amsterdam ; (c) a regional sales manager ; (d) the executive vice president
of global supply chain operations ; and (e) the CEO.

List of starbuck GOALS

1.To open up a total of 1200 new stores in the year 2013. The net stores will be calculated by
deducting the existing stores closed from the number of new stores opened.
2. Financial goals include attaining a revenue growth of 10 – 13 % and attaining earning per
share growth of 15 – 20 %.
3. To expand the product line by developing new coffee products in multiple lines.
4. Their CSR goal is to be true to its global social responsibility.

Affect the following employees

1. The goals can help the part-time worker in knowing and understanding the areas, where
they should work hard to provide its customers with better services by providing a better
comfortable environment.
2. The goals will help the technician in ensuring that they will perform their job carefully
and would maintain the quality of the coffee. This would help in gaining gain praise and
appreciation of customers
3. It can help a regional sales manager in deciding the future course of action and they can
also redesign their strategies, if some deviations are observed from the expected
4. The executive vice president of global supply chain operation can develop new coffee
products in multiple forms and staying true to its global social responsibilities.
5. CEO will be able to take strategic decisions based on these goals in an effective manner
to live the mission of the organization. They can also control the organization’s

10. What types of feedforward, concurrent, and feedback controls does Starbucks use? Are
there others that might be important to use? If so, describe.

Forefront Control refers to the one where in the control measures are taken in advance. For
example, Starbucks uses Forefront control that provides control manuals and trainings to all
employees before they are on floor. The required infrastructure ensures the unique
customer service experience in transactions like use of digital timers and order confirmation

Concurrent control is the one wherein the measure are taken to improve the work activity.
Gift card system is used by Starbuck to find out the frauds by employee is a concurrent
control. Training is given to the managers to upgrade them with security or other important

Feedback control is the one where measures are taken after the work activity is completed.
This type of control is beneficial to Starbucks as it helps the company in knowing the
feedback of the feedback of the customers. It helps the company in knowing the consumers
tastes and demand and likes and dislike. The control is being carried out, to overcome the
discrepancies in the work activity.
11. What ‘’red flags’’ might indicate significant deviations from standard for (a) an hourly
partner ; (b) a store manager ; (c) a district manager ; (d) the executive vice president of
finance of finance ; and (e) the CEO? Are there any similarities? Why or why not?

Some of the red flags for an hourly partner include deviation from required performance in areas like
service quality, customer satisfaction , and ability to meet customer demands.