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I have always enjoyed an overwhelming curiosity and an inclination towards creative

innovation. From a young age, I would create theories on how things work, as well as how I
could re-invent them to enhance their abilities. I would disassemble my toys, take the useful
parts like LEDs, motors, and rechargeable batteries to create an entirely new product. During
my school years, I also actively participated in science activities and exhibitions, and received
high commendation for innovative ideas and creative projects.
This interest continues today, where I ponder possible innovation from the smallest things - like
how robotic fingers operate, for example - to how I could perhaps help design new technologies
to support environmental sustainability. Engineering has always engrossed me; from
technological research progressing at the speed of neutrinos to the countless solutions to
everyday problems that it has provided us with. From the manufacture of a needle to the
launching of a rocket, the fight to become better has always fueled my imagination, to an
extent that my perception about the simplest things in the world has drastically improved.
Engineering will further enhance this, as it is a practical application of the principles of math
and physics.
Engineering is all about innovative ideas, development and invention to improve life for
everyone. The reason I have chosen to pursue a degree in ‘Mechanical Engineering’ is because
the courses provide a balanced combination of mechanical, computing and control elements.
This degree will not only facilitate me in developing a strong foundation on how complex
systems work, but also help me in developing new inventions.
I first came to know about University of Applied Sciences Düsseldorf when I was reading an
online article that was about mechanical engineering in Germany. On further studying,
Düsseldorf unique reputation as a versatile institute with diverse culture and perfect facilities
make it easier for me to choose Düsseldorf as an institute I should do Masters from. Düsseldorf
vibrant social life and multitude of recreational events are perfect for someone like me who
likes to make friends and new relations. Germany is one of the mechanical hubs of this world
and has advanced mechanical industry, which is an excellent opportunity for the technophile
like me to get acquainted with the practical mechanical life. I want to learn German language by
experiencing its root level usage in German society by interacting with people, culture and their
My time at Düsseldorf will hopefully equip me with the necessary skills that will surely help me
when I enter the academia myself. After completing my Master’s Degree, I am planning on
joining the academia and conducting further research while propagating the knowledge I would
have by that time to the pupils of my native land. Düsseldorf is the place which will help me pull
off all my future plans and I am sincerely hoping that I will become part of this great institute.