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Selenni Valenzuela
Merced High School
English Teacher

15 May 2019

RE: Briseyda Gonzalez

To Whom It May Concern:

I am writing this letter of recommendation for Briseyda Gonzalez, and I am happy to do so on account of her
academic accomplishments, personal achievements, and stellar personality. I have no doubt that Ms.
Gonzalez will excel in achieving her future goals, and that leads me to support her.

During her time at Merced High School, Ms. Gonzalez has been a part of the Culinary Club. Her work
included cooking different meals and delivering them on campus. As part of the club, Ms. Gonzalez’s hard
work and determination were applied. In addition, Briseyda even tried out for tennis at MHS, showing her
courage and open-mindedness. Grade-wise, she has excellent grades (majority A’s and B’s), showing her
dedication and the fact she prioritizes her education. Overall, Ms. Gonzalez is honest, trustworthy, respectful,
and dedicated.

Lastly, Briseyda’s goals are to graduate from Merced College and achieve her dream job. I have no doubt in
my mind that she has the ability to reach these two goals and other goals that she sets herself. For that fact, I
support her entirely with this letter.

I recommend Ms. Gonzalez in any and all of her future endeavors. If you wish to contact me, please do so at
svalenzuela@muhsd.org at any time.


Mrs. Selenni Valenzuela