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Ronald D. Coleman, Member

Admitted in New York and New Jersey
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New York, New York 10020

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May 16, 2019


Jon Zieger
General Counsel, Chief Compliance Officer and Secretary
Stripe, Inc.
510 Townsend Street
San Francisco, CA 94103

Re: VoteTommy Stripe Termination

Dear Mr. Zieger:

We represent Stephen Yaxley-Lennon, known as Tommy Robinson, who is a candidate

for election to the European Parliament. Stripe informed Tommy this week that two accounts
connected with him, VoteTommy (his campaign organization’s account) and TROnline, were
terminated on the ground that his business violated the Stripe Services Agreement, section A.7.b,
“Restricted Businesses and Activities.” Although our inquiry is with respect to both accounts,
Tommy’s campaign organization used the VoteTommy Stripe account for campaign fundraising.
It is this termination that is of urgent concern.

Tommy’s campaign and fundraising are entirely lawful under both UK and EU law.
Tommy has complied with all legal requirements for registering as an official candidate and he
will be on the ballot in the EU Parliament election on May 23rd.

No other candidate has been deprived of service by Stripe in this election, to our
knowledge. The loss of the VoteTommy Stripe account for campaign-related fundraising mere
days before the vote is seriously hindering Tommy’s ability to participate in the democratic
process by which EU voters choose who will represent them in the EU Parliament. Yet the Stripe
Services Agreement does not appear to prohibit any activity that would apply to Tommy, his
campaign or their activities. For this reason, it is difficult to understand Stripe’s drastic actions.
Jon Zieger, General Counsel
May 16, 2019
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We presume that Stripe has no intention of interfering in the EU electoral process by

using its online service to “vote” against a lawful candidate or to hamper EU voters’ right to hear
from every candidate. Our purpose in writing, therefore, is to request that Stripe promptly advise
the campaign, through this office, of the specific basis for this suspension.

Under the circumstances, time is of the essence, and we will be grateful for Stripe’s
prompt response, ideally via email as indicated above. We sincerely appreciate Stripe’s
anticipated candor and reciprocation of our good faith in making this inquiry.

Very truly yours,

Ronald D. Coleman

4812-9929-4359, v. 2